BYU 3, Hawaii 0

December 7th, 2013

Sounds like traffic is bad and causing some to be late to the arena.

Wahine starting the same lineup.

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  1. Warrior Dave:

    Hat explains the smaller looking crowd. The lines at the food concession is super long.

  2. Warrior Dave:

    Nice little run by Wahine.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 15-13 at the TTO.

  4. Warrior Dave:

    TO BYU. Wahine 15-13.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    BYU leading 19-17. TO UH.

  6. Brandon:

    Come on ladies!

  7. Warrior Dave:

    BYU is digging extremely well. TO Wahine down 17-19.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    Taylor with a solo stuff BYU leads 21-20. TO Cougars.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    BYU up 24-21. TO UH. Cougars tooling the Wahine block very well.

  10. jmy:

    BYU isn't doing anything fancy...outside, outside, outside...let's start blocking...

  11. Cindy Luis:

    BYU wins 25-21

  12. Brandon:


  13. Warrior Dave:

    We need to pass better and cover the dinks.

  14. jmy:

    13...and take smarter shots...

  15. Kazu:

    I think right now at this moment BYU is the better team.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    UH down 6-1 in Set 2. Kastl in for Manu-Olevao. TO UH

  17. Ashley:

    we are out. I know it's negative but I can't see how we could possibly bounce back.

  18. Warrior Dave:

    Ashley in for Tai. Good sub to mix things up. 6-1 BYU. TO Wahine.

  19. jmy:

    BYU just playing smarter...and maybe with more hunger...

  20. Zig:

    Are other people able to watch the Oceanic feed online? It stops every 3 seconds for me then skips ahead 2 or 3 points.

  21. jmy:

    UH being out .370-.175 & being outblocked 7-2...won't win too many matches with those numbers...

  22. jmy:

    Tai hitting -.272...

  23. Warrior Dave:

    Getting killed on the right side no matter who's swinging. The block is set up.

  24. Ashley:

    21. I think the season is over for Hawaii. It's either BYU is stinking good, or we are just stinking bad. everytime i look up we get blocked. Whoever said defensively BYU isn't as good as Idaho State, was wrong. They look better defensively.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    really ugly. 19-10 BYU

  26. Brandon:

    What the score

  27. Warrior Dave:

    Sarah having trouble in the back row.

  28. jmy:

    It's not over yet...but it'll take a heck of a lot of work to come back...

  29. Kazu:

    Looks like Wahine playing their second set just like they did in last nights second set.Not going well for them.

  30. Cindy Luis:

    think a little too late. UH closes to 23-16. TO BYU

  31. Brandon:

    What's the score now?

  32. jmy:

    UH getting outplayed in every phase of the game except digs...

  33. Warrior Dave:

    I think this second set is worst than last night. Higgins did a great job subbing in for Mita. The future looks good at setter.

  34. Cindy Luis:

    BYU wins 25-17. only hope is to go 5

  35. Maverick:

    24. I was wondering when the defeatist attitude would appear.

  36. Warrior Dave:

    Such a big hole to come back in that set. They need to come back out refocused. Props to BYU as the came to play after playing 5 sets last night.

  37. Pete Jek:

    Gut-check time.

  38. jmy:

    Let's see if UH learned anything from their mid-season slump...

  39. Andrew:

    A big hole, but it's been done before. hopefully that locker room talk helped as much as it did last night.

  40. 808BV:

    aw man!! I just woke up (napped through the first two sets), hopefully wahine will too....

  41. Warrior Dave:

    Volleyball Gods are with BYU right now.

  42. jmy:

    Are people starting to leave the arena yet?

  43. Andrew:


    Seriously. Even the ball is bouncing their way

  44. Warrior Dave:

    Wow BYU is playing extremely well. Shoni has to make a decision about Tai. Rough night.

  45. Cindy Luis:

    42. no.

  46. Cindy Luis:

    BYU up 12-6. TO UH

  47. Zig:

    I can't believe I watched this entire season of volleyball only to be screwed by oceanic's awful stream of this match. Where's Big West TV when you need it?

  48. jmy:

    47. Believe me, unless you're rooting for BYU, you're not missing much...

  49. Warrior Dave:

    Major PROPS to Ben Jay. He's going nuts trying to make the crowd stand and cheer.

  50. Kazu:

    Its over,BYU can't do anything wrong.

  51. jmy:

    Sad...a team with seven seniors should not be this inconsistent...

  52. Cindy Luis:

    Yep, a very bad night all the way around.

  53. Maverick:

    BYU was in the zone. Plain and simple.

