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Wahine-Cougar rewind

December 7th, 2013

Not really much to say. Bad, bad loss.

Season started out so promising. But as has been said ad naseum, Wahine got very predictable. First time they'd been swept all season and looked bad doing it. 86 minutes.

last time UH lost in straight sets was the 2011 second round at Washington.

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  1. Cindy Luis:

    Asl for Robins-Hardy, she chose to play for BYU.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    Again, i didn't say the NCAA required videos.
    Take it up with the people who posted the videos because I didn't and neither did the paper.

  3. LanaiBoy:

    Read somewhere that Alohi Robins-Hardy was recruited by the Wahine basketball team but accepted the BYU offer because she wanted to play both volleyball and basketball in college. Hawaii told her basketball only. If this is true, wondered why she wasn't offered a volleyball position at UH. I can only speculate. She is a combination setter/outside hitter at Kamehameha. Hawaii has two setters already and Robins-Hardy did not impress enough as a standout outside hitter in high school. I have never seen her so I really don't know. Another speculation….perhaps, having another player besides Adolpho splitting time between basketball and volleyball was too much. It could be that the story itself was only a rumor, Hawaii actually did not try to recruit her for any sport. Anyone knows the actual story?

  4. hollycow:

    Since the subject of post match press conference came up here, my question does the media people or UH decide what two players are to be in the conference.

  5. nana kokolele:

    Per NCAA, the senior sport has to have the scholie. After that, playing both sports is between both coaches. So you figure it out. A basketball scholie for Alohi was offered. But no chance of playing both sports. Its pretty clear.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    104. The SID will ask the working media which two players they'd like to talk to. SID then brings in the 2 that were most requested. So you had the S-A, Ka Leo, TV requesting players.

  7. LanaiBoy:

    Cindy re: #99. I sort of figured that Adolpho would not be allowed to go on the road trip. Most coaches have strict rules regarding practice time for making road trips. Hope, however, that Adolpho gets a leg up on practicing this week. The Wahine basketball really needs a bigger presence in the middle, although record-wise they are doing really fine this year.

  8. hollycow:

    106. CL. It was pretty obvious that Emily was in no way ready to talk to the press and another alternate player in better form should have been chosen to be there in her place. It's too late, but I regret watching the video.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    109. requests are made toward the end or right after the end of the match. there is a 10 minute break before the winning team comes in, followed by the losing team. so about 15 minutes between when the requests were made and when UH came into the media room. No way for the media to know if a player is ready to talk or not.

    107. not sure if 'allowed' is the right word. She hasn't practiced with the team and I don't know when she plans to. Team likely leaves the 10th (tomorrow) or the for their game on the 13th. She'd only get 1 or 2 days of practice in if she were to travel. not sure of their practice schedule.
    But BKB likely didn't expect to have her back for this trip, anticipating that the volleyball season would run through at least this week.

  10. LC:

    I don't see the video on the team web page just a statement but it is on the UH athletics youtube account and of course the Big West has it up.

    If you folks at UH athletics read here remove that video from youtube .You don't parade these kids before the public at a bad time in their lives like they are captured prisoners of war.

  11. hollycow:

    Cindy, not faulting the media or the SID, perhaps the word to Emily for the press was a relay of words from one person to another in the locker room, without the SID actually seeing her in that shape. Not trying to make a big deal out of this, but I'd like to remember her playing all out and happy to be a Wahine. That conference was a real downer.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    didn't think you were faulting the media, just letting you know how the process works.
    I don't know how word got to the locker room or who did it, the SID or tournament director. or if either of them saw her before she came out and walked over to the green room.

  13. jake:

    From the beat down last Saturday, I became a post-regional BYU sweet-sixteen fan. I wish them the best
    i don't think UH played as badly as BYU just played at the apex of their game. Got to hand it to them and
    cheer them on in LA. I saw them play the same way when they beat down USD in 3 at home early in their conference games. I was hoping then we wouldn't see them in the regionals...

  14. hollycow:

    Cindy with all that said, trying not to put you on the spot, but is there anyway that you can inform the right UH people to remove the very public youtube video of the UH media post conference? I don't think it was a NCAA rule to put it up publicly on youtube and it really leaves a very negative visual to recruits UH are after.

