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Wahine 3, CSU Fullerton 0

November 30th, 2013

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93 Responses to “Wahine 3, CSU Fullerton 0”

  1. Maverick:

    irvine ties it at 22 against ucsb

  2. LanaiBoy:

    Didn't Dave Shoji say that he didn't care what the score was? The important thing was just to win against Cal Fullerton. Well he got his wish. Not always pretty but satisfactory.

  3. Warriorfan:

    49. Emily wrapped up POY this weekend

  4. Maverick:

    irvine ties it at 24

  5. Maverick:

    davis ties it at 23

  6. airinfall:

    53. Alluding to her killing two birds with one stone, she will also be POY.

  7. Volleyball fan:

    Now both matches are tied 24 a piece. Northridge fighting for its life. UCSB hoping to win this set and be ahead one set. Interesting juxtaposition over 400 miles apart indirectly affecting UH.

  8. Maverick:

    ucsb wins set 4

  9. Maverick:

    set 3

  10. airinfall:

    CSUN and Davis going to a 5th set.

  11. Warriorfan:

    Darn it, Irvine could have easily swept this instead have lost two close sets to the dink queens.

  12. Maverick:

    northridge wins set 4...going 5

  13. Volleyball fan:

    Northridge wins the fourth set in extended play to stay alive. UCSB wins third set in extended play for a 2-1 set advantage. Looks like Hawaii might just have to share the conference title with two other teams. But it's not over yet.

  14. airinfall:

    Davis is giving this 5th set to CSUN. Oh well...

  15. airinfall:

    UCSB up on UCI 10-6 in the 4th set.

  16. Volleyball fan:

    Northridge blasted away Davis in the fifth set 15-5. They just pounded kill after kill so effectively. UCSB is also way ahead in the fourth and last set. No way will Irvine catch up this late. So UH will share the conference title with UCSB and Northridge and of course UCSB will get the AQ.

  17. LanaiBoy:

    If UCSB wins out, the Big West may have three teams in the postseason. Northridge is on the bubble, but UCSB has the AQ and Hawaii has a good chance to be one of the 16 top-seeded teams.

  18. airinfall:

    61. It kills me every time, "dink queens" lol

  19. jmy:

    Anybody have info on the selection show?

  20. LC:

    AQ doesn't mean you get a good seed and UCSB's RPI will be in the 60's come Sunday.

  21. Volleyball fan:

    Good question jmy. I wanted to know where I can go online at 4:30 PM tomorrow to find out the 64 teams selected for post-season.

  22. LanaiBoy:

    69. It's to be broadcast on 4:30 p.m. Hawaii time on ESPNU tomorrow.

  23. airinfall:

    Sunday 12/01/2013 9:30 PM EST [4:30 PM HST]
    Selection Show Division I Women's Volleyball Selection Announcement (64 teams)

  24. LanaiBoy:

    Congratulations UCSB. It's on the NCAA tourney!

  25. LC:

    71) Selection show is also on ESPN 3 online

  26. Volleyball fan:

    It's officially over. The two underdogs tanked in the last set, probably ran out of gas. Great effort, however by both teams. So now we have just the NCAA Selection Show to look forward to and see how the three conference winners will fare.

  27. pacesetterhawaii:

    Hey guys, while you are still here, don't forget to vote for Emily. She needs all the support and is trailing that Florida girl.

  28. ifo manoa:

    fingers and toes crossed on making the top 16.

  29. mauna:

    Do they have a BW POW award for this weekend?
    Emily 36-4-76, hitting .421, 6.0 per set.

  30. Volleyball fan:

    LC, I checked espn3 online but no mention of NCAA Selection Show on this coming Sunday. Where did you get your information from? Please let me know. Hope you're still online. Otherwise, Cindy, maybe you can tell me. I don't have a TV.

  31. airinfall:

    80. ESPN3 is the same video feed online as ESPNU, which is espn.go.com/watchespn/

  32. Volleyball fan:

    77. I see that Emily Hartong is catching up. Our votes are counting indeed. Now she's behind only 0.1%. Hopefully more will vote tonight. When does voting close?

  33. Volleyball fan:

    81. Thanks for the info. I guess it will be on live news, not in the volleyball match list. That's why I didn't find it.

  34. Warriorfan:

    Whatever UCSB will get blasted by their first round opponent, probably USC.

  35. mauna:

    Nikki is the only OH hitting above .300 on both stats breakdown, in BW matches .315 3.14/set, season .301 2.71/set.

  36. mauna:

    82. Volleyball fan. Ends Dec 9 midnight Central time.

  37. LC:

    Hartong was ahead by as much as 3 % points this morning and like I said the Florida girls numbers increase at a rapid pace long after folks in Florida have gone to bed.

    Someone either on the West Coast or maybe in Hawai`i is playing a game .

  38. hollycow:

    87. LC. A friend calculated that 25 votes would have to be made to move the pct 0.1. Obviously they're cheating.

  39. Volleyball fan:

    hollycow, how can anyone cheat in the voting? You can register only once a day to vote unless you use several different computers with different IP addresses. Who would have access to so many computers on a weekend night? Libraries are closed everywhere. Friends?

  40. Volleyball fan:

    Last comment, #90 here. I just checked Senior Class Award website and at 9:40 PM our time, Emily Hartong is ahead again. Cheating can work both ways. I'm amazed at how quickly she jumped ahead in two hours, 0.3% (or estimated 75 votes). This is going to be a close race.

    Thanks Mauna (#86) for answering my question. So we have nine more days to vote for Emily Hartong. The race is on.

  41. hollycow:

    89. Volleyball fan. Clear your browsing history.

  42. WahineFan:

    @ 87

    The Fla. player's percentage was going up quite steadily throughout the day and surpassed Emily at aroung 5 p.m. Hawaii time. That means it was happening throughout the early to late evening on the east coast. Sounds right for votes coming from that area. But I agree there is obvious cheating because the numbers were going at a steady rate.

  43. It's Easy:

    89, 90 & 91

    Just use incognito mode on Chrome. Open as many windows as your RAM can handle.