Wahine 3, UC Riverside 0 11-29

November 29th, 2013

Will try to update best I can. Am covering Wahine basketball which will be going on at the same time.

livestats and video available at go highlanders.com

If you are in Hawaii, radio at 1500-AM.

136 Responses to “Wahine 3, UC Riverside 0 11-29”

  1. roofer68:

    A little help, Arizona wins 3-1 over ASU. Croson kills the winner, thank you Jane!

  2. vballfreak808:

    Its going to be heard to follow this match and UCSB vs. Long Beach State

  3. setaone:

    is streaming working for anyone?

  4. rayson:

    Not working for me.

  5. LC:

    Big West TV not working yet

  6. airinfall:

    stat tracker isn't updating either

  7. Maverick:

    Riverside leading 5-1 in first set, per stat tracker.
    Wichita St. leading Illinois St. 2 sets to 1, but trailing in set 4

  8. airinfall:

    LBSU up on UCSB 12-7. The Beach executing well, with Okpala contributing in the middle. UCSB passing horribly.

  9. Maverick:

    hawaii ties riverside 5 all

  10. airinfall:

    16-9 Beach

  11. Maverick:

    streaming is now on for hawaii match

  12. LC:

    It keeps telling me to turn off my Ad Block,I don't have Ad Block .

  13. Maverick:

    spoke too soon

  14. Maverick:

    12. same here...issue with transmission, not us

  15. LC:

    They sure can be embarrassing at times.This is a team of midgets who have only won 6 sets this year.

  16. airinfall:

    22-14 Beach. Beach with 6 Blocks.

  17. airinfall:

    Set 1-BEACH.

  18. airinfall:

    The stream is lagging and can't update to real time on the Hawai'i-UCR match.

  19. Maverick:

    hawaii up 19-13
    wichita st. going 5

  20. LC:

    I read a study yesterday that claims turkey can make you feel tired and snuggest for days

  21. Brandon:

    Let's go beach and let's go bows!

  22. Maverick:

    hawaii up 23-15

  23. Maverick:

    hawaii wins set 1 25-18

  24. LC:

    Hartong says get out of my way and let me handle this. :-)

  25. airinfall:

    UCSB 11-6 in Set 2.

  26. BabyMarleyShojaw:

    Lets go Bows.... Lets go Beach....

  27. Maverick:

    hartong, oleavo and vorster all hitting at least .400. Adolpho continues to struggle at .143

  28. airinfall:

    Are the stats correct, Hartong with 8 kills!?

  29. LC:

    Live Stats are off also Set 1 as 25-20 UH,Hartong 8 kills.

  30. Volleyball fan:

    Long Beach won first set against UCSB. In the second set UCSB is way ahead. Looks like UCSB will tie the match at one set apiece.

  31. LC:

    Beach taking a siesta in set 2

  32. BabyMarleyShojaw:

    Set 1

    Taylor 3 kills (.111%) and 1 Dig
    Vorster 3 kills (.400%)
    Manu-Olevao 2 kills (.400%)
    Uiato 15 assits
    Hartong 8 kills (.389%) and 2 digs

  33. BabyMarleyShojaw:

    SET 2: UCSB (17) and LB (11)

  34. Cindy Luis:

    Hawaii wins Set 1 25-20. Let's put it this way, Wahine volleyball has scored more points than basketball at the moment. Basketball leading Colorado State 17-14 with 3:46 left in the first. this is an ugly game.

  35. LC:

    The video quality is really terrible anyway.

  36. Maverick:

    More help for UH RPI...wichita state won in 5

  37. LC:

    We should be skunking UCR .

  38. Maverick:

    UCSB up 18-14 in set 2 over LBSU

  39. airinfall:

    Beach 4-0 run. UCSB 18-14

  40. BabyMarleyShojaw:

    SET 2: UCSB (18) and LB (14)

    UH (12) and UC RIVERSIDE (6)

  41. airinfall:

    Match tied between Beach-UCSB

  42. Volleyball fan:

    Like I figured, UCSB won the second set with two aces in a row at the end. Back to watching UH vs. Riverside.

