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SandBows upset No. 1 USC 3-2

May 2nd, 2014

Don't have complete stats yet

know that UH led 3-1 after Long and Longo won. Spieler and Taylor then lost but it didn't matter.

13 Responses to “SandBows upset No. 1 USC 3-2”

  1. vballfreak808:

    #4 Hawaii defeats #1 USC 3-2
    Ct. #1: Tiegs-Cook def. Burnham-Hughes 2-0 (23-21, 22-20)
    Ct. #2: Claes-Strange def. Taylor-Spieler 2-1 (15-21, 21-18, 15-12)
    Ct. #3: Long-Longo def. Hirschmann-Siljkovic 2-0 (21-19, 22-20)
    Ct. #4: Chow-Urban def. Ettinger-Russ 2-0 (21-19, 21-19)
    Ct. #5: Martin-Wheeler def. Riggs-Tucker 2-0 (21-9, 21-19)

  2. Cindy Luis:

    thank you. i had just walked in from paddling and wanted to get something up quickly

  3. WhyWhat:

    Sorry if this was already clarified but is the CBS coverage live or will be shown on delay.

  4. formerlywarriorfan:


    Tommorrow is COOK CHAMPIONSHIP DAY 🙂

  5. WhyWhat:


  6. Cindy Luis:

    4. Delayed:
    CBS Sports Network will televise portions of the competition in a two-hour special that will have three airings:

    Monday 5/26 7PM ET

    Friday 5/30 7:30 PM ET

    Monday 6/2 7PM ET

  7. Cubicle1126:

    Congrats sand bows ... Keep it up!

  8. WhyWhat:

    Thanks for the schedule cindy.

  9. WhyWhat:

    Just wanted to point out that my TV guide shows a CBS Sports Network airing on May 12th, a 2-hour showing of the AVCA Team championships.

  10. Andrew:

    Wow congrats Sand Bows, beating USC when it most counts.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    9. thanks. just put up what i saw on the AVCA.

  12. WhyWhat:

    checked the CBSSN schedule... the May 12th airing is a replay of last years team championships.

  13. Ran:

    I think if the Wahine win the AVCA Natiuonal championship. there should be a celebration ceremony, don't you agree??