Hawaii 3, Idaho State 1

December 6th, 2013

will update with set scores but have to write the BYU-ASU match first

UH starters the same as has been

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  1. Warrior Dave:

    Let's Go Wahine!!!!!

  2. Don:

    I think the crowd noise is getting to Idaho St...TO UH up 11-6..

  3. Warrior Dave:

    Emily is on fire!!! Serving excellent and getting high on her slams.

  4. Don:

    Idaho St. has no answer...TO #2 UH 16-8...

  5. Warrior Dave:

    Give the Wahine credit, they are very focused. Great distribution by Mita.

  6. Warrior Dave:

    I think Emily ripped off 6-7 serves during her run.

  7. Warrior Dave:

    TO Wahine. 20-14 but Idaho in a mini run.

  8. Warrior Dave:

    Wahine take set 1 25-16.

    Wahine serving tough, roofing on getting hands on balls. Crowd is loud and may be intimidating the Vandels.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    UH wins 25-16. Hartong 4-0-5, Adolpho 3-1-4. UH 3-1 edge in blocks. 6 aces in Set 1.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Uh a little sloppy in Set 2. down 12-9. TO UH

  11. Warriorfan:

    wahine looking sloppy in set 2.

  12. Warrior Dave:

    Bengals on another mini run. TO Wahine losing 9-12.

  13. Warriorfan:

    Come on wahine, this is embarrassing.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    ISU on a bit of a run. it's 16-10. TO UH

  15. Kazu:

    Whats with the Wahine. Are they falling back to their old ways, or what.

  16. Beauston:

    Any ball that drops on within Wahine's 3ft line just dies.

  17. Beauston:

    Too much adrenaline, they're too jumpy

  18. Beauston:

    Middles common

  19. Warriorfan:

    Wahine look slow and defense is abysmal.

  20. Beauston:

    What happenned to our middles?

  21. Beauston:

    Little too late

  22. Warriorfan:

    OK that point right that should never happen in post season, what is up with this team.

  23. Ashley:

    is it just me, or does the crowd seem dead? cause watching on tv the crowd seems gone.

  24. jmy:

    Play like this tomorrow & it may be a short night for UH...

  25. Warriorfan:

    Jeez Nikki with all these silly errors, she needs to calm down.

  26. Cindy Luis:

    UH loses Set 2 25-19

  27. Ki Mo:

    Utah St. wins.... according to Jim Leahey. LOL!

  28. Andrew:

    24. Jmy

    Keep playing like that tonight and there will be no tomorrow

  29. Warrior Dave:

    That was a terrible set by the Wahine. Everyone played terrible. Passing is a problem and the sets are so tight or reaults in a overpass.

  30. jmy:

    28. True...

  31. Beauston:

    Taylor needs to come down and Uiato needs to find Adolpho, she's getting hot hitting .556 with only 1 error.

  32. Warrior Dave:

    The focus from set one was totally lost in second set.

  33. Beauston:

    31 sorry calm down

  34. 808BV:

    AHH!!....Wahine will take in 4!.. Just like regular season matches.

  35. Warriorfan:

    They looked as bad as they did against UCSB that set, wake up wahine!! play your game stop playing down to the opponent.

  36. Warrior Dave:

    Even the slip to Kalei wasn't working in the second set.

  37. Kazu:

    20, Middles trying to find their way. Feeling like their going to 5 unless they pick it up.
    25. If they countinue to play like the 2nd set there may be no tomorrow.

  38. Warriorfan:

    I wanted this to be a short match , come on wahine. the back row needs to pick it up, and set the middles more.

  39. Warrior Dave:

    Much better focus and concentration for the Wahine.

  40. Beauston:

    Heck they woke up. Taylor still need to calm down. Smoke coming out of her ears with all of its eagerness and excitement.

  41. Warriorfan:

    Nkki maybe struggling hitting but her serve sure is effective.

  42. Warriorfan:

    Okay those silly mistakes and non communication will not fly in the next rounds.

  43. Beauston:

    What is up with these jousts?????

  44. Beauston:

    They need to give Adolpho room to swing, everyone camping out front by the 3 meter line.

  45. Warriorfan:

    43. that stocky setter seems to be really strong?? the wahine may win this , but they should not be happy with their performance.

  46. Warriorfan:

    Great solo Mita, we need some of those on Gray!!

  47. Cindy Luis:

    Hawaii wins 25-12

  48. Tld:

    That's been the problem with this team, when they're on they look great, but they have that irritating tendency to lose concentration and play several loose points in a row.

  49. Warrior Dave:

    Need to keep it going Wahine!!! End it in 4!!!

  50. Beauston:

    Ok now just close it up. Superb job Wahine on the 3rd set!

