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UCI 3, Hawaii 2 3-9

March 9th, 2014

Apologize but been at Chaminade for their DII BK tournament announcement

Anyway, UCI wins Set 1 25-20, Hawaii leads almost from the start in Set 2 in winning 25-17

match on radio only 1420-AM online at espn1420am.com

Live stats at


Have to write the Chamiande story. will try to drop in when I can with updates.

62 Responses to “UCI 3, Hawaii 2 3-9”

  1. Cindy Luis:

    I apologize to the rest of you. some of this conversation makes no sense since I have deleted several posts from IOY/CBS/et al. it is very tiring and I don't have the time to defend myself to someone who apologizes using 'We.' and continues to make fun of my ethnicity and religion and asks for personal information.and now taking potshots at my son.

  2. MPSF fan:

    46. Stanford is on fire right now. They destroyed USC today (at USC) and beat Pepperdine in 4 (at Pepp). I think it is going to be tough given the coaching decisions Wade and company tend to make. Pepperdine may be easier to beat than Stanford at this time.
    Ugh. Hawaii should have won this one tonight. Another missed opportunity. Can't wait to hear the spin on this match.

  3. formerlywarriorfan:

    the only for sure wins left are at Pacific, This team should shave been top 5 in the league with all the talent they had coming back, Wade needs to go, and yes I'm very frustrated but I still think UH can get a better coach.

  4. Cindy Luis:

    36. how quickly you forget last week's 5-set win over UCLA. and the 5-set win over Long Beach State.
    agree that Stanford is on a roll, and mentioned early USC was fading.
    guess you'll have to wait for Tsai's story Monday for the spin. Bottom line .. they were up 12-9 and couldn't close. Reminded of Friday when up 18-12 in Set 2.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    44. Did ask my son whether West could have come in for Timmer. He is a certified ref and scorekeeper for vb, coaches club and high school, His comments:
    He didn't set Holt hit the net on the overpass and neither did Tsai, who is two seats away. He said the double on Sedore was a more legit call than the one on Holt
    now on to the West-Timmer issue.
    Men's volleyball only has six subs. Starters can only be subbed out once and re-enter once.
    They started Timmer in the service position, wanting him to get two serving rotations in
    He subs out for Holt. Timmer returns for Holt at 11-10, after Holt served once. At that point, Timmer can't be subbed out since he is a starter who has already re-entered once. He then is stuck in the lineup.
    IMHO, the poor substitution was the 6-5 Hartley for Ramos at 13-13. They had no setter at that point and didn't get the block. UCI goes up 14-13, Ramos returns after 1 play. Perhaps the better sub would have been the 6-5 Franciskovic

  6. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    51. I think I speak for the vast majority here when I say that you don't need to apologize. The level of immaturity/absurdity of IOY/CBS/ad nauseam is well deserved of all the unspoken and occasional spoken knock-it-offs. While I have learned to skip past posts from this individual, you don't have that luxury.

    55. Thank you for insight!

  7. Hot:

    Cindy I suggest blocking that entity. Obviously, he wants attention with his posts of endless lists and nonsense. Since everyone has been ignoring him, he's resorted to personally insulting you.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    56-7. not easily done. gotta go through other people to make it happen. Only have done it twice because I was able to show cause: personal threats and vulgarity.
    But it has become very wearing and sometimes I don't want to turn on the computer.
    Appreciate the support.

  9. Brandon:

    Cindy you don't deserve the attacks you get from that guy. He uses multiple accounts to troll and attack you, and doesn't cc care about it. He doesn't appreciate the fact that you don't get paid for this. You do this for the fans. Don't apologize to people like that. Wish it was easier to block someone, because everyone is done with that person

  10. Cindy Luis:

    59. thank you. am working on it. he has the same IP despite his multiple personalities so I can track it that way.
    But I did want to clear up one thing that the above mentioned poster wrote (before deleted) about my son. He is the 1420/1500 radio guy for UH men's volleyball, color for wahine volleyball and basketball and does online broadcasts for streaming live and the HHSAA. The comment really bothered me.
    I'm glad he has a different last name to avoid any perception of nepotism. I use my maiden name for my by-line because that's what it was for some 10 years before I got married.
    My son holds a B.A. in Communications from Pepperdine, was their broadcaster for men's and women's volleyball, some other sports, some TV, mostly radio for four years, was a practice player for the women's volleyball team, and received the sportscaster of the year from the school upon graduation in 2008.
    That he has the job he has now is all his doing. He started out at KKEA doing behind the scenes stuff, mostly unpaid, and now runs the boards for some of the morning shows and coaches call-in shows (paid, yay).
    He works very hard at game prep and we are big on trivia stuff that adds to both his game-calling and my writing. As Shoji once said to me, "where do you find these things?'
    He's been very fortunate to have been mentored by wonderful radio and TV people, here and in L.A. Happy and grateful that both Don and Scott Robbs think he is worth mentoring and have helped him along the past few years.
    He has amazing insight into both volleyball and basketball. Is a certified coach, ref, scorekeeper and statistician. He played on 'Iolani's state volleyball title team in 03, the backup setter for Sean Carney and set the team when Carney made a few campus visits on the mainland. He has coached club volleyball for nearly 10 years ever since finishing his club playing career. He's been with Teoni Obrey at Ku'ikahi since also playing for the club and also has been an assistant for MPI and 'Iolani at the non-varsity level.
    So, yes, I have not problem asking him for clarification on some rules because there have been a few changes that I wasn't up on.
    His name is Tiff — not Biff — short for Christopher, Wells. The story behind 'tiff' is a long one and i think i've bored you all enough right now.
    thank you again for all the support

  11. Hot:

    Cindy, Tiff is doing a great job.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    61.Thank you. I'm a little biased and rarely get to listen to him since I usually sit at the other side of press row for VB. But he has grown since his days at Pepperdine. We talked a little about his job yesterday since his voice has been shot for a week. Told him I thought he painted the picture really well, especially since there was no TV. He says: i have to. that's radio. Really good guy and hard worker and he really knows volleyball.