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OC sports to televise subregional

December 5th, 2013

OCsports has won the bid to host rounds one and two of the NCAA Tournament at the Stan Sheriff Center. Both matches on Friday will be televised, and streamed on ocsports.tv. Saturday's match will be broadcast only if Hawaii advances to the second round.

53 Responses to “OC sports to televise subregional”

  1. Hot:

    Wow LC surely loves to dig up the drama. Who cares if Shoji, Hartong and Longo looked disinterested/tired. They answered the questions respectfully and even elaborated on their answers. Sorry they couldn't put on fake smiles and a put-on chipper attitude for you. IMHO, Longo didn't look disinterested/tired. She was smiling.

  2. LC:

    Hot, obviously a lot of people care it has been the talk of the town today.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    51. Agree.
    52. not sure what town you're living in.