  51. Beauston:

    Hawaii hit .467 in 3rd set. That's huge

  52. Beauston:

    Credit to Vorster for imposing a decent block up front

  53. Warrior Dave:

    #52 spot on.

  54. Beauston:

    Nikki Taylor and Vorster has 4 BA each.

  55. Warrior Dave:

    BYU will be a tough test tomorrow night.

  56. Warrior Dave:

    8238 tickets issued. Need a sell out tomorrow night.

  57. Beauston:

    I'd like to see Kalei and Olevao get double digit kills

  58. Beauston:

    55 if Wahine play like they did set 1 and 3 they should be fine

  59. Warriorfan:

    Glad they stepped it up, Now BEAT BYU.

  60. Beauston:

    So set 2?

  61. Warriorfan:

    I think since it's BYU it will be close to a sell out.

  62. Beauston:

    Happy for Vorster ended up playing .500 hitting % with 5 BA

  63. 808BV:

    Make sense now, as to why the SCC crowd seemed too quiet. They weren't able to be revved up....Oh well. Tomorrow will be a thriller game....just hope hawaii won't give up easily on the BYU block.

  64. Pete Jek:

    With all due respect to Idaho St., they had no business taking a set from Hawaii in the game. Differential in talent across the net was considerable. Despite the "easy" win, the Wahine committed too many unforced errors, were clumsy with pass-receive, and often indecisive at the net with both blocking and jousting. UH will most definitely NOT win tomorrow if they played the way they did at times in the game tonight. That said, there are never any guarantees in sports so am glad they pulled out the victory tonight.

  65. Pete Jek:

    There wasn't much offense and long rallies were few and far between. But i liked the way Hawaii really forced the Bengals to defend pin-to-pin. And their success with quick hits and step-out's from the middles made life much easier for Hartong. After a quiet first set, Hartong went hot and never cooled down. Idaho St. couldn't even stop her with 2 blockers at the net.

  66. Grammy:

    Killer instinct is what is missing. The Wahine play in some rotations with ease and score points then rotate and become tentative and give points back. The Seniors on their final go round have the burning desire to go out with a bang and play like it. The team has played at times with reckless abandonment scoring points in bunches (set one and three for instance) then just when the house gets at ease, they allow teams that they are obviously have more talent than back in. Like when you play against your little cousins and sisters, you don't finish them off and gloat about it, but let them play and just 'enjoy' it with them. Well, that is okay in round one so far, but in round two, three and four the competition will be less and less 'forgiving'. Ali has been saying it in interviews for two years, she hates to lose (and) plays like it. Em too. The rest of team will have to find the fire in the belly and rise up and as a team keep the pressure on from beginning to end or have one more season of unfullfilled goals. Just my thoughts. They can win, but lose too easily. And while I will always cheer and support them 100%, I will always wonder why they underperformed at key times, too. I love this team and program and always will and I'm totally frustrated when they handle teams so easily then go out and get 'handled' just as easily for no apparent reason. Go Wahine! Play your game and you will win, play mind games and you may struggle. You're better than that and have shown it time and time again this year. Find your internal 'killer' and don't just go through the motions and play survival games it won't get you through to the final goal in the tournament and it will get disappointment and frustration that will last a life time. The saying is 'leave it all on the court' or play like there is no tomorrow. Win or lose, have no regrets its only 50% in your power but from here on the stakes only get bigger. Go! Go! Go! Wahine!

  67. OrbitalRipZ:

    So far the Volleyball [Selection] Committee did its job. Seeds are expected to move on to Round 2 -- and are usually given opponents who are dead on arrival -- and all but 1 did(ACC's Florida St over SEC's Florida [Seed 5]).

    Round 2 gets more interesting. All 16 seeds are expected to move on to the quarterfinals (aka Sweet 16) but Round 2 -- while it may not reveal which seeds are deserving of their seed -- will reveal which seeds are not the chosen ones. Foresight (game on!) versus hindsight (game pau!), and while we all have hindsight (the ubiquitous "I told you so" crowd), it is time for those with foresight to make their calls now!

  68. Tiki808:

    Hawaii will have to get past BYU to make it out of this sub regional. Tonight's game is a must win situation. Hawai'i may lack some power and so uncertainty on how far they can go. Luck plays a big role in their chances of 5 NCAA Women's Championship title.

  69. Tiki808:

    Hawai'i is a national contender because they go national. Keep it this way and Hawai'i will have a win. Sorry to be cutting out all the other small players from Hawai'i. They will need to go national to win. Hartong must carry the load to win this 1. I meant a national champion title. That is the way most people felt, however skeptical they may have been. One note I'd like to point out.