BYU 3, ASU 2

December 6th, 2013

ASU wins Set 1 25-21. BYU with 5 blocks. ASU hit .324.

31 Responses to “BYU 3, ASU 2”

  1. Cindy Luis:

    BYU wins Set 2 25-22

  2. Volleyball fan:

    Meanwhile UCSD beat UCSB 26-24 in set 1. Set 2 starts now. The broadcast quality is so much better than that of Hawaii, no buffering. I can't understand why Hawaii's broadcast has so much buffering. The picture is sharp here at San Diego so that's not a reason that we have higher definition.

  3. Warriorfan:

    Again I don't get complaints about Ocsports online stream, it's crystal clear for me and no buffering at all. I am guessing it's your just internet connection.

  4. Warriorfan:

    Geez Northridge is getting absolutely hammered by USC.

  5. Warriorfan:

    Okay Mita will have a tough matchup blocking wise whoever UH plays tomorrow, with Gray or Gardner.

  6. Kazu:

    UCSB not doing well a SD either. Nice pic though.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    2. it's USD not UCSD which is a DII team that BYUH swept tonight in the DII West Regional

  8. Warriorfan:

    The dink queens kind of blew it in that first set, and then got dominated in set 2.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    BYU wins Set 3 25-17

  10. Warriorfan:

    BYU taking control, but I think their back row play is questionable, I would try to serve Gray every time she is in there.

  11. Volleyball fan:

    7. Sorry about the error. I know I get confused between the Torreros and the Tritons.

    Meanwhile I checked the Northridge stats against USC and the one thing that stood out was that Northridge did not get a single block or ace in the entire match! Three USC hitters had no hitting errors. Northridge simply got blitzed!

  12. Warriorfan:

    I think ASU is done, they are making too many errors.

  13. 808BV:

    Poor ASU. They just can't seem to get past BYU's block. Hope the wahine are taking notes! ;)

  14. Cindy Luis:

    Wahine not watching the match. coaches are scouting. they will worry about it tomorrow

  15. Warriorfan:

    ASU's setter going outside, outside and outside. If Mita isn't that predictable the wahine should be okay.

  16. Warriorfan:

    UCSB unsurprisingly getting blown away by USD now.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    ASU holds off 2 match points, wins Set 4 26-24

  18. Warriorfan:

    Wow nice comeback by ASU, whoever wins the 5th, I like the wahine's chances if they serve tough both these teams have major passing issues.

  19. Volleyball fan:

    12. Wariorfan, ASU proved you wrong at least for this set. They came back from the almost dead and stole this set.

    I guess I'll have to get up real early in the morning to watch the Hawaii-Idaho State match since that's the only time there's no buffering. Tonight's match will start very late and might end late, too.

  20. Warriorfan:

    Gardner reminds me of Hawaii commit Mckenna Granato, same powerful armswing, not the biggest hops. I hope Granato turns out like her.

  21. Warriorfan:

    Too many errors for ASU.

  22. Volleyball fan:

    21. Too bad I couldn't see half the match due to buffering. So I didn't see the errors. You are right about the fifth set. Arizona fell behind too far here.

  23. Cindy Luis:

    BYU wins Set 5 15-10

  24. Warriorfan:

    OK BYU it is. BEAT BYU!!!

  25. Warriorfan:

    I hope we see Nikki or tai blocking Gray instead of Mita.

  26. da kine:

    Wahine were watching the first couple of sets and some of them eating chicken strips and fries. Haha. They were sitting above me. Anyone know what's up with the extra wrap on Hartong's right leg?

  27. 808BV:

    Last BW Champs standing!! LETS GO BOWS!!!!!:)

  28. ran:

    If the Wahine or When the Wahine win tonight, are they going to have a light practice tomorrow? if so, do you know when?

  29. Warrior Dave:

    Lots of empty seats but parking is full. Wonder how many just went home? Missing a good match.

  30. ifo manoa:

    for a team who is not supposed to play well away from home, buy is scary. big, can block, dig, and a lot of fire power….

  31. Cindy Luis:

    All 5 of BYU's losses came on the road. 4 losses were in five sets
    2 in the opening tournament at Bowling Green 3-1 to Creighton, 3-2 to Bowling Green
    vs. Oklahoma 3-2 at Fresno
    3-2 at St. Mary's
    3-1 at Santa Clara
    3-2 at San Diego
    They were 11-0 at home, which is a very tough place to play
    3-2 at neutral sites. 9-4 away games