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MPSF standings 4-10, 2 interesting matches tonight

April 10th, 2014

Thursday: Cal Baptist is at UCLA (went 4 March 27) , a hot CSUN at Long Beach State (teams play again Saturday at CSUN)

1. BYU 18-4 At UCSB Friday, at UCLA Saturday

2. Pepperdine  16-6 hosts Hawaii Fri-Sat

3. Stanford 15-7  at UCI Friday, at UCSD Saturday

4. UCSB 15-8 hosts BYU Friday

5 UCI  14-8  hosts Stanford Friday, hosts UOP Saturday, the Tigers' final match as they are dropping the program

6. Long Beach State 13-9  hosts CSUN Thursday at CSUN Saturday

6. Hawaii 13-9 at Pepperdine Friday & Saturday

6. UCLA 13-9 hosts Cal Baptist Thursday, BYU Saturday

9. USC  14-10  done for the regular season


48 Responses to “MPSF standings 4-10, 2 interesting matches tonight”

  1. rage777:


    Do you know what time the sand team plays on Saturday and Sunday? Might want to come out. The last time I got lucky and they were playing every time I was there.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    tthis link gives you all the times and info.

  3. volleyball fan:

    I wonder whom BYU would rather play in the first playoff match, Hawaii or UCLA. If they would rather play UCLA they might not try too hard to win, especially if they can beat UCSB on Friday night. Then they have the sole first place and they wouldn't need another victory while it would be senior night for UCLA vs BYU on Saturday night. I think Long Beach can win both nights so if Hawaii loses to Pepperdine even once, probably no playoffs then. So what do you think, whom would BYU rather face, Hawaii or UCLA once again in playoffs? I think UCLA since BYU already beat them once while Hawaii beat them twice.

  4. Tiki808:

    BYU still makes it in to the MPSF, because UCSB beat UH. Pepperdine's win over UH with a sweep or a split would be enough for Pepperdine to oust UH. UCLA and Cal Baptist is a weaker game and LBSU, Stanford, USC, would have already bumped UH off the 8th spot. Even though UH swept UCLA, BYU, it wouldn't be enough unless they swept Pepperdine in California to gain 8th spot in the MPSF seeds. Anything less is a loss for UH's season.

  5. Brandon:

    4. How does ucsb have ANYTHING to do with byu. Byu makes the playoffs because of their record. That's it. Two wins at Pepperdine would assure UH is in because they beat usc record. A split would only work if ucla loses one match, and since UH has the tie breaker, they get in. UH either has to win two or win one and hope ucla loses one. Or if they lose both, they have to hope ucla loses both.

  6. Brandon:

    4. If I'm correct, UH only holds a tie breaker against ucla. Long beach, uci, ucsb, usc, (all potential ties with UH) all hold the tie breaker

  7. Cindy Luis:

    6. yes, have been saying that for a while now.
    other threads break it down better.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    4-5. listed the current standings. just 2 matches left for most teams.
    and gave the schedule for the remaining matches.
    BYU has clinched No. 1 and will host quarterfinal vs. No. 8. If Cougars win, they host the MPSF semis and finals.
    Pepperdine and Stanford have clinched berths.
    outside of BYU everyone still playing for seeding.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    4. not totally correct.
    If UH and UCLA are tied after this weekend, UH has the tiebreaker and UCLA is out.

  10. Brandon:

    7. Yeah I was pretty sure I was right, just was iffy about the long beach because I forgot the scores and how many sets each match went. Idk why the poster above thinks ucsb has anything to do with byu making it or that UH has to win 2. They could lose both and still make it. It all depends on if ucla loses both or one. (Or uh wins both). Ucla is the main thing in hawaiis path right now.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    3. BYU already has the No. 1 seed.
    I don't think they want to lose to UCLA, they want as much momentum heading into the quarterfinal.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    10. yes, see previous threads for better explanation of tiebreakers.

