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UCLA 3, Hawaii 1 1-11

January 11th, 2014

Radio is on 1500 tonight because of UH basketball


Same starters for Hawaii, S: Ramos, L: Kanetake. MBs: West, Averill. Opp: Sedore: OHs Zarkovic, Olsen.

42 Responses to “UCLA 3, Hawaii 1 1-11”

  1. butch:

    Really hate the nbchawaiiradio stream. It goes in and out. Anyone else having the same problem?

  2. Cindy Luis:

    Sedore hits long, UCLA leads 15-12. Warriors with 4 SEs not helping. Bruins with 4 SEs as well.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    Sedore blocked. UCLA leas 19-15. TO UH

  4. Don Williams:

    I thought Quiroga graduated last year...

  5. Cindy Luis:

    Olsen lets serve go, hits the line. UCLA up 22-16. TO UH

  6. Cindy Luis:

    4. obviously not '-)
    UCLA wins 25-19.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    1. butch, is it any better? they were having problems early.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    Set 1 UCLA hit 476 to UH's 261. UCLA 2 aces, 5 SEs. UH 0 aces, 4 SEs
    Mol in for Sedore for Set 2.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    Zarkovic matched up with the 7-foot Page. Siki blocked, then hit long when trying to go over. Page committed to the middle and Zarkovic had a wide-open look on his third straight swing to tie at 3.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Had a nice chat with Mol's dad last night. Both he and his wife played sand VB, wife played in the 96 Olympics. UH up 7-4 in Set 2. TO UCLA

  11. butch:

    7. I had stopped listening because it would cut every time the announcer mentions someone is serving and it would come back after the play is done...But checked again and was able to get a full play. Think its better now.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 11-6 in Set 2. TO UCLA.

  13. Don Williams:

    Quiroga looks frustrated...

  14. Cindy Luis:

    continuing on Mol's mom, who played in the 1996 Olympics. Merita Berntsen was the youngest participant for Norway at the games. at age 27. She was a setter for UCSB in the early 1990s. All-Big West.
    anyway, back to the match. UH has pulled away to a 15-9 lead at the TTO. playing well in transition.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA looking very ordinary. UH up 19-10. with no timeouts UCLA can only sub.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    UH has stuffed the 7-foot Gage twice in a row. UH up 21-10. nice serving run by Timmer.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    Mol ends it at 25-14.

  18. Cindy Luis:

    13. he is not a happy camper. sets have been off. he is 6-2-13. UCLA hit negative 160 in Set 2 to UH's 310. UH, which had 1 block in Set 1, had 6.5 in Set 2. UCLA, with 4.5 blocks in set 1, had one block in Set 1.
    West 4-18, Averill 1-0-1, Zarkovick 6-4-13, Olsen 6-2-16. Mol, in one set, 5-0-6.
    UH 1 ace, 5 SEs in Set 2, ucla 0 aces, 2 SEs. {age 6-5-12, was 3-4-6 in Set 3, blocked 3 times.

  19. Cindy Luis:

    UH has put together a nice run behind Olsen's serve, taking a 15-12 lead at the TTO

  20. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA has tied it at 15. TO UH.

  21. st. anthony trojan:

    what is tto please .. time out ?? what the first t for ?

  22. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA has pulled away to a 20-17 lead. TO UH.

  23. Cindy Luis:

    Technical timeout. or media timeout. at 15.

  24. Cindy Luis:

    Bruins win 25-19.

  25. Warriorfan:

    Ugh Olsen's passing went south and really killed UH's momentum.

  26. Cindy Luis:

    25. that it did. UCLA was targeting him for sure.
    UH hit .241 to UCLA's 393. Bruins with three aces, UH 0.
    Mol was 0-2-6, which didn't help. Wonder if we'll see Sedore back.

  27. st. anthony trojan:


  28. Cindy Luis:

    Olsen blocked and the Bruins lead 15-10 at the TTO. not looking good for it to go to five.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    Bruins have pulled away at 20-14. TO UH

  30. Cindy Luis:

    It's 22-15. TO UH.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    UCLA wins 25-16. back in a bit

  32. Warriorfan:

    Well today utterly sucked as a UH fan.

    Once the passing went south it was game over, plus the blocking disappeared too.
    I hated seeing UH losing with Sedore, Fey and Francickovic on the bench, I would have mixed things up late in set 3 and set 4, but oh well.

    Next week's matches are the ones that really matter, absolutely MUST get revenge on Long Beach State and end that horrible losing streak against them.

  33. Cindy Luis:

    The beach lost at BYU tonight. they won't be in a good mood.

  34. Warriorfan:

    True, but I really hope UH beats them twice and gives them 3 early losses in MPSF play, I highly dislike that team.

  35. Tiki808:

    I was thinking Joby Ramos lost his jumping last night. And Kolby Kanetake did not want to hang out with the team for some reason. What's up with the separate ways after the game? Did they not mingle well with each other. You know the deal, let it go.

  36. Tiki808:

    Hawai'i is a good team and they have big players. For some reason last night they couldn't make a comeback down 1 game to 2 games and in the 4th game fell behind 7-10, and the match was over. What are they communicating to each other on court? double delux or was it the super combo? I would think they'd be rattling on and on...? They should have stuck to the plan and work harder. UCLA worked harder than Hawai'i. 2 hours time difference in LA. [ PT = HT + 2 ] is the formula for time there

  37. Tiki808:

    If you want an honest fans opinions, the only Hawai'i player worthy to play is Davis Holt 6-9 from Big Island. All the others, tell them to leave. No offence? or No offence!

  38. Tiki808:

    Where UH fell short of winning. Libero either got in the way or the pass fell really short of setting it to the setter at a higher spike. And they lost. Does this sounds like the right analysis from a volleyball fans' standpoint?

  39. Tiki808:

    OH Jace Olsen 6-7, MB Taylor Averilli, OH Johan Timmer, MB Nick West, OH 6-5 ( ) Fr. This Hawai'i's front line. Big. Just missed the win is what I was thinking.

  40. Cindy Luis:

    35. Perhaps Kantetake was taking treatment for his wrist, which was heavily taped.
    not like it's mandatory to 'hang out' afterwards. Many of the Wahine pick up food and take off after matches.

  41. pudundo:

    Cindy, is Dane Keckin redshirting this year?
    Chris McLaughlin said on tv that he was dropped from the roster & not playing but I did see him on the sidelines with the team

  42. Cindy Luis:

    He's on the roster, listed as No. 4. To be honest, didn't notice him on the sidelines. but sounds like he is redshirting