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Hawaii 3, Cal Baptist 1 Night 2

February 14th, 2014

Reminder no TV due to baseball

Fanphones after the match at 296-1500

Radio 1500-AM

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39 Responses to “Hawaii 3, Cal Baptist 1 Night 2”

  1. Cindy Luis:

    UH starting same lineup: Ramos, West, Sedore, Averill, Zarkovic, Olsen, Kanetake.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    UH has pulled away to a 15-12 lead at the TTO. Warriors .316, Lancers 133

  3. Cindy Luis:

    Lancers had tied it at 15. Warriors out to a 22-19 lead. TO CBU

  4. Cindy Luis:

    West with the kill, UH wins 25-20

  5. Cindy Luis:

    UH hit 286, 2 aces both by West, 5 SEs, 4 blocks, 3 solo, 9 digs
    Sedore 4-1=8, Olsen 4-2-9, West 3-1-4, Zarkovic 2-2-5, Averill 1-0-2
    CBU hit .040, 1 ace, 2 SEs, 3.5 blocks.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    Helped by a yellow card against UH, CBU has tied it at 21. TO UH

  7. Don:

    Why on UH? I can clearly hear CBU's setter doing the chirping through the net.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    Yep, Wade keeps asking for some fairness. CBU up 23-21. TO UH.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    Olsen stuffed by the setter Anderson, Lancers win it 25-22

  10. Warriorfan:

    Seriously stuffed by a 5' 11 dude, Ugh Olsen drives me nuts, he's a senior, he should not be this inconsistent.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    UH hit .308 for set 2. no aces, 2 SEs, 5 digs, 3 blocks.
    CBU camping out on Averill, he is a combined 2-0-4 for the night
    Sedore 8-2-15, West 5-1-8, Zarkovic 5-3-11, Olsen 5-5-15, Ramos 2-0-2
    CBU hit .464 for Set 2. no aces, 4 Ses. 6 blocks.

  12. Don:

    Anderson should be the one carded for the screaming through the net and Dan is to weak to do it...

  13. MPSF fan:

    Cindy, why are the two outsides hitting so poorly? Is it the setting or the hitters? Hawaii should be rolling over this team. Do you think we will see any subs for set 3?

  14. Cindy Luis:

    10. Olsen hasn't been the same since running into (I think Averill) last month during a home match. IMO.
    Anderson listed at 5-10, Olsen 6-7.
    Anderson went to Esperanza. Believe that was Heather Bown's HS

  15. Cindy Luis:

    13. don't know on all counts. I think CBU has made some good adjustments. Ramos not able to run the middle as he did Wednesday.

  16. FeedTheMiddles:

    Nick West played on same club team as Brett Anderson. He's always been a talker.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    16. Anderson a 2010 HS grad, West 09. was thinking they might have play in the same club but not on the same team because of the age difference. but you could be right.

  18. Cindy Luis:

    solo stuff by Ramos, kill by Sedore and UH has tied it at 12. TO UH

  19. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 15-13 at the TTO Sedore with 10 kills.

  20. Cindy Luis:

    UH leads 21-17. TO CBU. I am a little surprised that maybe they haven't put in Fey for Olsen just for a different look.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    Anderson finally gets the yellow.

  22. Cindy Luis:

    UH wins Set 3 25-20

  23. Don:

    Anderson should've gotten the yellow earlier and the red at that point..Dan is letting too much go by from CBU...

  24. Cindy Luis:

    Warriors lead 15-11 at the TTO.
    Sedore with 15 kills, West and Zarkovic with 10.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    hmmm, CBU has closed to 18-17. TO UH.

  26. Cindy Luis:

    ace by Averill helps UH to a 21-19 lead. TO CBU

  27. Cindy Luis:

    23. This is the last match where they will have a local up ref. The MPSF will send refs out for the rest of the season

  28. Cindy Luis:

    Kill by Zarkovic from the back row makes it 22-20. TO CBU

  29. Don:

    Good...we need better R1s for the upcoming matches against UCLA and UCI...

  30. Cindy Luis:

    Lancers have come back to tie at 22. TO UH

  31. MPSF fan:

    CBU has 14 blocks. They are not a good blocking team, next to last in MPSF.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    Big block on match point Averill and Zarkovic. UH wins 25-23

  33. Tiki808:

    Cal Baptist had no bench. 4 sets both night? Hawai'i was the better team. MPSF?

  34. rayson:

    Just 2 comments: 1) This CBU team is real pilau. If this is what they're going to bring to the MPSF then they don't deserved to be in the conference.

    2) The Officials lack of control over the match (impotence) was just sad.

  35. Warriorfan:

    Thank goodness for the middles and Brook, the outsides need to step up their game big time against USC, that type of hitting won't cut it.

    34. I know Brink and their setter were both at one point heading to UH or at UH, so maybe they take it a bit personal??

  36. Cindy Luis:

    34. CBU is better than what they brought. They had several injuries to starters and a couple of suspensions.
    Their libero … first time he played the position. they had to move a lot of guys around, part of the reason UH had a tough time early because this wasn't the team they scouted.

    Agree about the officials. But this is the last time there will be a local up ref this season. The MPSF will be sending its refs for the rest of the season.

  37. Cindy Luis:

    34. one other thing. CBU is transition from NAIA where they had a lot of foreign, older students who couldn't play in the ncaa. The transition to the NCAA, even DII, is a process and a entire change of philosophy for the athletic department.

  38. Cindy Luis:

    34. from what I was told, Anderson came to UH, wanted to walk-on, they said they'd be no. 2 or 3 and that he had to go through the process. He said no and left. There was something about Brink's paper work not working out during his potential transfer from Orange Coast. not sure if it was transfer credits or what.

  39. Cindy Luis:

    33. yes, they had no bench. they only traveled 9. they have a roster of 19. injuries and suspensions left them thin and scrambling.