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Wahine 3, UC Riverside 0 11-29

November 29th, 2013

Will try to update best I can. Am covering Wahine basketball which will be going on at the same time.

livestats and video available at go highlanders.com

If you are in Hawaii, radio at 1500-AM.

136 Responses to “Wahine 3, UC Riverside 0 11-29”

  1. airinfall:


  2. Warriorfan:

    A long beach choke job of course.

  3. airinfall:


  4. Andrew:

    I keep reloading the page for the next score update haha...so nervous

  5. setaone:

    16-14 BEACH!!!

  6. Mark:

    long beach won!!!!

  7. Warriorfan:

    Okay Hampton won it, co champions if UH takes care of business tomorrow, Hopefully Irvine will beat UCSB.

  8. Kauai Boy:

    Long Beach won!

  9. airinfall:

    Hawai'i needs to come with a convincing win tomorrow at CSUF

  10. Volleyball fan:

    Long Beach just won a tight fifth set 16-14, playing the role of spoilers. So if Hawaii and UCSB win tomorrow, they'll share the Big West title. It's a must-win for Hawaii tomorrow.

  11. setaone:

    So what are the situations? Can Hawaii win the AQ?

  12. kapakahi:

    Mahalo to THE BEACH!

  13. jmy:

    110. If UCSB loses tomorrow & UH wins...

  14. LC:

    I don't see UCI beating UCSB.

  15. airinfall:

    ...so the very scheming NCAA committee gives Hawai'i a decent seed.

  16. Brandon:

    110. the only way hawaii will get the AQ is if UCSB loses tomorrow and hawaii wins

  17. vbfan:

    The Long Beach win is of marginal help to Hawaii in the RPI considering that they beat Long Beach twice and UCSB only once.

  18. Volleyball fan:

    Answer to 111 setaone: Unlikely scenario has to happen where Irvine has to beat UCSB. More likely that Hawaii will beat Fullerton and share the Big West title with UCSB. So no, Hawaii will not get Automatic Qualifier, but rather At Large Bid.

  19. Volleyball fan:

    Volleyball fan to vbfan: It's not the RPI that's so important but pride of sharing the Big West title. More important is whom we might face next week.

  20. Brandon:

    118. Northridge as well will win the big west and share it, if they win out

  21. LC:

    As I understand it

    If both UCSB and UH win tomorrow they share the title but UH is the AQ because of tie breaker Rule 2

    If one or the other loses the winner takes the title outright and the AQ.

  22. hollycow:

    109. If all three win tomorrow a three way tie for the title BW Champs with UCSB the AQ.
    110. Yes if UCSB loses tomorrow and UH wins.

  23. Brandon:

    121. If they both win out UCSB gets the AQ. No matter what

  24. Andrew:

    So although they are co champions (considering they both win out) UCSB still gets the auto bid?

  25. Andrew:

    Oh ok nvm

  26. Warriorfan:

    I sense a UCSB choke job coming tomorrow, they don't really deserve a tourney bid anyway.

  27. Buds4life:

    Glad the NaWahine chances of winning the BWC is still alive. However commenting about NaWahine overtime loss to the CSU. I may be wrong but wasn't Harris sitting on the bench for most of the overtime. Why,Coach Beeman?

  28. Brandon:


    I hate to say this but I hope ucsb wins. I could care less about the AQ. As long as the wahine at least share the title. We WANT more big west teams in the tourney

  29. hollycow:

    At last, Irving played a really good match against UH here. Hit .178 to UH's .168 (?) even if UH swept. It was closer than people thought looking at the sweep final score.

  30. LC:

    UCI lost to Cal Poly tonight no way they will beat UCSB.

  31. Andrew:

    130. Agree very unlikely, but never know. They could just have an off night and may not respond well after the loss to LBSU. But yeah I agree with #128, another BW team in the tourney would be nice

  32. jimbo:

    I agree with LC. I thought it was discussed previously about the scenario for Hawaii to get the AQ and if Hawaii wins tomorrow it all plays out to that scenario. Hawaii and UCSB share, but Hawaii gets the tie breaker. What changed?

  33. hollycow:

    Irvine lost in 5, 5th in 17-15 so don't count them out. Their blocking continues to be good, as was against UH, so you never know.

  34. Grammy:

    What is under the Wahine control is their game tomorrow. Win it and they will share title and move on to NCAA. That is better than going out with a loss even if they will go to NCAA. This team has pride and purpose and I know will be playing focused and ready tomorrow. Go Wahine! Hope title will factor into getting to host, too.

  35. mauna:

    133. You're right Grammy, win tomorrow and share the BW title. Another excuse out the window for the NCAA not seeding UH.

  36. ifo manoa:

    wahine may miss out on a seed, they're unofficially now 14 (per poster in volley talk)

    see unmodified link at this site: ohiomcginn.dyndns-at-home.com/ncaastats/volleyball-rpi.cgi#