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Shoji on the radio

December 11th, 2013

Shoji was talking to Scott this morning.

Said Saturday was still stinging. That he had spoken to Hartong yesterday and she wasn't over it.

Said BYU played pretty error free Saturday and that Hartong didn't get much help offensively. said he didn't know how well BYU would do against USC.

2014 schedule: still working on it. ASU is coming out. said that teams are concerned about the RPI, wanting to know who else would be in the tournament, not wanting it to be too easy. And that travel cost is a concern. Said he'd know more by January.

All-Region: disappointed that Uiato didn't get recognized. said he didn't know until a few months ago that they had been put in the north region with the split of the Pac-12 and Big West. said he was surprised that CSU got three players but, as mentioned here yesterday, that coaches in that region more familiar with CSU than Hawaii. And that Stanford and UW had great players.

Coming back in 2014? said he wasn't ready to make the official statement. That will be coming with the next few weeks. said he's meeting with his players tomorrow, the usual season-ending exit stuff. Said the recruits coming in were good but raw, that they still have very good players returning, including 2 starting middles. said he look at Taylor moving to the left but that might be determined in spring ball. He did mention Passi on the right. Biggest loss will be Hartong, they will also need to replace her in the passing rotation.

think the most telling comment was his saying that he felt this year's team was a potential final four team. He was disappointed and that there was some unfinished business.

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  1. Cindy Luis:

    43. haven't heard about putting in a bid. It requires money that UH might not have.

  2. Brandon:

    Lexington, KY -- Memorial Coliseum
    Austin, TX -- Gregory Gym
    San Diego, CA -- Jenny Craig Pavilion
    Des Moines, IA -- Wells Fargo Arena

    These are the 2015 regional sites

  3. Cindy Luis:

    1. yes some of the indoor will play sand. don't know that they've set teams yet

  4. Cindy Luis:

    2. That's what Shoji said when asked about moving Taylor to the left. They have Passi. But as I wrote above. he said they'd look at it in spring practice with the players who are here.

  5. dedicatedfan:

    Per Marilyn, the Women's AD, Hawaii has put in a bid for 2015, 2016, & 2017. Hawaii did not win the bid for 2015. Hopefully, they will win the bid for either 2016, or 2017. Even more hopeful, Dave Shoji will still be around. It would be a good way for him to go out.

  6. LanaiBoy:

    re#54. One must think that it is unusual to project a 5'10" hitter on the right and a 6'3" hitter on the left. Usually it's the opposite. The right-side hitter usually faces opponents top left side hitters so blocking skills are considered a premium. However, I understand Shoji's thinking; he said that Taylor is the only outside who has the potential to match Hartong's 4 to 5 kills a set. Passi can jump and had good blocking stats at College of Southern Idaho.

  7. LC:

    Victoria Prince is 6 months prego.She looks really slim and trim and her hair is now brown.....TMZ.com

  8. Cindy Luis:

    55. UH's offense has the lefts hit twice, once on the right; the Opp hits twice right, once left.
    don't know if they'll keep that offense. We'll see what happens in spring

  9. LanaiBoy:

    Trying to figure why Kevin Federline is still in the celebrity gossip columns. His marriage to Britney Spears was ages ago. However, nice to hear about Victoria Prince, one of my all-time favorite Wahine volleyball player. One of the best slides in the history of the game according to some coaches.

  10. LC:

    For the Annie Mitchem watchers she was Orange Empire Conference MVP and named an All American.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    if she qualifies, expect to see her in 2015

  12. LC:

    She sure has some nice stats, 3.46 K/set, .436hitting % and 1.61 Blk/set

  13. Cindy Luis:

    21. I don't think Hartong is going to play sand this year. She is finishing her degree, looking at playing pro, and will join the national team at some point. As for predicting she won't be a starter … long time between now the 2016 Olympics to determine who will start.

  14. dedicatedfan:

    If Annie Mitchem does qualify for 2015, and she does come here. That 2015 team is going to be scary good. Not to mention the 2016 team.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    55. thank you steve/steven/laura

  16. Warriorfan:

    OH no how did that person find it's way back here?

  17. Warriorfan:

    Wow congrats to V prince, her daughter is adorable.

  18. Warriorfan:

    63, that's too bad with Hartong I think the beach team can win the championship, and it would really help her passing.

