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Updates Fey, Magill, Goodman, Kawamura

April 25th, 2014

Couple of announcements from UH today

Fey joins Evan Enriques on U.S. men's junior national training team. The team will be cut down to 12 before competing at the NORCECA Under-21 Continental Championship on July 28-Aug. 3 in El Salvador. The team will begin training together on July 13 at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, N.Y.

UH made it official on Olivia Magill transferring from Arizona. Also in the same release UH mentions that Goodman and Kawamura won't be returning


24 Responses to “Updates Fey, Magill, Goodman, Kawamura”

  1. Brandon:

    Best of luck to both goodman and kawamura!

  2. wop ur jaws:

    Kendra in action #2

  3. wop ur jaws:


    Kendra #2

  4. PurpleMaple:

    I can understand Goodman leaving because she is playing behind Higgins at setter, but Kawamura might have been or could have been the starting Libero.

  5. Hot:

    Perhaps Kawamura is retiring and concentrating on her studies? I remember Rayna Kitaguchi also retired to concentrate on nursing school. If Kawamura is transferring, I'm interested where she and Goodman are headed.

  6. kimo browner:

    Interested to know whom, if any of the sand team players, not specifically on scholarship for that sport, will cross-over and audition for Shoji's wahine.

  7. Brandon:

    4. I wouldn't think that much. Most of the sand players on the sand team, are sand players. The only ones I see playing indoors, are the indoor players like Nikki and ginger.

  8. smallkahuna:

    ...and Sarah Mendoza

  9. Hot:

    4. It's a possibility but I think most of the taller sand players are under scholarship, so those that would possibly walk-on to indoor volleyball would be the smaller, defensive specialist types.

  10. mainlandgal:

    #4 - I'd be interested as well. Some of the "sand only" players have some pretty impressive indoor stats, records & accolades, etc

  11. lkapulani:

    #7...london chow is not bad as a libero...

  12. lkapulani:

    dont think she wants to crossover though...

  13. mainlandgal:

    #8 - Yes, the players that came to mind with impressive indoor accomplishments, stats, etc, were Riggs, Chow and Urban. I do think sand scholarships come into play with these sand players though.

  14. formerlywarriorfan:

    Think Tiegs would make a great serving/defensive sub for indoor team.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    Tiegs doesn't want to play indoors. plus, as a scholarship sand player, she cannot be on the indoor team.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    5. Kawamura wsn't going to be a starter.
    11. see response 16.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    7. AGAIN, Sand scholarship players can't play indoors..

  18. Hot:

    16. You're saying that Kawamura left the team because she wasn't going to start? Because you replied to my post and I didn't say anything about her starting. I said perhaps she was retiring to concentrate on academics.

  19. Imua:

    I heard that Kawamura secured a great job and her required classes conflict with the practice times and so she opted to make sure she can graduate on time.

  20. lkapulani:

    #16...#11. see response 16?...sorry dont understand? based on my post?

  21. Brandon:

    17. When did I talk about sand scholorship players? I said sand players. Not all the sand players are on scholarship. At least I was under that impression

  22. Cindy Luis:

    18. sorry hot.the response was to No. 4.

  23. T Thurstan:

    So where does that leave us at setter with no backups?? Does any of the newest recruits play setter? Or will we be getting another transfer?

  24. Hot:

    19. Great for Kawamura, then. Still interested if Goodman is transferring, though. And where.