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Best wishes to Emily Maeda on her wedding day

December 27th, 2013

How can anyone forget the best senior night performance ever by Chad Reis when he proposed to Emily Maeda in 2012. The couple is getting married today  12-28.

6 Responses to “Best wishes to Emily Maeda on her wedding day”

  1. setaone:

    Shoji put on twitter that he is returning for 2014. To me that wasn't a surprise. I think when he retires he is going to announce it early so that finding a new coach and recruiting will not be affect too much (we all know how Hawaii wheels turn "slowly").

    Glad to see him back.

  2. tommui:

    Best wishes to Emily Maeda - a real special lady!

    Thank you Dave!

  3. Don:

    Congrats to Emily! One of the most memorable Senior Nights ever!

  4. 808BV:

    CONGRATS Emily!! Dawww :')
    Also, don't know if im late, but I read on hawaiinewsnow.com that Dave announced on twitter that he WILL BE BACK for the 2014 season.......I don't have a twitter, can anyone confirm?

  5. Brandon:

    4. Yes it's confirmed

  6. Hot:

    Congrats Emily! She was great last year. Fortunately, Sarah Mendoza was able to step right in and fill her role.