  13. Brandon:

    Hawaiis best option is to win both, thus knocking usc ucla uci or long beach out (depending on how all those teams do. Csun is HOT right now, I expect them to give long beach a run for their money

  14. Tiki808:

    BYU still makes it in to the MPSF, because UCSB beat UH. Pepperdine's win over UH with a sweep or a split would be enough for Pepperdine to oust UH. UCLA and Cal Baptist is a weaker game and LBSU, Stanford, USC, would have already bumped UH off the 8th spot. Even though UH swept UCLA, BYU, it wouldn't be enough unless they swept Pepperdine in California to gain 8th spot in the MPSF seeds. Anything less is a loss for UH's season.

    Head to head match ups, the scenario works very well because it would have exposed all the MPSF players and others wanting in on the MPSF playoffs. If we were to go on what we see as hitting percentages, UCSB would be the team to beat to get an at large bid into the final 4, NCAA tournament. Based on blocking, digging, hitting percentage, and overall playing style, UCSB is the team in the MPSF to take it all the way. Solid on all stats on all teams played in the MPSF.

  15. Brandon:

    14. Again ucsb beating hawaii has NOTHING to do with byu. Byu is in regardless if they win both matches, split or lose both matches. They have clenches the number 1 seed. Pepperdine won't oust UH because UH Isn't competing against Pepperdine for a spot. They are competing against usc, ucla, uci, and long beach. That's it.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    Tiki, no one is arguing about BYU. The Cougars are in and the No. 1 seed.
    There are several ways for UH to get in … win 2 and it doesn't matter what UCLA does.
    Split and they need UCLA to split. We'll know more tonight when the Bruins play Cal Baptist
    UH can also lose 2 and still get in if UCLA loses twice.

  17. Brandon:

    Uh can also win 1 and hope long beach loses 2. Thus getting them in.

  18. Cindy Luis:

    17. yes, that too

  19. rosepetals:

    Sorry if this was already asked, but if UH and UCLA split, they both tie with USC. Who then gets to go?

  20. Brandon:

    19. I believe it would be ucla because usc holds the tie breaker against hawaii and hawaii holds if against ucla. But then again ucla holds it against usc.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    19. UH and SC

  22. Cindy Luis:

    20. no a three-way tie means a different scenario.
    you can read all the tiebreakers on previous thread. it explains it all.

  23. Brandon:

    21. Got it thanks. If my math is correct it would go
    Usc 3-1 against tied teams
    UH 2-2 against tied teams
    Ucla 1-3 against tied teams. Thus knocking ucla out

  24. Cindy Luis:

    this is the thread with all explanations

  25. Brandon:

    Cindy any updates on the long beach or ucla games

  26. volleyball fan:

    25. I just checked CSUN website and it stated that Long Beach beat them in three straight sets. Only the second set was close, 25-23. Now it is even more imperative for Hawaii to beat Pepperdine.

  27. Kaleiboy:

    UCLA won too in 3sets

  28. islandman:

    UH doesn't have a very good record on the road against the top MPSF teams this year.

  29. FormerlyWarriorfan:

    No but they could have easily have won at stanford and ucsb lost in five to both and already clinched a playoff spot!

  30. volleyball fan:

    At this point, UH is now in eighth place behind UCLA and Long Beach. A loss tomorrow night will drop the team down to ninth place behind USC. It will be much harder to beat Pepperdine on Senior night, so tomorrow night is a must-win or goodbye playoffs. At least BYU has a fair chance of beating UCLA on Saturday night if they really want it. Cindy thinks so, but maybe UCLA might want it much more than BYU, especially if UH can pull off a big upset victory against Pepperdine because then UCLA will be fighting to make the playoffs, do or die, plus it would be senior night for them, double motivation. It wasn't easy for BYU to beat them at home either two weeks ago. At the same time, I doubt that CSUN could beat Long Beach even on their own senior night. UH would be hard-pressed to beat Pepperdine two nights in a row. It doesn't bode well for UH either way. This could be their last road trip. Sorry.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    25. Brandon, if you already are online you don't need to depend on me to give you scores. you can easily find them on the school sites, or the MPSF site.
    but anyway, UCLA sweeps Cal Baptist fairly easily 25-20, 25-12, 25-23
    Long Beach State sweeps CSUN, 25-18, 25-22, 25-19
    29. but they didn't so it all comes down to how they do against Pepperdine.
    30. I never said anything about the BYU-UCLA match other than BYU doesn't need to win since they already have the No.1 seed. Never said anything about anyone wanting it more other than to respond to someone's comment about who would BYU prefer to see. Said that BYU doesn't want to lose to UCLA because they'd want to keep momentum going into the quarriers.
    To be honest, only Hawaii makes a really big deal about senior night. But of course all teams want to win their last home match.

