Volley Shots

UH seeded No. 11, hosting Friday-Saturday

December 1st, 2013

Wahine very happy. Erupted into cheers and hugs all around

Seeded 11 overall, in the USC regional

play Idaho State Friday's second match.

BYU and Arizona State in the opener

33 Responses to “UH seeded No. 11, hosting Friday-Saturday”

  1. jimbo:

    Good Luck to the Wahine!
    Get your tickets and fill The Stanley!

  2. Volleyball fan:

    I'm so glad that the other Arizona team is sent here, not the one with Jane Croson in it as I had feared earlier. The downside is that if the team makes it to the Sweet 16, USC and Washington will probably stand in the way of making to the Final Four, USC on its home court and Washington wanting to host the national championship on its own home court. I checked the bracket already. It will be an uphill battle for sure.

  3. Maverick:

    2. When you get to the sweet 16, elite 8, you are going to face tough teams. There are no gimmes anymore, per Shoji. That being said, Hawaii can beat both if it plays a diversified offense.

  4. po'okela:

    the tv said it was thursday friday

  5. jake:

    wow... what a relief. getting BYU in the second round is no gimme if they win their draw. (saw them sweep USD 3-0 and it was'nt pretty).
    Interesting first round: USD is seeded but draws Santa Barbara for its first match..... wow.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    4. TV is wrong
    First rounds can start either Thursday or Friday
    Which is what helped UH's bid, being able to host Friday-Saturday with no football game Saturday

  7. Cindy Luis:

    TV also said no one wins in Gregory gym (UH did) and that Texas has won 3 NCAA titles. they won 2 plus the watered down 1980 AIAW title when most schools had moved to the NCAA

  8. Maverick:

    per the ncaa website showing the bracket, UH plays fri-sat. says asu-byu plays thursday, but i think it is an error as second round is on the 7th, sat.

  9. Warriorfan:

    BYU is tough in provo, on the road not so much.

  10. Maverick:

    it would be interesting if uh and asu played in the second round...the only two teams to beat texas this year

  11. Tld:

    BYU is tough at home, on the road they can be very average. I wouldn't be surprised if ASU beats them.

  12. jake:

    9/11. praying you're correct. believe they did lose to santa clara and USD (in 5) in the conf title match.

  13. Maverick:

    Idaho St.'s claim to fame this year, besides winning its conference, was losing to Missouri. Otherwise, an unimpressive resume.

  14. jmy:

    SEC with eight teams? What a joke...

  15. Warriorfan:

    The NCAA is really trying hard to make the SEC happen, giving MO or FL an easy route to the final four. It's not happening.

  16. jmy:

    I think UH-Idaho St. should be the first match on Fri...that BYU-ASU match could go very long...

  17. jmy:

    ...and Illinois gets a seed, CSU doesn't...but Illinois got beat up in the Big Ten, so I guess they deserved a bone...

  18. jmy:

    CSU-CSUN could actually be interesting...CSUN came close to beating a few good teams...

  19. Brandon:

    Does anyone have a video of the WAHINE reaction?

  20. LC:

    19 Higgins has a short Vine video on twitter.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    16. the ncaa mandates that the host team plays second match

  22. Brandon:

    20. Do you know what her twitter is?

  23. Volleyball fan:

    Will the first match between ASU and BYU be shown as well? It would be fun to watch both online. I live too far away (Big Island) to attend in person.

  24. LC:


  25. Warriorfan:

    18. Plus Colorado State is over rated.
    The dink queens don't have a shot against San Diego so it's really up to Northridge to get two big west teams into the second round.

  26. Robin:

    Should the Wahine beat Idaho State, I would prefer seeing BYU, regardless if they are the better team. Guarantee sell out vs. BYU on a Saturday night...

  27. auntyz:

    To #8 - bracket times are Eastern standard time.

  28. 808BV:

    Does anyone know if oc16 will broadcast or ESPN?

  29. jake:

    i'm assuming OC16 wlll televise locally yes?

  30. Tiki808:

    I want to watch it live. Will you show it on streamline video or TV?

  31. Warriorfan:

    Im pretty sure it's a requirement by the ncaa to have live streaming available.

  32. Grammy:

    Yes! So far going our way. The way to elite 8 goes through UW and USC which seems fitting and do-able. Play each serve and point in focus and run your diversified offense. Em and seniors will be solid. Team will be ready and youngsters are all grown up now. Glad 3 from BW made it, too. Good for conference and next year and the years to come. Go Wahine!

  33. Robin:


    I am glad that UW is in the LA Regional with the Wahine. Eliminates any possibility of facing a home team in the Final Four. Should the Wahine make it to Seattle, would any other school have as many fans at Key Arena?