  43. Brandon:

    Is the long beach state match on oceanic time warner cable basic or is it a paid channel?

  44. Maverick:

    Ginger long with another service error....streaming now working for me

  45. Maverick:

    lbsu on espn3

  46. LC:

    Wahine take set 2 25-15

  47. setaone:

    Looks like Mendoza is playing great defense.

  48. LC:

    For a 6 pack of Keystone Light you could probably get The Beach to throw the match.

  49. Cindy Luis:

    wahine win Set 2 25-15

  50. airinfall:

    BEACH 11-9 Set 3

  51. hollycow:

    Don't hold your breath with the Beach, they just can't finish their matches after leading and only needing one more set to win.

  52. Volleyball fan:

    Third set with the beach too close to call. You might be right hollycow.

  53. setaone:

    Uiato needs to get the ball to Vorster and Manu-Olevao more.

  54. LC:

    Unbelievable getting blocked by 5'6 players.

  55. airinfall:

    Beach is getting messy on that first contact, can't convert for sideouts and transition. Need to slow the ball down.

  56. Warriorfan:

    Can't believe I'm cheering for Long Beach.

  57. Volleyball fan:

    Long Beach called timeout after falling behind 21-18 in the third set. Looks like UCSB will steal this one. Hollycow is right on the mark.

  58. Cindy Luis:

    Appreciate all the help. stuck watching some pretty bad basketball. CSU leading 32-31 with 11:53 left in the game.

  59. Warriorfan:

    34. Every single wahine basketball game i've seen so far this year is UGLY. Tons of turnovers and tons of bad shooting, is that Beeman's style??

  60. Volleyball fan:

    Long Beach again calls timeout after falling behind 23-20.

    Wow, several matches going on the same time.

  61. LC:

    Wahine will win this match but they are not looking sharp.

  62. Cindy Luis:

    59. not Beeman's fault that the shots are falling. They've had good looks, just not dropping. the turnovers ... some unforced.

  63. Cindy Luis:

    60 always the case that matches are going on at the same time when they all start at 7 p.m. PT. ;-)

  64. Volleyball fan:

    Timeout didn't help at all. UCSB wins set 3 with a score of 25-20. One more set and UCSB will clinch a share of the Big West title.

  65. Maverick:

    64. And the AQ

  66. Warriorfan:

    Watching UCSB and the beach, these are two very average teams. UCSB will be get killed in the first round IMO.

  67. LC:

    UH sweeps 20-15-18

  68. airinfall:

    For UCSB, a very fitting quote, "May the odds be ever in your favor". Beach are up in the 4th set. Again controlling the tempo like the first set.

  69. Cindy Luis:

    UCSB leads The Beach, 14-25, 25-18, 25-20. Beach leads Set 4 11-7

  70. LC:

    Hartong 20 kills hit .395

    Mendoza got another kill

    I thought they it was a sloppy match for the Wahine.

  71. Cindy Luis:

    Wahine sweep 25-18

  72. Brandon:

    Hartong was on fire tonight. 20 kills in 3 sets while hitting .395 is amazing. Sure its a weak ucr team but needless to say shes showing shes an ALL AMERICAN

  73. Warriorfan:

    Mendoza playing great leading the team in digs, bad match for Nikki.

  74. LC:

    5th set is where The Beach has had problems, 3-6 this year.

  75. airinfall:

    Beach up 16-13 in Set 4.

  76. hollycow:

    66. Warriorfan. I agree with you, even after losing at home to them, I thought that UCSB was an average team at most. They have been riding lady luck at the right time more times than not. It'll end abruptly in post.

  77. Brandon:

    The beach will get destroyed come the tournament. Hawaii would of won in 3-4 at ucsb if it wasnt for the horrible refs. But have you noticed we HATE long beach when they play us but when our confrence is on them, we absolutely love them haha

  78. Brandon:

    UCSB come post tournament not the beach ahah sorry!

