Happy birthday to Dave Shoji, Jim Leahey

December 4th, 2013

Dave born in 1946.

not sure when Leahey, my distant cousin, was born

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  1. nana kokolele:

    Happy Birthday Dave!!

    Please consider having EM do a stand float serve every now and then to reserve her energy. To me a float serve can be as effective more than a hard jump serve. I like to do a jump float serve which is unpredictable.

  2. Beauston:

    Happy Bday Coach!

    Cindy any interview from Shoji regarding upcoming game against Idaho State?
    I remember last year, there were some including a video of the girls practicing...

  3. Cindy Luis:

    Ann will be at practice today. There is a press conference tomorrow which I will attend.
    we didn't shoot video. Think UH did.

  4. roofer68:

    Happy Birthday Dave! And also to Jim Leahey, I'm right behind you next weekend.

  5. Beauston:

    Thanks Cindy!

    Happy Bday to Roofer and Leahey as well

  6. Grammy:

    Best Wishes this weekend and Happy Birthday, Coach Dave! I give thanks to you everyday for what you've done with Wahine Volleyball. Sometimes its my 'whole life' and in the off-season something to be highly anticipated. Go Wahine!

  7. Kazu:

    That time of the year again coach. Have a great day,and hope the girls give you a terrific gift this weekend.
    Go Bows.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    1 Hartong has gone to the standing float on occasion. She did a lot at the UCSB game last month, which you didn't get to see but I did.
    Exactly for the same reasons you mention.

  9. Ron:

    Happy Birthday, roofer, your still young at heart! Emily seems to be more rested going into the post season than say Kanani was. This team seems to have more energy than usual and seem to be peaking at the right time.

  10. Tiki808:

    I hope they win on Friday. Congrats!

  11. LC:

    Isn't Idaho State here Brittany Hewitt is working on her masters ?

  12. LC:

    OMG I just remembered that my birthday is tomorrow.

  13. LC:

    Around 9:30 this morning Ferd Lewis tweeted that over 5,000 two day packages had been sold,obviously most of those packages were for more than one person so what that translates to in terms of number of tickets is unknown.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    11. yes, in speech pathology

  15. LC:

    I watched some film of Idaho State today and I hope the fans don't think that this one will be some kind of a cake walk.

    It could be interesting depending on how well they handle the trip,large crowd and the pressure of being in the tournament.

  16. hollycow:

    15. Happy birthday LC, JL, Dave and roofer! Some fans may but Dave and team NaWahine aren't at all, viewing the video from Hawaii Athletics.

  17. po'okela:

    idaho state is pretty bad... which video have you watched?

  18. roofer68:

    Thank you very much Beauston, Ron and hollycow. Yes, got to keep our hearts young!
    Cindy, Jim was born 1942, St Louis class of 1960 I believe, my school rivals in the old ILH.

  19. Beauston:

    15 ISU team reminds me of Fullerton. They loss to a below average UCI, the only quality opponent they faced all season was Missouri who swept them. As long as the Wahine minimize their hitting errors, they will be fine. I'm a little more worried against ASU who also won against Texas.

  20. Warriorfan:

    Asu has not looked that good lately.I saw that texas match, Texas was out of sorts like UH was against UCSB. Texas basically gave it away.

  21. Kazu:

    Wahine needs to focus on Friday nights match, and not think past.

  22. vee:

    Wahine need to focus on Friday and Saturday matches. UH Athletic Dept, or whoever is has the responsibility , needs to have a Plan for letting fans, travel agents know who/how to get tickets for the Final Four in the section set aside for UH should/when they make it through to Seattle. The Wahine deserve to have their rooting section to cheer them at the Big Game.

    Fans are ready to go. UH Athletic Dept needs to help fans get into that UH section.

    I still remember Tampa. Fans scattered throughout the arena would have made an awfully full and loud rooting section for the team. But, sadly, the section assigned to UH was empty. Not good.

    Please Mr. Jay have the person in charge have a plan. Thank you. I'm packed and ready to go.

  23. HanaBrada:

    J Leahy was born 1943, class of 1961 St. Louis HS.
    Good luck Na Wahine. Play hard, play tough, play smart, execute and play relentlessly, FROM THE START!! Have no mercy!

  24. setaone:

    13. Think Ferd meant 5000 packages (as in Friday and Saturday tickets) sold. Not 5000 transactions.

  25. setaone:

    Right now all you can buy are packages and not individual game tickets.

