Hawaii No. 20 in final RPI, No. 18 in poll

December 23rd, 2013

Down from 17 heading into the tournament

1. Penn State. 2. Texas. 3. Washington 4. Florida. 5. Missoui

National runner-up Wisconsin at No. 9, BYU 25


in the poll, down from No. 11 to 18


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  1. K-Drama:

    The real Q is what do those do with the "power of the pen" to stop, while redirecting, this downward slide that UH WVB is on? Someone is already retiring; the other has complications with management (as do all of)..Beach VB/alma mater/family.


  2. Cindy Luis:

    no idea what you're saying

  3. PurpleMaple:

    Happy for the Wahine. They had a very good season. But Wisconsin at No. 9?
    They played really good in the final against Penn St. Really close to beating them. Plus, they beat Texas to reach the final. No. 9 in the NCAA RPI? Doesn't seem right. At least Wisconsin was ranked No. 2 in the AVCA coaches' poll, as it should be.

  4. Andrew:

    They had some very good moments this season, but considering the finish it was an underachieving year. For this program, simply just making the tourney is not living up to the expectations. Not making it past the 2nd round the past couple years is hopefully a trend they can turn around. Although last year was tough considering the committee had them facing UW in the 2nd round which really should have been a regional match instead. I'm not worried though, I know Dave and the team will turn it around.

  5. vbfan:

    That loss to USC in 2011 still stings. I think there is a good chance they win they title had the won that game.

    They would have faced Pepperdine at home in the elite 8 and then Illinois in the final four that year.

  6. vbfan:

    It is a testament to the program that ending the season in the 2nd round and ranked 18th is considered a disappointing season. I hope the next coach can continue Shoji's legacy of success.

  7. Andrew:


    The loss to UW last year still stings too. They had control of that match and even had a swing for match point. That would have been a huge statement win

  8. Warriorfan:

    Pretty disappointing four years for this class ( for UH's standards) no elite 8's no final four. Hope UH breaks that streak of second round losses next year!!

  9. nana kokolele:

    6. Dave is retiring?

  10. mei mei:

    8 ditto!!

  11. mauna:

    9. nana. As Cindy has mentioned many times she feels that he's not done yet, at least for another year. 2015 season up in the air. Of course minds can change, even 67 year olds. He might come out with a statement after New Years because of the many inquiries by supporters. Just my personal take.

    I wonder if the coaches are looking for a proven transfer OH. I know before last season players were interested in UH, but UH could not commit because of all the drama that dragged into the end of Spring that held up the scholarship.

  12. Warriorfan:

    11. They should be, can't really really on freshmen Kalei and Megan. Plus not sold on Tai at all.
    They need an OH that can pass and play solid defense and be a reliable .250 plus bitter to help out Nikki if UH wants to be a top 12 team next year, a lot to ask for. Hoping they find one or that Kalei/Megan really surprise.

  13. Warriorfan:

    hitter not bitter ^

  14. ran:

    Did I miss it or has the VB banquet been held yet?

  15. kazu:

    14. WVB banquet is on Jan. 20 at the Ala Moana Hotel. Go to booster clubs website for more info.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    14. Ron, scroll back through this blog. There is a thread giving details.

  17. mario:

    Once upon a time in the 70s and 80s volleyball belongs to the west, but now it moves east. Watching the finals and how those young women played, the east will dominate the future. I am not sure how Hawaii will ever compete with those big and sophisticated teams. Hope UH will get a good team next year and many thanks for this blog, Cindy, I enjoyed reading them all.

  18. Brandon:

    17. Hawaii always competes with these teams. That's what's beautiful about our program. We can get average-semi good recruits , and make them into all stars. Will they win a championship anytime soon? I don't know. But we can't count them out yet

  19. Cindy Luis:

    17. and once upon a time it was the west schools that cared about the sport. Russ Rose has long said he is grateful for Shoji and others who would play them when they were a no-name program.
    Hawaii can compete but it's tough going against schools with a lot of more money, including bigger recruiting budgets.