  15. Cubicle1126:

    afusia's tweet is off-the-mark and misguided.

    i was in the stands in the loss to byu, and while the crowd was silenced/stunned at one point during the match ... they did not stay that way. during the 3rd set, the crowd was making a lot of noise, and doing its best to lift the wahine. some nights, the 7th man -- though we try -- just isn't enough, infortunately.

    it sounds more like afusia is redirecting his frustrations at the football crowds from this past year ... towards the volleyball fans, who came out in force and actually raised the average attendance this year, over the past few seasons.

    i wonder if afusia was regularly in attendance during the season ... if he was, then he should know better that hawaii volleyball fans are certainly not "garbage." if he only decided to go watch the wahine because they were hosting the playoffs, then it doesn't say much about him as a true fan, does it? ...

    in any case, i'm sure the athletic dep't will soon be clamping down on his tweets. it's only a 140-character limit on twitter, but clearly some people aren't responsible enough to even handle that.

  16. Miko:

    #115 Afusia was one of the people trying to start the wave in the middle of play on Friday. It does not seem like he has been to too many volleyball games.

  17. tako:

    In reflection, Emily displayed the emotion of how the team felt during the post game interview. She was emotionally spent! THANK YOU EMILY for being a model player for four years. THANK YOU for playing for the U of H for four years. THANK YOU for bleeding green for four years. THANK YOU for the memories. THANK YOU for carrying the wishes of so many on your back, all visualizing the next national championship and thank you for carrying the disappointment of the team. Lastly, bring back that wonderful smile of yours for yesterday is already a memory and the legacy you have left behind speaks volumes to what determination and hard work can acheive. THANK YOU for being Emily Hartong a Rainbow Wahine. -with Aloha

  18. Kazu:

    116 Agree, I think any team that lost a big game will show that. Unfortunately it was Hawaii's team, and I belive alot of fans feel the same pain that the girls do. That's sports though.

  19. Hot:

    What is the issue with the press conference? Cindy already explained that 2 players are required to join the coach. And if you think one of those players isn't going to be Emily Hartong, you're clueless. Would the press rather talk to two reserves who didn't play? Of course Emily was hurting after the loss. Every one of those 18 players was. Did you really expect Emily or any of the players to put up a chipper front? EVERY losing team has to face the press conference, not just UH. So much drama.

  20. Cindy Luis:

    I think it was especially painful because it was Hartong, who has been so stoic after other losses.
    114. Don't quite agree with the 'negative image for recruits.' It showed a great athlete's vulnerable side.
    Never said that it was an NCAA rule about posting a video
    If you feel that strongly, I would suggest you call or email the media relations department. All I can pass along is that some anonymous people on my blog said they didn't think the video was appropriate
    Derek Inouchi is the head person. He was at the press conference.
    inouchi@hawaii.edu or 808-956-4478.

  21. hollycow:

    Cindy thanks for your fair comments, I appreciate it. I think the poster before you is out of line with his sharp remarks and all the questions marks. I know Derek and will contact him on this matter. Thanks again.

  22. Hot:

    How was my post out of line? Because of the question marks? Sorry of the remarks seemed sharp to you, I felt the issue was being dragged on even after Cindy already explained why it was so.

  23. setaone:

    Don't know how that vid puts a negative visual to recruits. I think it shows the opposite.....that the players feel so much emotion and love for the Wahine that it affects them in this manner. It would look worse if Emily looked like she didn't care.

  24. vballfreak808:

    Hartong named All-Region along with Taylor being honorable mention

  25. OrbitalRipZ:

    Re: 124 ... See 22 above. Uiato, an AA during her Junior year, is not even an AA consideration this year. Only 1 UH player is up for consideration as an AA, as regional HMs like Taylor (if the AVCA follows previous guidelines) are not up for AA consideration.

  26. hollycow:

    122. Hot. 123. setaone. Thanks for your inputs. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions and this is what this blog is for.

  27. testing:

    is this blog no longer accepting comments?

  28. Cindy Luis:

    it is. have you been having problems?
    there has been a change in platform but it shouldn't affect posting.