  54. Warriorfan:

    They were slow and completely unprepared! What a lousy effort by players and coaches!

  55. Cindy Luis:


  56. jmy:

    54. Agree...I would like to see UH have the kind of offense that USD has, with 4-5 players getting about the same number of kills...Like them or not, their offense has been very well-distributed all season...

  57. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    Aloha au ia 'oe, Na Wahine!

  58. Warrior Dave:

    Wahine ran into a buzz saw tonight. Good luck in the tournament.

    Cindy, I was surprised most if the seniors went straight to the locker room. Bypassed the Aunties and the crowds ovation. I'm sure they are saddened by the loss but I wanted to applaud them more.

  59. Pete Jek:

    Oh well. I hope this embarrassing loss motivates Shoji to stay. More importantly, to coach & prepare his team better. They were outplayed in all facets of the game tonight. Worst loss at home in a long long time.

  60. Hot:

    Hawai'i just doesn't have the players to make it far. Vorster and Adolpho are at their best when they're not getting a lot of sets. When Uiato gives them the ball more, their hitting percentages drop. This sounds harsh, but Olevao is not the answer at any outside position. Nor was Kastl. I'm torn about Uiato. She is very good technically, but I don't know if her decision-making is flawed, or if she's just following the coaches' orders, or maybe her hitters just aren't good enough. The hope is UH gets transfers/recruits that are ready at this level. Hartong is a star and Longo never seemed to get tired. Bright spots next year are Taylor and Mendoza. I hope Higgins rises to the occasion.

  61. Kazu:

    51. Few years ago when they had seven Sr's a lot of people thought that it was the year,but if I remember right they got beat in Florida. Hope next years recruits can come in and help early on. Got to get some blockers next year. Happy Holidays to everyone until next season be well,and be safe.

  62. jmy:

    Blocking has been dismal all season...

  63. obachan:

    Same old story-Wahine do well in conference play but falter in the regionals when they meet teams with better overall talent. With all the tradition and fan support associated with Wahine volleyball, you would think Hawaii would at least keep pace in the recruiting wars but it seems to me that recruiting has never been Shoji's forte and the team hits the wall when facing teams with more than a few quality players. Not saying that UH doesn't have quality players (Longo, Uiato, Hartong) - just not enough. Am I way off-base here?

  64. Warriorfan:

    The problem is not lack of talent, byu did not outtalent hawaii they outperformed and followed a great game plan while the wahine did not even seem to have one.

    Longo and hartong are the only true losses however.

  65. 808BV:

    AWESOME YEAR WAHINE!!! junk match tonite, but i can't stay mad at BYU. They proved they were the better team tonite. BYU isn't top notch, but well rounded....sidebar.. BYUH is repping Hawaii for DivII!!!

  66. Hot:

    2002-2003, Hawaii had the weapons, but they were predictable. Besides, the level of talent then was better, IMHO. The entire USC and Stanford rosters (including the bench), Florida's extremely athletic women. It was a free-for-all. I think about those two years.

  67. jc:

    #54 Team played great defense. Once again one of shoji's pets comes up
    short in serious competition. Compare her performance against the BYU
    setter who was spot on to her hitters. I just hope next year Taylor Higgins
    will be do as Taylor does. That is if she becomes the next 'pet'.
    Kudos to the rest of the team for playing her hearts out, it was obvious.

  68. Hot:

    63. I just don't think people like Adolpho, Vorster and Olevao are the kind of players that will push Hawaii far in the postseason. I hope the newcomers next year are better, because if not, it's going to be a short season.

  69. jmy:

    What did Ryan Tsuji say about a former Wahine having lung cancer?

  70. jc:

    Moderate to your pleasure. No ill will to the setter. I've watched dave
    coach for years. He's a great at building a good team. To bad he lets his
    heart get the way.

  71. Warriorfan:

    The middles are fine , their sets tonight were terrible no offfense to Mita but she did not play well.
    Tai should not be on the floor period.
    But the talent is there afterall they beat texas, they just were not prepared for this BYU team and that is on the coaches .

  72. Cindy Luis:

    67.. caught the end of it. think he said it was Cia Goods. I'll have to get more info

  73. jmy:

    69. Prayers for her...

  74. Pete Jek:

    Maybe Hartong's departure and thus the absence of a dominant, go-to hitter, will be a blessing in disguise next year. Next season will be the first in a while that UH will not have the best hitter (player) in their conference & All-American candidate at the OH/OPP position. Nikki has the potential but is clearly not there yet. Offense will need to be quick & diverse out of necessity. Middles will have to improve significantly. And with Higgins at setter, they are capable of pulling it off. Equally important, or arguably more important, their passing, blocking, & back-row defense will need to be better to compensate for a less dominant offense. The latter should be Shoji's forte: scrappy, disciplined play that make it very hard for opponents to put the ball on the ground. I think the Wahine have lost that in the past few years following their Final Four Appearance with Cubi-Otineru, Kaaihue, and Danielson in the backrow.