  79. hollycow:

    Hope Nikki has a good match against Fullerton to have a chance for FOY.

  80. Warriorfan:

    By the way refs have been atrocious against UH wahine basketball.

  81. Volleyball fan:

    Well, Long Beach won set 4 by the score of 25-21. So now they go to five sets and anything can happen.

  82. airinfall:

    The race for FOY between Spindt of UCSB and Nikki, is very tight. The stats are pretty comparable, considering Nikki has only become a 6-rotation player in the past month and has been very dominant in contributing with that availability, she's become a more imposing player than Spindt. We'll see what the coaches of the Big West have to say about who edges who in game-play when they've announced FOY.

  83. Brandon:

    79. Nikki in no way will get FOY. If you mean for big west than yes she might but for National its between Carlini of wisconsin, Carly kan of missouri and the person who most likely will get it Ebony nwaenbu of usc.

  84. Volleyball fan:

    Brandon, you're right about how we feel about Long Beach. It's only natural. Yes, it's a love-hate relationship.

  85. airinfall:

    83. Agree, Nwaenbu and Kan have been having dream seasons even POY type performances. These young women coming into the collegiate game, out of high school, are ridiculously primed and ready athletes.

  86. Brandon:

    85. Its a close race between those two, but im giving the edge to nwaenbu. Shes usc best player in my opinion. Depending how far Missouri makes it, Kan might get it. But Missouris coach will get Coach of the year.

  87. Warriorfan:

    79. unfortunately, Spindt is having a great game against long beach, Nikki must have a big game tomorrow.

  88. Warriorfan:

    86. He will not, especially if what I predict happens, Missouri doesn't even make it out of the sweet sixteen.

    I like Kan though, hope she transfers home.

  89. Brandon:

    88. I still think even if they make sweet 16 he will get it. But if they make it to the final four or even top eight, I think he will for sure get it. It all depends though like you said how far they make it. They are a tough team, but i want too see how they do against teams like stanford, nebraska, penn state etc

  90. airinfall:

    Beach up 7-5 in the 5th.

  91. Brandon:

    But if KAN transfers home keani, tai, Greeley will have to battle for the one starting role open. (they have the strongest chance at starting next year)

  92. airinfall:

    Wouldn't we all love a Hawai'i team with more than 5 starters coming from the home state for 2014-15 season!?

  93. LC:

    I'm not impressed with this Kan kid,we don't need her.

  94. Warriorfan:

    UCSB the dink queens.

  95. Warriorfan:

    93. You're off , she passes nails, she is exactly what UH needs with Longo gone.

  96. Brandon:

    93. Considering shes 5-9 and was recruited as DS and shes has played this well, Im fullly impressed with KAN.

  97. Brandon:

    95. Kahakai is supposedly supposed to be an amazing passer and Mendoza has been amazing as well

  98. airinfall:

    BEACH 13-10.

  99. Warriorfan:

    97. Having 3 amazing passers is better than 2 amazing passers.
    Anyway Kan might be happy in cold Missouri

    Match point Beach YES!!

  100. Warriorfan:

    Dammit long beach.

  101. airinfall:


  102. Warriorfan:

    A long beach choke job of course.

  103. airinfall:


  104. Andrew:

    I keep reloading the page for the next score update haha...so nervous

  105. setaone:

    16-14 BEACH!!!

  106. Mark:

    long beach won!!!!

  107. Warriorfan:

    Okay Hampton won it, co champions if UH takes care of business tomorrow, Hopefully Irvine will beat UCSB.

  108. Kauai Boy:

    Long Beach won!

  109. airinfall:

    Hawai'i needs to come with a convincing win tomorrow at CSUF

  110. Volleyball fan:

    Long Beach just won a tight fifth set 16-14, playing the role of spoilers. So if Hawaii and UCSB win tomorrow, they'll share the Big West title. It's a must-win for Hawaii tomorrow.

