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Arizona's Magill transferring to Hawaii

March 24th, 2014

Very good guessing all the way around. But needed to hear from her officially.

Olivia Magill, a 6-foot-2 middle blocker who played for Arizona the past two volleyball seasons, is transferring to play for Hawaii this fall, Magill told the Star-Advertiser Monday.

Magill, who led the Wildcats in blocking the past two seasons, has been given her release and is eligible to play immediately. The Fab 50 selection out of Seattle Prep is expected to vie for the starting position now open following last week's announcement that sophomore Jade Vorster is graduating early and will play at Liberty as a graduate student.

Magill was named to the Outrigger Hotels & Resorts Challenge all-tournament team last September as Arizona finished second to host Hawaii for the championship.


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  1. Andrew:

    She is a very good addition to the team. A good blocker like her should be an immediate impact in an area that they were lacking last year.

  2. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Just made an observation/comment....anyway, she has great ball handling skills. She will be a great addition to the indoor team.

  3. vballfreak808:

    Hawaii loses 8 players and gains 8 players. Wow

    After the rumor of Koelsch was going to play both, I was excited but not surprised. Once I saw her at the UH game on senior night I wondered why a sand recruit would get to be on the court. But great get and can't wait to see this brand new team.

  4. yume:

    I saw sitting on the floor Gianasso, Koelsch and an unnamed player, who appears to be taller than Koelsch. Anyone can ID her? This question came up in November.

  5. formerlywarriorfan:

    54. Was just thinking about that, it doesn't appear to have been Greeley, Huff, Castillo or Maglio.. I think it was Lara Schreiber, fellow sand recruit from Germany. Kind of looked like her anyway.

  6. curious minds think alike:

    anyone wanna guess who will be on a volleyball scholarship next year?

    incoming freshman



    I can't imagine anyone else receiving a scholarship which makes me wonder if they ended up having koelsch sign an indoor scholarship or if they're saving it for 2015 with granato castillo and a "possibility" of mitchem joining the girls. kalei will be the only senior and she isn't on a volleyball scholarship. it'll be interesting how things turn out in the next year.

  7. yume:

    55. fwf, hey it is her. I've seen pics of her when her name came up as a sand recruit but didn't connect with the video on Senior night. Thanks, mystery ID recruit solved.

  8. mauna:

    For those interested, the UH tentative home schedule for the tournaments
    Aug 29 5:00 Ohio vs San Diego St
    -------- 7:30 Hawaii vs Arizona St
    Aug 31 3:00 Arizona St vs San Diego St
    -------- 5:30 Hawaii vs Ohio
    Sep 01 5:00 Hawaii vs San Diego St
    Sep 04 5:00 Oregon vs St. Johns
    -------- 7:30 Hawaii vs New Mexico
    Sep 05 5:00 St. Johns vs New Mexico
    -------- 7:30 Hawaii vs Oregon
    Sep 06 1:00 Hawaii vs St. Johns
    -------- 3:00 Oregon vs New Mexico
    Sep 11 5:00 UCLA vs San Francisco
    -------- 7:30 Hawaii vs Utah St.
    Sep 12 5:00 Utah St vs San Francisco
    -------- 7:30 Hawaii vs UCLA
    Sep 14 5:00 Hawaii vs San Francisco

    Big West starts for UH on Oct 3 vs Fullerton

  9. formerlywarriorfan:

    Makes me wonder if Schreiber is gonna join Guinasso and Koelsch on the indoor team as well (assuming Lara was the third recruit sitting on the court senior night)

    It's a banner recruiting class for Scott though, Schrieber and Guinasso appear to be REALLY good on the beach, maybe future NCAA pairs champions ( if Scott pairs them up)

  10. formerlywarriorfan:

    re 57. Really hope UCLA and Oregon return back to the top 10 next season and that Deitre's team gets back in the top 30, for RPI's sake.

  11. formerlywarriorfan:

    Although reading volley talk, it's doubtful UCLA will even be top 25 next season, with Moenoa's injury and Stauber transferring again. Anyone know where she is headed?

  12. LC:

    57 mauna

    do you have the dates for the LBSU/Irvine road trip ?

  13. Ki:

    Stauber is transferring again?

  14. Brandon.:

    62. Yes. That's why sealey brought in two new transfers

  15. AdmrVT:

    FWIW, women's volleyball is a "head count" sport, meaning all scholarships are full (not partials). Max. 12. There were 6 seniors this past year, and 4 "official" recruits coming in 2014. Two scholies apparently not awarded, and being "saved" for the two 2015 verbal commits.

    Maglio takes Vorster's (#7). Per #50, Koelsch is getting Jane's in switching from sand to indoor. Per rule, no player with a sand scholie can play indoor.

    There are 6 returnees if I count right - Higgins (so.), Taylor (so.), Olevao (jr.), Long (jr.), Passi (jr.) and Goodman (RFr). No scholarship seniors this coming year.

  16. vballfreak808:

    64. Wouldn't Magill take Vorsters?

  17. mauna:

    LC, they only have the tentative home dates with the renewal fliers, Irvine Oct 4 and Beach Nov 7. Irvine and Beach sites may have their home schedule posted.