  75. Tld:

    69- yeah that was Cia Goods, apparently it's very serious and she's fighting for her life. Like Howard says it helps put things in perspective that voleyball is just a game.

  76. Warriorfan:

    Three straight years of not making the sweet sixteen is just terrible.

  77. Alohilani:

    I blame Shoji. When he became the winningest coach, he made the speech and said he thinks his team can go far. One of the girls said to him talk about bachi. Seriously I agree with 60 - whether it's Willoughby, Kahumoku, Prince, Danielson, Hartong so on and so on, Hawaii doesn't have the talent to compete with some of the better teams. That is unfortunate since we have the most fans at any game.

  78. LanaiBoy:

    BYU just plain outplayed the Wahine tonight. Shoji said at the beginning of the year that blocking was average at best. It showed tonight. I have to conclude that Hawaii did not have the horses this year to really make a run in the tourney. Hartong wound up being the only reliable hitter, though Nikki Taylor does show some promise, a hint of greatness. The Hawaii middles are good but not outstanding. Longo was great all year but Uiato just did not connect with Jade almost all year.

  79. Warriorfan:

    Wow wish the best for Cia. Hate to hear that.

  80. Mario:

    Agree with 63. Looks like Arizona did a better job against BYU last night making adjustments. We saw how BYU played and could have exploited that but Hawaii has never had plans. What really hurts was the sweep.

  81. PBnJz:

    It's always a sad nite when the season ends for our Wahine. I thank them for another wonderful season...despite the UPS and downs, there were many joyous moments. Best wishes to our seniors...they'll all be missed. I'm hoping next year will be something like 2004 when we thought we were in a rebuilding year and kicked some serious butt!

  82. Mario:

    Correction, i mean 64

  83. PBnJz:

    Also, please keep voting for Emily...i spent 2 ours at my office today logging into every available computer...i gave her over 35 result was she fell behind another .2! I remember last year someone thought it was rigged...hope that's not the case...I'll try to do the same Sun & Mon! (wish I'd started doing it sooner!)

  84. Cindy Luis:

    80 UH had a plan. BYU had the better one.
    81. there were some pretty great moments this season but tonight was pretty bad.
    Have a good night all.

  85. Tiki808:

    76. That means ready to retire for Dave Shoji. Who will take his place as the head coach? Interim head coaches? They mentioned someone like Tita Ahuna. But how far do you think the program might go with her? Probably nowhere! Sorry Hawaii lost tonight against BYU.

  86. steve:

    hawaii just does not get enough or any players like Alexa Gray or Bailey Webster who are game changers. Manu Olevau and Niki Taylor are not.

    The last time he had one he went to the finals with Kim Willoughby and won in 1987 with Tee Williams and in 1982-83 with Dietre Collins.

    Me thinks he has to ride a lot harder on his recruiting horse.

    That first win against texas was a fluke and texas knew it.

  87. Andrew:

    I think people gotta realize that although UH is such a tradition rich volleyball program and has the great attendance, fans, etc. , its still a huge uphill battle recruiting enough of the "big time" players to come here to play. Schools with the money like USC, UCLA, Stanford, Penn state, etc have the money from football, tv deals , and boosters to get the facilities and recruiting budgets that really attract recruits. I think Dave has done a great job considering what he's up against. You could really see the swing in the talent and winning going towards the BCS schools once the money really started to pour in and having much more disparity in football.

  88. Warriorfan:

    86. What makes you so sure that this loss against BYU wasn't a fluke??
    I've seen BYU before they don't usually play like that.

  89. steve:

    BYU would beat UH 8 or 9 times out of 10 as would Texas if they played at this time.

  90. PurpleMaple:

    Teams improve over the course of the season, but the Wahine did not. They actually seemed to regress. Still, it was a good season. Kudos to BYU.

  91. Kazu:

    83. Don't see any movement in favor of EM in the voting. In fact she is down 3 now. Tomorrow is the last day so I guess I get to vote one more time.

  92. hollycow:

    91. Kazu. Hoping the committee corrects the cheating numbers from the Florida people. They are simply using the same computer, deleting history and constantly voting hours on end.