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Pepperdine 3 Hawaii 1 4-12

April 12th, 2014

sorry, just go back from funeral services for Al Chase, longtime sports writer for the Star-Bulletin

Hawaii serving well, 4 aces, UH wins Set 1 25-19

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70 Responses to “Pepperdine 3 Hawaii 1 4-12”

  1. Cubicle1126:

    cindy -- it goes without saying that the mpsf is the toughest conference in the country. but i would hardly call it "ridiculous" to expect hawaii to be a playoff team.

    i stand by what i said. i think it's entirely reasonable to expect that this team -- with the core it returned from last year -- to be a playoff-bound team. otherwise we're just lowering the bar.

  2. Brandon:

    Because it's the inconsistency of the team. They have the talent to be a top team, but wade just isn't a good coach. He doesn't pull people when they need to, makes horrible subs, and he's just plain inconsistent. I'm not saying he's a bad guy, but hawaii deserves better

  3. Cindy Luis:

    41. UH picked to finish ninth in the preseason coaches poll.
    so anyway,
    Seeds and hosts are
    1. BYU. 2. Pepperdine. 3 Stanford. 4. UCSB

  4. Brandon:

    Regardless, hawaii has shown they can do better in games and win a lot of the five setters they lost.

  5. islandman:

    43. Oh, thanks. I was thinking maybe he wasn't on the travel squad, which i guess he isn't. I saw Davis Holt, i guess he plays more next year.

    They put up a good fight tonight, better then last night. Sets 2 and 4 were very close. How come those local boys on the other teams keep giving us a hard time.

  6. Brandon:

    And up until this weekend, I was a strong supporter od wade and felt he should stay, but with the pitiful match yesterday and taking forever to make the subs needed, and looking bad, I've changed my view.

  7. Andrew:

    I agree, last week they sweep BYU and everyone is so high on coach Wade and this week they lose and all of a sudden everyone turns on him like a pack of wolves and call for his head. They easily had a record this year that would get them in the playoff but it just so happens that a lot of teams are up this year. There is no way Ben Jay fires Wade. Their record has improved and attendance has slightly improved as well. Plus their product of play at home has been good and exciting.

  8. Cubicle1126:

    cindy -- a preseason coaches' poll has no bearing on how i expect/hope this team to perform. that they were picked to finish 9th by the coaches ... does not diminish my expectation that hawaii should've been in the playoffs by season's end.

    as a fan, i'm allowed to expect and hope for more ... just sayin' ...

  9. Cubicle1126:

    andrew -- to be fair, one maybe two people have "turned" on wade on today's thread.

    i'd just like to see this team stop under-achieving. i realize and accepted some time ago (when it was announced earlier in the season) that wade was given an extension. if he turns things around next year, then great! ... that's all i want to see, whether it's under wade's leadership or another coach.

  10. Brandon:

    The wahine are constantly voted in the 9-15 range for pre season (unless they come from a 2004 or 2009 year) but year in and year out, they exceed expectations and prove they are one of the best teams in the nation. Wade has way more fire power than Dave shoji has to win a nc, but wade came even make it in the mpsf. Dave is known is a great coach because he exceeds expectation. Wade doesn't he's below it

  11. formerlywarriorfan:

    57, who was high on coach Wade last week? never been a fan of him, UH had the talent to be top 5, with a better coach.

  12. Brandon:

    57. If I turned on wade everytime he lost, then yes I would be a flip flopper. But I supported wade all the way until this match. Even when they had those awful loses to uc irvine and usc. But when a team, who has the potential to not only be in the playoffs, but host, you start to question things. Wade has made horrible desciaions with lineups, subs etc and it's obvious

  13. Cindy Luis:

    58. yes you are.
    61. didn't say anyone was high on him last week. just saying no one was calling for his head after they beat BYU. twice.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    but anyway, this was my day off and it was a tough day with Al's funeral.
    It was sweet that Coach Les showed up and Pal Eldredge played guitar and sang Kanaka Wai Wai.
    I'll leave you all to debate what all you wish.
    Good night.

  15. haleiwacrossfitter:

    I'm not a big fan of Wade's either, even when he was with the Wahine. But...these players are very streaky. Not all the coach's fault, partly his fault, but not all his fault. This season has been such an up and down, with such great highs, but such great lows and you have to put some of that on the players as well. You don't have to always like each other or even the coach, but when you are on the court, you do what you do to win. The best example of this is the 1987 wahine team. They DID NOT get along off the court, but they were magic on the court, because they wanted it. I'm not really sure these youngs guys really wanted it. If they did, they would have been able to put personal things on the side and be able to play a little more consistent throughout the year.

    I'm disappointed, but it is not all Wade's fault and that is all I'm saying here.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    65. believe you are confusing 79 with 87. 87 was very tight, some very close friendships still

  17. Brandon:

    66. I was thinking the same thing. I've heard the 87 squad had some of the best chemistry. I mean aren't tita and Suzanne still friends? Cindy random question. In 1987 when tee won POY, was she a freshman or a sophmore?

  18. Cindy Luis:

    67. i covered the 87 team. they are still close. Have covered the wahine since 81.
    Teee Williams (later married and added Sanders) was a sophomore in 87, sat out as victim of Prop 48 as a freshman. sadly back in the day they weren't giving athletes 5 years of eligibility So she was done in 89.
    Prop 48 no longer in existence.

  19. Brandon:

    68. Thanks for clearing it up. I was confused because it was her first year playing. Forgot that she had to sit out. I think if they let her play her freshman year, she would of been a 4 time first team AA

  20. Cindy Luis:

    69. maybe, maybe not. we'll never know. she might have made the different in 86 and gotten UH past UOP in the regional. But the Tigers had a really good team and swept Nebraska 3-0 when repeating as NCAA champs. it was a very regional based tournament back in the day and for several years UH-UOP should have been for the national title not the regional one.