  18. AdmrVT:

    #65 - correction, yes Magill takes Vorsters. Maglio is one of the 4 recruits coming in.

  19. tako:

    #67 - for consideration for 2015, besides Granato and Castillo, how about Annie Mitchem??

  20. Brandon.:

    64. Passi is NOT on scholorship right now. The deal was she would pay her first year, and if Dave decided to give her a scholorship, she would get one

  21. Marv:

    UCSB, probably UH's biggest conference rival next year, just lost Formico to UCLA. That will hurt.

  22. formerlywarriorfan:

    re, 70 .
    The dink queens didn't have Formico all of last season!
    They lost their one hitter (thompson) that gave UH fits anyway so I am not worried about them.

  23. Hot:

    Maybe Long will be sand-only, get a scholarship there, freeing up an indoor scholarship. I don't see her contributing this year.

  24. FormerlyWarriorfan:

    72. Actually not a bad idea on Long's part she definitely has a future on the beach. She could be a pro beach player after her college career.

  25. mei mei:

    73/74 - also seeing Tai being benched as well... or used as back up... unless she improved in leaps & bounds over the break.

  26. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Yeah, Tai and Ginger are good D2 players or maybe lower level D1, but not making much of an impact on top tier D1...YET. They still can, but they really do need to work hard to get there. They have the potential, that is why Dave gave them scholarships, but they now need to earn it. I wish them the best in this off season to get there and prove us all wrong and kick some butt next season.

  27. Cindy Luis:

    wow, you folks are unbelievable sometimes. If they weren't DI players, they wouldn't have been recruited by an elite DI volleyball program such as UH. as for the only reason Shoji gave them a scholarship was because of the potential … isn't that the case for every athlete? just because you were great in high school doesn't mean you will be in college.

  28. po'okela:

    no sense arguing with anyone here.

    you're either damned if you and damned if you don't. apparently they know volleyball better than any other person in this world, including dave shoji

  29. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Actually, I do think Dave has a history of recruiting project players. As we all know, he does go after the top recruits, but obviously they don't want to all play here. So he has to go after project players, that are maybe under the radar or not heavily recruited, and even though all athletes have potential, some have better potential to better D1 players than others and the coaches are the ones with the eyes for that. I am sure the coaches thought that of Ginger and Tai, which is why he recruited them. They have not made that much of an impact yet, but I am not saying they can't or won't, they just haven't yet. And I hope they prove me wrong and come out this next year and kick butt.

    I'm not going to lie, I do wonder if there have been transfers in previous years that have wanted to come to Hawaii, ones that could really take us to another level, but we didn't have scholarships available. I heard rumors that Kelsey Robinson considered Hawaii, not sure of the truth to that, but still could you imagine if she did and we had a scholarship available for her instead of on a "project player" that was not panning out?

    Please do not think I am putting any players down, that is not my style and I have never done so and don't mean to intentionally if I have. I just feel that Tai and Ginger need to up their game to be really productive on this level. I don't think there is anything wrong in saying that. I believe they can and I hope they do.

  30. po'okela:

    let them rant, this blog (and others) are the only outlet they have to speak about volleyball and feel as if they're professional coaches and recruiters

  31. po'okela:


    that's the way the cookie crumbles. you have scholarships available or you don't have scholarships available. you take chances on individuals who you feel you could mold into elite players - sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

    why don't we just change the rules and allow coaches to only have 7 scholarships available? one for each of the starting positions since apparently people are so strung up on who does or doesn't deserve one.

  32. Brandon.:

    Everyone who's on scholarship right now deserve to be on scholarship. Leave the scholarship stuff up to Dave and staff. They know what they're doing

  33. haleiwacrossfitter:

    I didn't say no one didn't belong on scholarship and I'm not counting scholarships. And who said the coaches didn't know what they are doing? Not me. Some people just can't have a conversation around here. You guys really know how to twist words around.

  34. Brandon.:

    I'm not saying you're wrong. It's your opinion. I'm just saying let's leave the scholarship stuff to Dave

  35. mauna:

    On a lighter note, Michelle Waber is transferring to Cal Baptist for her masters, so we won't see her with San Diego St this Fall.

  36. mei mei:

    sorry Cindy, i'm sure as fan of Na Wahine for a couple of decades now, it is frustrating year after year to never obtain that huge glory of winning a championship... as I'm sure it is more so for Coach Shoji and Company. I suppose people on here are voicing their opinions of putting out the most efficient and prolific team for UH and one can only hope that they will be able to compete with the elites by playing players that are obviously more talented than what the coach starts (just in my own humble opinon).

  37. Cindy Luis:

    I'm sure it is frustrating for fans of the program. It is still considered an elite program and as many coaches have said, they are amazed by the job Shoji does against so many odds, including BCS money, conference and distance.

  38. sasa:

    Shoji is a great coach, but sometimes there are things he cannot control. Last year, had Croson stayed, I think we would've had a great chance at the title. Same thing with Hewitt, had she stayed a fourth year, we would've been so much stronger. We can complain all we want, but a lot of it is out of his control.