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Hartong named all-region, Taylor HM

December 10th, 2013


UH in the Pacific North Region

Congrats to Hartong

FOY was WSU's Kyra Holt

COY: Hilbert, CSU

71 Responses to “Hartong named all-region, Taylor HM”

  1. OrbitalRipZ:

    Re: 47. Of course I agree with you 100% that "I doubt very seriously if coaches waited for results to vote on the all region" but it doesn't matter if there was only 1 match or 8 matches or what you seriously doubt or what I seriously doubt, facts don't change -- voting period ended Friday, Dec. 6 (5:00p.m. EST).

    But if you only addressing #3's confusion on why CSU had 3 regional 1st teamers while Hawai'i had only 1, you are absolutely right to say it had nothing to do with the Round 1 results.

    Most of the regional head coaches of the Pacific North have observed CSU players in action, and based on live or broadcast observations during the regular season, the head coaches selected 3 CSU players for All-Region First Team. Apparently few head coaches in this region observed Hawai'i players in action, and thus Longo was left off the All-Region First Team and HM. But she will always be AW (All-World) to her many fans -- and rightly so!

    ~~ Re: 2013 Senior CLASS Award ~~

    Of the 10 Finalists for the Award (voting ended Monday), 9 of the 10 made All-Region First Team. Only Ashley Potts (DS/L) from Western Kentucky (Southeast Region) failed to make First Team but was an All-Region HM. (As has been repeated many times on this blog, fan votes are combined with votes by media and D1 Head Coaches to determine the winner.)

    The announcement of the Senior CLASS Award winner (and the trophy presentation?) will be made during the NCAA Championship tournament, but I can't find the specific date so if there's someone who knows the date, please post it.

  2. Hot:

    I was sure Uiato was going to be on the All-Region team and make at least third team All-America. Technically, she's beautiful to watch. Oh, well... Maybe UH being in the same region as the PAC-12 teams and ending the season in the second round might have something to do with it. But Taylor was a pleasant surprise.

  3. Hot:

    With Longo not being recognized, Ashley Watanabe is still the only UH libero to achieve AVCA honors with her All-Region honorable mention in 2005.

  4. vbfan:

    Dave Shoji was just on the radio with Scott Robbs. Said he talked to Hartong yesterday both her and the coach still not completely over the loss.

    Refused to say it out loud, but sounded like he'll be back to coach next season, expect an official announcement after he meets with everyone on team sometime next week.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    50 mentioned that earlier that UH was in a tough region.
    that Hawaii was out Saturday had nothing to do with it. voting was done by then
    see new thread about Shoji on the radio

  6. Warriorfan:

    53. Technically good, but inconsistent especially on the road and very predictable. I am not surprised she did not make all region.

  7. Hot:

    56. Longo? What do you mean predictable?

  8. mauna:

    Cindy, on Nikki Taylor not being nominated for FOY in the Pacific North Region, what's up with that? Was it a failure of UH not realizing that because of the splitting of the teams in the BW to two different regions the nominees for the FOY doesn't have to be the FOY in their respective conferences. Not trying to make a big deal out of this but when I saw that she out voted Holt in the OH/RS position, Nikki would have won the Region's FOY for the Pacific North Region over Holt. Hope you can come up with an answer, thanks.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    it was very confusing and I have no answer. Neither Taylor nor Holt was FOY in their conference.
    As mentioned earlier, that Hawaii got put in a region with teams that coaches were more familiar with seems to have dictated the voting. This is not on UH. it is the function of the new selection process which is obviously flawed.

  10. mauna:

    So you're saying that UH does not have anything to do with submitting players for positions in the Pacific North Region? If that's the case they know about Taylor, because she has 5 points for OH/RS category as is Holt with 1 point. Nikki and Holt are the only freshman on that list, so what goes? Something is all messed up, I just feel that Nikki should have won that category over Holt and have a great start to her resume for future awards.

  11. mauna:

    Oh, I just came up with one answer, Pac12 and BCS biased to the max.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    Believe the selection process starts with the conference selections but I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. There are 24 coaches who vote in each of the 10 regions. .
    Where UH gets involved is when presenting videos of all-region players for all-america

  13. Cindy Luis:

    as I said, new process. obviously flawed

  14. mauna:

    Yes obviously flawed. Of the 24 coaches, isn't Shoji one? Something or somebody fumbled, because there are 4 freshman listed with votes and the fourth with zero (0). Sorry to bother you so much with this worn-out topic. :>)

  15. Cindy Luis:

    don't know if Shoji is or not. He was not voting on the AVCA poll this year.
    corrected post. I missed putting the word NOT in originally

  16. mauna:

    Cindy, I believe during the early part of the season, Shoji failed to meet the deadline for AVCA voting and was replaced the rest of the voting season. After that he mentioned that he could see the conference bias in the voting.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    66. yes, my bad. omitted the word NOT
    i reported in August that Shoji was not voting this year for the first time in a long time
    He missed the deadline to reply because he thought it was an email reminder and not a Are you going to vote this year thing.. When he called them a week later, he was told he had been replaced.
    He did say later that he saw the bias in the poll voting.

  18. mauna:

    To sum it up, I hope UH learned a little from the Taylor MIA debacle and be on top of awards and stuff. Because as little as our humble players downplay individual awards they deserve all the accolades that they have accomplished. I know that UH monitors these blogs and hope they get the messages.

  19. Cindy Luis:

    68. to sum it up, this was not on UH.

  20. Warriorfan:

    Whoops sorry "hot" meant 52, or maybe a message got deleted. Not talking about Longo.

  21. mauna:

    69. Cindy, good post. :>)