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Hawaii still at No. 11 in poll

February 17th, 2014

I am a little surprised but just 18 voters.

Interesting that BYU barely beats Stanford (in 5) but moves up from 4 to 2

Loyola Chicago with 14 votes, Still No. 1. then BYU (3 votes), UCLA (1 vote) and Pepperdine.

UCSB moves up 2 to 7, The Beatch stays at 6, UCI up from 9 to 7, USC down from 5 to 8, Stanford down a spot to 9, Lewis stays at 10.


11 Responses to “Hawaii still at No. 11 in poll”

  1. Warriorfan:

    Ugh, Uh probably won't crack the top 8 until they win both against USC on the road.

  2. ItsOnYou:

    I suspect that Loyola will end up wining the MIVA (regular season) but I could totally see them losing (in their end-of-the-year tourney) for the automatic berth. They're not as storied/battle tested, historically, to make the full run into the tourney.

    Part of the vb appeal for me, anymore, is the fact that the men's tourney has gone from four to six teams..it's yet become very interesting. The novelty of that Conference Carolinas moreover has the South rising. Some may recall Josh Walker?

    Beach VB is the fastest growing preNCAA sport in the nation currently also.

  3. ItsOnYou:

    win not wine

  4. Cindy Luis:

    2. Walker's club just won a big tournament.

  5. Volleyball:

    I was browsing through AES and noticed that Imiike club won the 18 open division in Las Vegas this weekend. UH had 3 recruits in the finals. Greely, Kahakai and Granato (Rancho Valley and Imiike). That's some news us fans like to here!!

  6. mauna:

    5. volleyball. Yes, some additional info, up to the championship final Rancho Valley was 11-0 not dropping a set until they met Imi Ike. Imi Ike is coached by Robyn, with assistants Aneli and TK.

  7. Ron:

    That is encouraging news for those of us who have received our season ticket renewals. They want our money by March first and this makes it and easier pill to swallow.

  8. LC:

    No Wahine at the USAV National Team and A2 team open tryouts this year but did see former Wahine Stephanie Hagins (Idaho) on the list.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    5. thanks for the info. had asked Robyn to send me roster and stuff. waiting to hear back from her. having a hard time finding a link for the results.

  10. Volleyball:


  11. Cindy Luis:

    10. thanks. found the link earlier. see new post