  32. Brandon:

    31. I'm on a smart phone, so when I go the sites for the schools, it gives me mobile versions which do to show the scores all the time or they are incredibly difficult to find

  33. Cindy Luis:

    i do apologize for coming off so short. I appreciate that you come to me for answers but I'm not always online when you want answers, like tonight. don't know how your smart phone works or about the mobile versions
    for men's vb, you can always go to MPsports.org
    hit the men's volleyball link at the left. the screen at the bottom gives you the calendar and usually the livestats link.

  34. Brandon:

    33. The mobile versions don't give the scores all the time. You have to go to the desktop version? Which runs incredibly slow on phones. Thanks for the heads up about the mpsports! I'll start using that 🙂

  35. Brandon:

    That should be a . After desktop version, not a ?

  36. mei mei:

    Nice article Cindy on the Sand BOWS today! Nikki is my fav!!

  37. Ron:

    Ditto for me Cindy, I loved the article.

  38. Ki:

    Great article Cindy. Loved it.

  39. Tiki808:

    Great. BYU wins over UCLA, UH wins 1 over Pepperdine, UH makes it in because they won 1 against LBSU. 7th seed. 8th USC. That would match them up in the playoffs with Pepperdine again. 2 and 7 seeds. If and only if BYU wins UCLA and CSNU loses to LBSU. LBSU split was enough in UH to be a winning percentage over UH. If UH lose 2, out.

  40. formerlywarriorfan:

    39, not sure why I even bother replying to you since you're crazy, but UH would be 8th behind USC if they finished tied at 14-10 and playing at provo. I like UH's chances for revenge from last season's playoff loss.

  41. Brandon:

    39. The only thing right about your entire post was if UH loses two. But other than that, most of it was completely wrong

  42. Tiki808:

    Sorry for the intrusion.

    There may be a slight possibility UH is a sure bet way into the MPSF. Tonight's matches. Friday. If Stanford wins vs. UCI, 15-8 Stanford and 14-9 UCI, if UH wins vs. Pepperdine, 16-7 and UH 14-9, if UCSB wins BYU, 16-8 USCB and BYU 18-5. As you can see UC Irvine is tied with UH after tonight's matches. UH automatically makes it in if UOP takes UCI to 5 games or wins. Based on games or sets won and matches, UH would barely make it in because USC would have lost to Pepperdine, making UH automatic 7th seed after tonight with this scenario.

  43. Cindy Luis:

    42. we have gone over multiple scenarios. you mention one of the them.
    doesn't matter the seed after tonight. what matters is what the standings are after Saturday's matches.
    Doesn't matter if they 'barely' make it it. What matters if is they get in.

  44. Tiki808:

    16-12 Pepperdine 1st game, vs. Hawai'i in California. Timeout UH

  45. Tiki808:

    25-19 1st game to Pepperdine vs. UH

  46. Tiki808:

    3-0 Pepperdine 2nd game. Kolby Kanetake 5 digs. I wonder?

  47. Tiki808:

    #4 J.J. Mosolf, Pepperdine has 6 kills 6-6 tall. Apparently west and Averill can't block him. Where's Kanetake at 8-2 Pepperdine 2nd game.

  48. Tiki808:

    15-6 Pepperdine game 2 over UH 1-0 game. I'm out. UH lost the MPSF. Sorry, I won't be commenting until next year. 13-10 MPSF UH after tonight's Friday match. Aloha!