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Hawaii upsets UCLA in 5

March 1st, 2014

Bruins using HBA grad Michael Fisher at OH

warriors going with Ramos, Kanetake, West, Sedore, Averill, Olsen, Zarkovic.

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70 Responses to “Hawaii upsets UCLA in 5”

  1. Cindy Luis:

    Yellow on UH, UCLA clearly should have been called for a bad set.

  2. Don:

    Burt seems to have a problem with Hawaii. After every point, he stares down the UH players...not very balanced for an NCAA official...

  3. Cindy Luis:

    UH has come back to tie at 6. TO Bruins

  4. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA leads 8-7 at the changeover. Bruins must have taken side. They are on the side that they won on Sets 1 and 3. Smith with an SE ties it at 8

  5. Cindy Luis:

    West and Ramos with the block of Quiroga. UH up 10=9

  6. Cindy Luis:

    Page hits into the net. UH up 13-11. TO UCLA

  7. Cindy Luis:

    gutsy serve by Zarkovic. Ace. 14-11

  8. Cindy Luis:

    Warrios win 25-11 kill by Sedore

  9. volleyball fan:

    Warriorfan, you got your wish and UH won a second night. So Wade is in and unless the team blows it big time at the end of season, Wade is pretty much assured a continuance of his contract.

  10. volleyball fan:

    Now I recommend Brook Sedore as both MPSF player of the week and also national player of the week. He had 20+ kill performances both nights even though Taylor Sander had two stellar matches this weekend, Sedore was instrumental in upsetting UCLA both nights.

  11. Warriorfan:

    Im happy with this win, hope they do the same to uci and byu.

    When jace plays well this team does not lose, hope he can get some consistency and play this way the rest of the season.

  12. Andrew:

    That was a crazy serve by Zarkovic. Impressed by the confidence to rip it like that after a timeout.

  13. FeedTheMiddles:

    Wow...what a great set of wins! Total team effort. What a boost to their standings. Averill and West are best set of middles in nation. Sedore is truly on fire.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    59. I don't know that it's a done deal with Wade but they've now matched their win total from last year and are 7-1 at home in MPSF play, 9-2 overall.

  15. hossana:

    Let's not talk about Wade being in a precarious position as coach of the men's volleyball team. For goodness sake, it takes patience to build a program but it seems that people want "instant success" esp. against all odds when you're competing against top programs in the nation whether its fb, bb, baseball, and with the men's volleyball program, its even more difficult..well, I shouldn't say more difficult than football, basketball, and baseball but it takes time and patience esp. with the limited resources we have here against the top programs in the nation so let's enjoy this win, season, and the coaching staff and give them the kudos, love, and praise they so deserve for the work they have put in this season and stop, once and for all, talking about Wade as coach but let's just talk about the success of the team against all odds. Nothing more and nothing less.

  16. hossana:

    P.S. and yes, thanks Cindy for keeping things in perspective esp. with some of the negative comments that come in concerning the program and play of the team.

  17. greenwarrior:

    wonderful fan atmosphere last night! totally agree with hossana. patience, support, and perspective needed with UH sports.

  18. karmady:

    Still not a Wade fan- I suspect this year's success has to do with the new assistant coach brought in, but hey, at this point, who cares? GO WARRIORS...all the way to Chicago.

  19. Tiki808:

    Still a funny match to some. You do know that the first one to go is the coach, if they are going for the national title? Charlie Wade. Why coach? If Wade was let go, the players would involved in the decision, and the others won't have a chance. Just policy that they keep Wade in the game. It's for the team in Hawai'i. Otherwise it would've have been a team in South America going for the title and MPSF.

  20. Tiki808:

    Don't they take up some classes in exercise to make them a better volleyball player? That's the whole idea of Wade's coaching, to see to it the team gets exposed to higher caliber player than Hawai'i. If so, Olympics, then to professional. Many players would rather go professional and just play. Like Jace Olsen, to start getting paid and eating up the tour where ever. Sound right?