  19. dedicatedfan:

    58. Cindy, I noticed in a few matches, where Nikki would be on the right, and Olevao on the left, before the opposing team would serve. Then while the serve is in the air, Nikki and Olevao would switch, so that Nikki is hitting on the left, and Olevao is hitting on the right. Did you notice that also?

  20. dedicatedfan:

    66. Hey Warriorfan, I behave once the Wahine Season is over. Just do not behave when once they start practicing again, in August and thru their Season. I just get to agitated once the Wahine season starts, for this blog. 🙂

  21. Cindy Luis:

    67. they do have a sense of humor. T-shirt with Juan Moore and No. 6 as in Federine's sixth child

  22. Cindy Luis:

    66. short leash. allowed the posts today. who knows about tomorrow

  23. dedicatedfan:

    I think by Hartong not playing Sand, this past year, did hurt her a little bit, in her receiving and passing. BUT I can understand why Shoji did not want her playing Sand, this past year.

  24. Cindy Luis:

    73. it wasn't Shoji's decision. Hartong sat out to rest an injury. which is why she wasn't with the national team this past summer

  25. hollycow:

    Shannan McCready Punahou grad will be a senior for ASU and probably a starter at Libero as they graduate all three other L/DS on their roster. ASU will be a very strong team next year and will probably end up on the top half of the Pac12. Shoji almost always bring in teams for the three tournaments with Hawaii senior ties. I scanned the 12 or so top conferences and couldn't come up with more schools. Anymore out there?

  26. Cindy Luis:

    75. all he said was he was still working on the schedule and should have it done next month. KNow Penn State was contacted but they are involved in a conference vs. conference thing. I know Rose would like to come back.

  27. Warriorfan:

    wow I hope PSU comes. they would be a huge boost to the rpi.

    75. I know Chelsea Keoho is at Colorado and Misty Maa at Miami? Juliana Behrens at Manhattan ( but i hope they are not invited)

  28. Cindy Luis:

    77. don't think Penn State is for this year. Rose said there was a conflict.
    I do know that if Shoji announced that he was retiring … whoever … there are a number of coaches who would want to be part of his final season

  29. hollycow:

    77. Chelsea Keoho and Misty Maa are both juniors in 2014. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't consider schools like Manhattan with their competition and RPI level, even with a local senior on the roster.
    78. CL. In that case Shoji should stick around and schedule Penn St for 2015, both coaches play their final match against each other and retire together after the 2015 season. jkl.

  30. Maverick:

    72. A proverb comes to mind...fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    the talk about RPI reminded of something Shoji said.
    said that the fact that no SEC team of their 7 made it out of the second round should be something the selection committee should look at. And that he thought American was a good team.

  32. Warriorfan:

    79.Thought they were seniors, wouldn't mind colorado and Miami at all though, both should be ncaa teams again next season.

  33. hollycow:

    82. Another reason for Shoji to stick around for the 2015 season, besides scheduling Penn St. Schedule for 2015 both Colorado and Miami for the pre-season tournaments for the Keoho and Maa family and friends. Lisa would surely approve, yes?

  34. LanaiBoy:

    How about inviting Missouri down the line? It would be great to have Carly Kan and Loxley Keala play in front of a Hawaii crowd before they graduate. Proud of Kan's success this season. I was hoping the team went a little bit further in the NCAA tourney.

  35. LC:

    Remember this.

    Sports-It's just entertainment.

  36. mainlandgal:

    53. Cindy - No duos for Sand are set yet. Still a lot of time before their first tourney in March. UH is hosting 2 or 3 tourney's this upcoming season though. Nice to see the program growing right along with the talent. Excited UH Sand Volleyball Season ahead!!

  37. mauna:

    86. Mi-----e. Any names of indoor players joining?

  38. Cindy Luis:

    86. no duos set. They did have a short fall camp but didn't use any indoor players obviously.
    They are really trying to use more sand-only players for that season. Although most of the indoor will do some sand training. not sure who is going to cross over.
    they have 14 players listed on the sand roster. They only need to field 5 pairs for matches.

  39. mainlandgal:

    87. mauna: indoor players won't join until after the Christmas break. Jan/Feb will be busy months for the Sand team ... lots of exciting talent already on the team. Should be an amazing season!! GO BOWS!!!

  40. mauna:

    89. M. I'm guessing Ginger, Tai, Sarah, Ashley and maybe one more. On or off?