Volley Shots

Hawaii 3, UCLA 1 2-28

February 28th, 2014

Match on OC-16

Radio 1500   internet nbcsportsradiohawaii.com

livestats hawaiiathletics.com

Looking like no changes for UH

Ramos, Kanetake, West, Sedore, Averill, Zarkovic, Olsen.


61 Responses to “Hawaii 3, UCLA 1 2-28”

  1. Tiki808:

    SET 1 2 3 4
    UCLA 23 24 27 22
    UH 25 26 25 25* UH win 3-1, hooray. National title?

  2. Cindy Luis:

    there are fan phones if you want to call in at 296-1500

  3. volleyball fan:

    Tiki808 got carried away with dreams of national championship. On the other extreme, Warriorfan, do you still think that Wade should be fired?

  4. Cindy Luis:

    52. Tiki, i had the scores. no need to repeat

  5. Warriorfan:

    It's just one match, IM still not happy with them losing to USC and UCSB both times, this is a great win, even better if they win again tomorrow.

  6. hossana:

    Am sick and tired of reading about people or individuals wanting coaches to be fired. All arm chair BLIMPS that sit on their rear ends and make idiotic judgments. How about giving some love and praise when they win. Its not easy recruiting to Hawaii be it in football, basketball, esp. in baseball where you have to deal with the major league draft and all the other sports incl. men's volleyball where you are competing against the great programs of Penn. St., Lewis, USC, UCLA, STANFORD etc......

  7. Cundy Luis:

    Lewis??? a power?

  8. Warriorfan:


    example A:

    December 14th, 2013 at 7:26 pm
    Watching those teams play, one can only wonder why UH is 2 steps behind on their level of play. Yes, Hawaii beat Texas in both teams first game of the season but the difference is the progress and the coaching....definitely coaching played a tremendous part in Texas's ability to progress as the season went whereas Hawaii...well....typical Hawaii.....like I said before, it would have been an embarrassment had Hawaii gone to the regional....Im not a Wahine hater....I used to go to all their volleyball games and am very close to Tita, Eleneki et. co. but geezus, the game has really passed our coach and like the Texas football coach, its time to step down and let somebody come in and bring in new blood, strategies, etc...and recruits.....I know I have been critical of Shoji, at times, but even I admit he did a tremendous job with the program but, like Mack Brown, of Texas, its time to move on and let somebody come in with and invigorate the program to the glory it once had. Im tired of reading about the national championships that Shoji won which was more than 20 yrs. ago....his body of work of winning championships is what counts in the present tense.

  9. Warriorfan:

    Example C:

    Puh …leeze…..who is going to waste their time listening to the UH Men’s volleyball team get swept in 3 straight? Just embarrassing!!!! There are about 22 of us that are sports fans and not one indicated that they would waste their time listening to that volleyball game….

  10. karmady:

    Nice win - let's make it two, Warriors!

  11. Cindy Luis:

    58 how did this go to Wahine vb when Hossana's comment was about the men?
    59. listening to what men's volleyball game?