  20. wop ur jaws:

    17. UH can compete but they will not win another championship. It's over. History is just that. History. What makes a team relevant is what they are doing now. Even if it took them a few seasons, the teams that are relevant planted the seeds a few years back. UH has not shown any outward signs of seeds being sown. No new plan, no new direction, no new offense or defense to at least indicate it wants to be relevant. Right now, its about reputation but even that can fade. Most of the players today wouldn't have known about Hawai'i unless older people around them told them about it. Its the schools like Penn St., Stanford, Washington, Texas that get the younger players excited. Why? Because they are relevant and they have recent history to show for it. So unless you want to compete but eventually lose or you want to compete and win it all, is the difference between living on your reputation or being relevant presently. UH would be a chapter in a book about the history of NCAA Div. 1 Women's Volleyball. Relevant teams today would be a chapter about the teams that are changing the sport today and possibly in the future....

  21. View from afar:

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    My wish for Na Wahine is steady improvement throughout next season.
    Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this past season was that the various problems (lack of credible blocking, lack of offensive diversity, etc) from the early part of the season were still there at the end and doomed them in the post season.

    Be safe out there and Mele Kalikimaka!

  22. View from afar:

    20. Although it is quite possible UH will never win another championship and getting top recruits will always be an uphill battle, remember the basic reason why student-athletes everywhere participate. Sure those fortunate enough to be on scholarship get part of their education subsidized, but most participate for the love of the game, the fellowship of their teammates, and in the case of Na Wahine for the tremendous experience being a Wahine is.

    We know that sooner rather than later, Dave Shoji will retire and someone else will need to lead the program onward. Let's see what they can do. But I would never tell anyone they should not want to be a Wahine because they will never win another championship.

  23. wop ur jaws:

    22. Yes and that's why student athletes still play for schools that may never get into the post season tourney. Because of the entire experience they will live. And that experience changes their lives forever. The value in accomplishing playing division 1 sports for any student is enormous in character building for any young adult, it's a privilege to even get an athletic scholarship regardless of what program you play for. We cannot lose sight of the incredible hard work and dedication is required to play at the Division 1 level. You really have to be very good at your sport. So for that, UH is an awesome program and a unique experience. And with the right factors, UH can win again.

  24. Hot:

    I'd like to see Ginger Long play as an OH for at least one game. Curious about Kyra Goodman. Can't wait to see her play.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    20. UH still is relevant and has more final four appearances since 2000 than any other non-BCS program and most BCS programs. A couple of bad draws, especially two years ago when that UH-USC match was final-four worthy.
    Here is the list I posted last week with final four appearances since 2000, including last week's. Alphabetically

    USC 7

    Penn State 6 (6 in 7 years, missed in 2011)

    Stanford 6

    Nebraska 5

    Texas 5 (5 in 6 years,missed 2011)

    Hawaii 4

    Washington 4 (first since 06 when Huskies made three straight 04-05-06

    Minnesota 3

    California 2

    Florida 2

    UCLA 2

    Wisconsin 2 (first since 2000)

    Arizona 1

    Florida State 1

    Illinois 1

    Long Beach State 1

    Michigan 1


    Santa Clara 1

    Tennessee 1

  26. setaone:

    Can we also not say that Hawaii will never win another championship? There is a reason that the match is played. If BYU can dismantle (for lack of a better term) the Wahine, why can the Wahine not do that to Penn State?

    Even in the 2009 Final Four, Hawaii took set one off of PSU, something that only a few people thought would be possible.

  27. ifo manoa:

    i see hawaii as a good second tier team now. moving to the sweet sixteen but having immense problems
    moving beyond that to the elite 8 and final four. just my opinion based on our level of talent. nothing for others to get excited about because i'm still rooting for them but am skeptical like some other posters as to whether we can get there given the level major schools support of volleyball now.

  28. mauna:

    27. Mentioned level of talent. Senior Aces for 2014 top 20 recruits. Penn St. signed #1, 2, 8, 12, and 13. Only non-bcs school 1 recruit to Colorado St. It's been like that for a number of years past.