COY & AOY, Rose and Rockwell

December 19th, 2013

Coach of the Year to Penn State's Russ Rose

Assistant of the Year to Texas' Salima Davidson Rockwell, former PSU All-American setter.

22 Responses to “COY & AOY, Rose and Rockwell”

  1. Andrew:

    Wow, Wisconsin is pretty much owning Texas right now

  2. PBnJz:

    Hope Badgers can hang on and beat UT. Also glad Barry Goldberg got a little love in earlier threads...i was at Georgetown when he and his wife asst coached there! Would be nice to get them to one our tourneys, but not sure it would be worthwhile RPI-wise...

  3. mei mei:

    major upset in the making ----

    c'mon - Texas- come back!

  4. PBnJz:

    This arena is still not full! Supposedly sold out, but sure wouldn't have been if UW wasn't in it!

  5. Andrew:

    Regardless of what happens, I hope UW wins.

  6. Andrew:

    Actually more so, I hope Penn State does not win..

  7. kazu:

    Go Badgers, and UW.

  8. mei mei:

    Well i hope Wisconsin takes it all now - go Under Dogs !

    refuse to cheer for the Huskers or Nitanny Lions - auughhh!

  9. jmy:

    I hope PSU wins it all...Deja McClendon is awesome...

  10. airinfall:

    GO BADGERS! I'm really hoping for a UW-UW final, so tired of seeing PSU jerseys in a Final Four.

  11. LanaiBoy:

    Wisconsin wins in four. I wonder if Carlini would have won Freshman of the Year if the vote was taken after this match. She was impressive.

  12. Brandon:

    Am I the only wahine fan who likes wahsingtom and is cheering for them??? Haha

  13. kazu:

    12 I'm with you. Tired of Penn State.

  14. Brandon:

    13 even more since the only big ten team I like Is nebraska (I know shocking. Can't sand Russ got the coach of the year award and can't stand big ten homers who think the conference is gods gifts to the world. Go huskies!

  15. airinfall:

    Damnit Penn State!

  16. jmy:

    PSU making UW look like a high school team...McClendon is a BEAST!!!

  17. Brandon:

    I hate penn state

  18. kazu:

    Not looking good for Washington. May turn out to be an all big ten championship.

  19. jmy:

    This match shows what happens when a great player plays a great team...Like them or not, Nittany Lions were extremely impressive...

  20. Warriorfan:

    Im glad PSU won, I dislike UW and their coach. Plus UW is more of a threat to wahine UH program because they go for similar recruits in california and the west coast. PSU just mostly sticks with recruits from the east and midwest, plus PSU let us have Longo.
    GO PSU, hopefully Rose retires after they win it saturday so Shoji can stay number one in wins.

  21. 808BV:

    BUMMER!! I was rooting for Washington since Hawaii got cut. Rainbow-Dawg for life!! Next year awaits!......Now, I hope Wisconsin holds on and wins it!!

  22. turfwar:

    Did anyone else notice that Wisconsin had a rotation of a 5'7" OH and a 5'11" MB. Both were dynamic and made plays. But then again the setter Carlini is simply the best in the land.