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USC 1 Burnham-Hughes def. UH 1 Tiegs-Cook in final, all results

March 22nd, 2014

just got in. long day at the beach.

Unlike Wednesday's dual where Tiegs-Cook beat Burnahm-Hughes in 3 Saturday's title match was a sweep by the SC pair. 21-18, 25-16


Best defender: Hughes, USC

Best blocker: Burnham, USC

Best Offense: Cook, UH

Aloha Spirt: Madi Kingdon, Arizona Played No. 1 with Croson.

Gold Bracket

Round of 16

Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Amanda Moriaty/Samantha Rummans (HPU), 21-9, 21-4

Nicolette Martin/Allie Wheeler (USC) def. Ali Longo/Ginger Long (UH) vs. 22-20, 21-18

Mel Kiel/Justine Wong-Orantes (NEB) def. Sam Hirschmann/Natasja Siljkovic (USC), 18-21, 21-16, 18-16

Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ (USC) def. Katie Spieler/Nikki Taylor (UH), 12-21, 21-10, 18-16

Kelly Claes/Alexa Strange (USC) def. Mary Pollmiller/Kelsey Fien (NEB), 21-15, 21-13

Tayler Higgins/London Chow (UH) def. Cecilia Hall/Alexa Ethridge (NEB), 21-14, 21-9

McKenna Witt/Madision Witt (UA) def. Amber Rolfzen/Kadie Roflzen (NEB), 21-18, 21-17

Brittany Tiegs/Karissa Cook (UH) def. Jane Croson/Madi Kingdon (UA) 21-12, 21-12



Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Nicolette Martin/Allie Wheeler (USC), 21-10, 21-14

Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ (USC) def. Mel Kiel/Justine Wong-Orantes (NEB), 21-18, 21-19

Brittany Tiegs/Karissa Cook (UH) def. McKenna Witt/Madision Witt (UA), 21-16, 21-13

Kelly Claes/Alexa Strange (USC) def. Tayler Higgins/London Chow (UH), 21-16, 21-16



Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Eve Ettinger/Bria Russ (USC), 19-21, 21-12, 15-11

Brittany Tiegs/Karissa Cook (UH) def. Kelly Claes/Alexa Strange (USC), 21-16, 21-17


Kirby Burnham/Sara Hughes (USC) def. Brittany Tiegs/Karissa Cook (UH), 21-18, 21-16

Consolation Matches

Ally Wheeler/Paige Hines (USC) def. Mary Pollmiller/Kelsey Fien (NEB), 21-14, 18-21, 15-13

Jane Croson/Madi Kingdon (UA) def. Cecilia Hall/Alexa Ethridge (NEB), 21-14, 21-17

Katie Spieler/Nikki Taylor (UH) def. Sam Hirschmann/Natasja Siljkovic (USC), 21-19, 21-10

Ali Longo/Ginger Long (UH) def. Amber Rolfzen/Kadie Roflzen (NEB), 21-16, 21-16


Silver Bracket

Round of 16

Ronni Lewis/Taylor Arizobal (UA) def. Sophia Blaszyk/Marie Fujii (HPU), 21-12, 21-6

Olivia Urban/Sarah Mendoza (UH) def. Paige Hines/Alexx Murphy (USC), 20-22, 22-20, 15-5

Alex Stonish/Mary Buckingham (USC) def. Allie Cook/Penina Snuka (UA) 21-10, 22-20

Karlee Riggs/Hannah Rooks (UH) def. Christina Furrer/Kasey Thompson (HPU) 21-6, 21-10

Sarah Seiber/Rachel Rhoades (UA) def. Pomai Recca/Hannah Schuett (HPU), 21-12, 21-15

Mikayla Tucker/Sydney Shinn (UH) def. Jamie Asuncion/Haley Doerfler (HPU), 21-10, 21-19

Brooke Fournier/Kati Duddridge (USC) def. Emily Kiser/Laura Larson (UA), 21-16, 21-14

Brenna Lyles/Alicia Ostrander (NEB) def. Kara Wong/Jasmine Fujimoto (HPU), 21-7, 21-12


Olivia Urban/Sarah Mendoza (UH) def. Ronni Lewis/Taylor Arizobal (UA), 18-21, 21-18, 15-10

Karlee Riggs/Hannah Rooks (UH) def. Alex Stonish/Mary Buckingham (USC), 21-12, 21-14

Brooke Fournier/Kati Duddridge (USC) def. Kira Larson/Alicia Ostrander (NEB), 21-18, 25-23

Mikayla Tucker/Sydney Shinn (UH) def. Sarah Seiber/Rachel Rhoades (UA), 21-9, 21-19


Karlee Riggs/Hannah Rooks (UH) def. Olivia Urban/Sarah Mendoza (UH), 21-10, 21-16

Mikayla Tucker/Sydney Shinn (UH) def. Brooke Fournier/Kati Duddridge (USC), 15-21, 21-16, 15,11


Karlee Riggs/Hannah Rooks (UH) def. Mikayla Tucker/Sydney Shinn (UH), 21-11, 22-20


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