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tentative 2014 WVB home tourney schedule

March 26th, 2014

looking like home football games may split a couple of the early tournament with a couple tourney games to be played as singles on Saturday. biggest issue may be UCLA in the middle date.

Aug 29: Ohio vs. San Diego State; Hawaii v Arizona State (30 Ohio ASU single)

31 (sun) ASU vs. SDSU; Ohio vs. Hawaii. Sept. 1 (Mon) Hawaii-SDSU

Sept 4: Oregon vs. St. Johns; Hawaii v New Mexico; Sept 5 St. John's New Mexico; Hawaii vs. Oregon. Sun Sept. 6 Hawaii-St. John's 1 p.m.; Oregon-New Mexico Early UH start likely to accomodate St. John's travel

Sept. 11 UCLA-USF; Hawaii-Utah State; Sept. 12: Utah State v. USF; Hawaii vs. UCLA;  Sat 13: UCLA=-Utah State; Sept. 14 Sun Hawaii v USF


121 Responses to “tentative 2014 WVB home tourney schedule”

  1. Brandon.:

    Wait where do I watch the video stream

  2. uhfan:

    100. http://thew.tv/live

  3. formerlywarriorfan:

    Brittany and Karissa are just on another level.

  4. formerlywarriorfan:

    Yeah it just cut off for a minute or so,
    Nikki and Katie Speiler are just warming up, thought their match had already started but it was the Tucker/Shinn match still going on.

  5. Brandon:

    First time watching them play besides clips, and brittany and karissa are amazing. They have the skills to take pairs championship

  6. Brandon:

    Looks like nikki and katies match has started.

  7. Brandon:

    They have a 9-3 lead

  8. LC:

    My feed went dead then came back with a Please Stand By message.

  9. formerlywarriorfan:

    Same, oh well, it was better than nothing. Hope Stanford has a stream for saturday's matches.

  10. formerlywarriorfan:

    I hope when OCsports televises UH's matches that they play one at a time, keeping track of 2-3 matches at the same time is hard and I wanna see them all.

  11. LC:

    Last I heard Wahine were up 4-0 headed for another sweep.USF's program I believe is in their first year and has a ways to go.

  12. uhfan:


  13. kazu:

    Just signed on. You guys sure make it sounds exciting. I don't understand Sand Vollyball at all, but sure sounds like fun.

  14. formerlywarriorfan:

    USF is actually in their second year. Last year they only played against the nor cal schools (pacific, santa Clara, Cal, Stanford, St mary's and Sac State)

  15. LC:

    It's kinda like indoor when the host team is being embarrassed the GT or Live Stats suddenly has issues. 🙂

  16. lkapulani:

    #114............datz funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

  17. mauna:

    a link to Imi Ike's gold match against Rancho Valley if you haven't stumbled upon it yet. McKenna Granato #13, Savannah Kahakai #40 and Kalei Greeley #10 at the end of the video. You can find links to a few Imi Ike's matches on the right.


  18. mauna:

    Taylor/Spieler won their match, so UH is 10-0 for the day.

  19. Cindy Luis:

    See new thread with complete results

  20. Cindy Luis:

    109. When TV gets around to it, it likely won't be done one match at a time. That's not how the format is
    If they do it on campus, there will be two matches simultaneously. The only time you might get a single match is for a title match or since there are 5 teams, one match would be a single.

  21. Brandon:

    And it honestly looks like kahakai has amazing potential to be an OH. Yeah shes short, but she makes that up with power. She will probably play libero, but who knows. Maybe she can be like a kan.