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Tickets on sale for USAV matches in July

May 26th, 2014

Thanks for the heads up from another thread.  available through etickethawaii.com

Available at the box office and usual outlets. Box office is closed through June 1. Reopens 9 a.m. June 2.

July 11 & 12, 7 p.m., Stan Sheriff Center

No. 1 Brazil vs. No. 2 USA

VIP $150   other tickets $10  (4-17) through $35 preferred seating


13 Responses to “Tickets on sale for USAV matches in July”

  1. Brandon:

    I'm on phone so it's not working for me, but what does the VIP tickets get you

  2. Cindy Luis:

    not sure why you can't order online through your phone.
    Don't know what VIP gets you. Assuming that it's court side seating with food, as they do for volleyball and basketball matches.

  3. Brandon:

    2. I have shirty connection with sprint and I'm lucky to even load the blog.

  4. WahineLady:

    I had problems getting the seats I wanted last night. The lowest prices got me seats near the corner of the court. Tried the $20 seats and got the same corner seats. Ended up getting the preferred seating right in the lower level center court. I didn't try the best seating. Maybe that would have given me the upper level middle court that my friends and I prefer. Hope it all goes well for everyone in getting seats. Found the etickethawaii a bit glitchy. I usually get my season tickets there and it wouldn't accept my password. I had to register, again, with a new password. Hope it is a better experience for everyone else.

  5. Setaone:

    Did anyone catch the AVCA Sand Championships? When was the Pairs Final shown (briefly, if any)?

  6. vballfreak808:

    5. They only part of the Pairs Final that was shown was brief highlights in favor of Burnham and Hughes. No mention of Cook and Tiegs. The whole broadcast was the #1, #3, and #2 matchups of Florida State-Pepperdine which was pretty entertaining. Wish they showed more of UH as the only parts were in interviews and Cook and Wong spoke, and Cook and Tiegs bumping to each other then posing for the camera.

  7. LC:

    In a previous thread here I told you that you would see very little of UH.

  8. Geno Tamayo:

    Do you think the games will sell out?

  9. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Not sure if this was posted here, but Prep Volleyball announced the top 30 recruiting classes for 2014. Hawaii was #12? I think...I'm going off memory from looking at the list this morning.

    But what was more impressive is that LBSU is #10 and their class definitely looks impressive. Really, really, really not looking forward to playing them this year, especially as they are tagged with Northridge as travel partners.

    If this class stays healthy, they will be formidable these next 4 years. Which is great for the conference

  10. Cindy Luis:

    8. don't know about a sellout. should draw well.
    I know they aren't going to do group rates for the clubs, saying $10 is reasonable for youth.
    9. thanks. I hadn't seen the list. But you never know if potential will be realized at the next level. Something to be said about chemistry of a team.

  11. vbfan:

    #9 as you said he key is IF they stay healthy which has been a problem for the Beach the last few years.

    A lot of their recruits haven't panned out

  12. Don:

    Where is there a link to the event itself? I want to let a friend know about this, but the link given in the article is not working properly. There is nothing on the UH athletics website about these matches.

  13. Cindy Luis:

    Don, I shorted the URL on the original post

    This is through the UH site hawaiiathletics.com. It's under the drop down menu that says Tickets
    Go to purchase tickets online