  111. setaone:

    So what are the situations? Can Hawaii win the AQ?

  112. kapakahi:

    Mahalo to THE BEACH!

  113. jmy:

    110. If UCSB loses tomorrow & UH wins...

  114. LC:

    I don't see UCI beating UCSB.

  115. airinfall:

    ...so the very scheming NCAA committee gives Hawai'i a decent seed.

  116. Brandon:

    110. the only way hawaii will get the AQ is if UCSB loses tomorrow and hawaii wins

  117. vbfan:

    The Long Beach win is of marginal help to Hawaii in the RPI considering that they beat Long Beach twice and UCSB only once.

  118. Volleyball fan:

    Answer to 111 setaone: Unlikely scenario has to happen where Irvine has to beat UCSB. More likely that Hawaii will beat Fullerton and share the Big West title with UCSB. So no, Hawaii will not get Automatic Qualifier, but rather At Large Bid.

  119. Volleyball fan:

    Volleyball fan to vbfan: It's not the RPI that's so important but pride of sharing the Big West title. More important is whom we might face next week.

  120. Brandon:

    118. Northridge as well will win the big west and share it, if they win out

  121. LC:

    As I understand it

    If both UCSB and UH win tomorrow they share the title but UH is the AQ because of tie breaker Rule 2

    If one or the other loses the winner takes the title outright and the AQ.

  122. hollycow:

    109. If all three win tomorrow a three way tie for the title BW Champs with UCSB the AQ.
    110. Yes if UCSB loses tomorrow and UH wins.

  123. Brandon:

    121. If they both win out UCSB gets the AQ. No matter what

  124. Andrew:

    So although they are co champions (considering they both win out) UCSB still gets the auto bid?

  125. Andrew:

    Oh ok nvm

  126. Warriorfan:

    I sense a UCSB choke job coming tomorrow, they don't really deserve a tourney bid anyway.

  127. Buds4life:

    Glad the NaWahine chances of winning the BWC is still alive. However commenting about NaWahine overtime loss to the CSU. I may be wrong but wasn't Harris sitting on the bench for most of the overtime. Why,Coach Beeman?

  128. Brandon:


    I hate to say this but I hope ucsb wins. I could care less about the AQ. As long as the wahine at least share the title. We WANT more big west teams in the tourney

  129. hollycow:

    At last, Irving played a really good match against UH here. Hit .178 to UH's .168 (?) even if UH swept. It was closer than people thought looking at the sweep final score.

  130. LC:

    UCI lost to Cal Poly tonight no way they will beat UCSB.

  131. Andrew:

    130. Agree very unlikely, but never know. They could just have an off night and may not respond well after the loss to LBSU. But yeah I agree with #128, another BW team in the tourney would be nice

  132. jimbo:

    I agree with LC. I thought it was discussed previously about the scenario for Hawaii to get the AQ and if Hawaii wins tomorrow it all plays out to that scenario. Hawaii and UCSB share, but Hawaii gets the tie breaker. What changed?

  133. hollycow:

    Irvine lost in 5, 5th in 17-15 so don't count them out. Their blocking continues to be good, as was against UH, so you never know.

  134. Grammy:

    What is under the Wahine control is their game tomorrow. Win it and they will share title and move on to NCAA. That is better than going out with a loss even if they will go to NCAA. This team has pride and purpose and I know will be playing focused and ready tomorrow. Go Wahine! Hope title will factor into getting to host, too.

  135. mauna:

    133. You're right Grammy, win tomorrow and share the BW title. Another excuse out the window for the NCAA not seeding UH.

  136. ifo manoa:

    wahine may miss out on a seed, they're unofficially now 14 (per poster in volley talk)

    see unmodified link at this site: ohiomcginn.dyndns-at-home.com/ncaastats/volleyball-rpi.cgi#