  26. Cubicle1126:

    happy birthday coach!

  27. OrbitalRipZ:

    A Happy Natal Day to Coach Shoji (a little older than my Dad). Which leads me to the following:

    1. I recall Ann Miller reporting that Coach thought the NCAA Volleyball [Selection] Committee would take the UH's week-that-was conf. losses in either of 2 ways. One, it would show how strong the top-tier of the Big West is and that 3 conf. teams being in the postseason tournament would be a justification of this reality. Or two, it would show how weak the Wahine is. Now we know which reality the Vball Committee accepted.

    2. I read most of the initial posts regarding why UH was seeded, but none mentioned the following -- probably because it's implausible. The Vball Committee knows that Coach will retire either at the end of this season or the next. Thus, the Committee decided to give him his Aloha Ball now: a seed and thus an automatic host. Doesn't mean it's a cakewalk but the seed does give Team Shoji a doable crack at the Final Four -- perhaps their best chance since the Willoughby-Kahamoku-Kamana‘o combo. Too funny thought, so hope no one takes this seriously.

  28. po'okela:

    I doubt they do favors unless your team is hosting a regional.

  29. setaone:


    Don't really think that Dave Shoji is on their radar as well.

  30. Volleyball fan:

    Happy birthdays to Shoji and Leahey. Like Grammy, volleyball is one of the great joys of my life (hence I call myself volleyball fan) and it's the only sport I watch online. I really miss it when the season is over so I'm grateful we have men's volleyball as well even though women's volleyball is more exciting and more winning here.

    As for reaching the Final Four, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Washington Huskies will play their hearts out to host the Final Four on their own home court. All our players would have to play an A game to defeat them, not to mention USC as well. Let's just make it out of this subregional and then worry about the next game. Good luck this weekend.

  31. Cindy Luis:

    26. agree with 28. doubt they look at any coach's situation when seeding. personally i think this regional is the toughest out there.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    24. yes, you can only buy packages now. Friday is when individual tickets go on sale. That was the info given out Sunday.

  33. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    With Emily and the Florida player so close in the SCA fan voting, could the SSC announcer broadcast before, during, and after the Idaho match the voting URL so that those in attendance could vote at that moment? Since mobile device and home computer voting are separate votes, that could give Emily the last push she needs.

  34. Cindy Luis:

    Don't know if that would be allowed now that it is the NCAA tournament. It has been mentioned before on the JumboTron during previous home matches.
    Fan voting is only part of the equation. there are other factors and factions that determine the winner.

  35. Genotamayo:

    Got mine tickets

  36. Warriorfan:

    UCLA won a championship two years ago after a twenty year drought, and then Texas the same last year , NOW its UH's turn!!!

  37. roofer68:

    23. HanaBrada. Thanks.

  38. mei mei:

    36. was thinking the same thing... tide turning ? Sure hope so!!

  39. LC:

    Tournament underway,lots of complaints about live video streams and of course we all know how wonderful GameTracker is.

    Any word on TV yet ?

  40. Cindy Luis:

    TV ... haven't heard officially
    will be at UH press conference later today.
    when i know, so will you folks

  41. LC:

    LOL we'll probably know before you Cindy seems like the fans are the only ones on top of things the majority of the time. :-)

  42. Brandon:

    Wait so the matches might not be on tv?? I really hope it is!!!

  43. sharene:

    I think a local broadcast would depend on how ticket sales are going...so I think it will be broadcast :D

  44. Cindy Luis:

    of course they will be on TV
    41. Whatever

  45. Cindy Luis:

    TV details to be announced at 5 p.m. per NCAA's 24 hour rule

  46. pacesetterhawaii:

    22 I am with you. My friend and I will be going to the Final 4 if the Na Wahine is one of the 4 teams. Like last year, I was disgusted when UH was not a subregional host that I went to Seattle and watched them nearly defeat the Huskies. That was a close call.
    33 That's a good idea. Hey guys, let's rally behind Emily and help her get the reward!!

  47. Grammy:

    41. Cindy's got a life, too, and I'm sure she is "on top of things". Cindy, some seem to think they're better but you have the responsibility to report and check facts/statements and they don't they just rant and rave and pass out compliments to each other as if it matters. You have always done a top job and run the bestest of blogs with the patience of Job. Keep on, keeping on, Girl! Go Wahine!

  48. Otto:

    Don't forget, NCAA rule - no beer. Also no free program, need to buy... another NCAA rule (since they get the merchanidise money)..