USA men swept by Russia 6-28

June 28th, 2014

U.S. loses 25-21, 25-19, 25-21 to Russia Saturday in Kaliningrad.

Christenson set. K. Shoji came in in Set 3, don't know if it was to set or as a serving sub. E. Shoji at libero.

Anderson with 14 kills and a block, Taylor Sander with 13 kills.

U.S. outblocked 9-4, 3-1 in aces.  they are 8-2 with 2 matches left next weekend in Serbia.

U.S. actually had more kills 46-39.  final stats not up yet. They will be available at



6 Responses to “USA men swept by Russia 6-28”

  1. FormerlyWarriorfan:

    Watching future wahine Casey Castillo play for the junior olympics gold medal, and she looks good in the middle!! Hope Shoji keeps her there. She also looks a legit 6' 4.

    Castillo and Maglio in the middle for the future looks like a very very good combo.

    USC recruit Abrecrombie looks really good too. Man the rich get richer, they already have an awesome right side hitter in Nwanebu.

  2. FormerlyWarriorfan:

    Unfortunately Casey wasn't set enough for Wave, and her team lost to take silver. UCLA recruit Reily Buechler, Cal recruit Savanneh Rennie and Stanford recruit Sidney Brown just make way too many errors and that cost Wave.

  3. LC:

    Poor coaching decision in set 2,maybe? Wave deserted the middles in the second set after having success with the slide and quicks to the middles in set one.Coast saw this and started stacking the block on the left. but hey when the outside is one of the coaches daughter what can one say.

  4. WhyWhat:

    It was bad passing that led to the lack of sets to the middle. It really was horrendous.

  5. LC:

    The candle must have gotten blown out during the match.

  6. FormerlyWarriorfan:

    Wave had major problems with Coast's libero's serving, that's a solid libero Eyal Zimet and company got at USF.

    IMO Buechler and Brown will struggle to hit above the mendoza line in the Pac 12 while Castillo and Abrecrombie will be complete studs in College. Rennie too when she gets healthy.