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NLI for Wahine

November 13th, 2013

No surprises so far. Most have been mentioned in the previous weeks. Not sure when UH will get around to the announcement. May wait for all to send in their NLIs.

Savanah Kahakai (Farrington) OH but likely L at UH

Kalei Greeley, 6-2, OH, King High, Riverside, Calif.

Megan Huff, 6-3 MB/OH , Beamer High, Federal Way, Wash

Emily Maglio, 6-2 OH, Canada

Others of interest in volleyball who side through the Pacific Alliance

Adora Anae, Kahuku Utah

Alohi Robins-Hardy, Kamehameha, BYU

Melissa Behrens, Punahou. Manhattan

Someone asked about Evan Enriques. been told likely Stanford.

78 Responses to “NLI for Wahine”

  1. pacesetterhawaii:

    Missouri won in 3. I am happy for the Hawaii girls.

  2. hollycow:

    For Missouri, I really believe that the Hawaii girls, especially Kan made a difference in their success this year. They are winners on the court, with their Hawaiian style defense and demeanor. Looking ahead next season with the Wahine, do you realize that we may have 5 Hawaii girls starting out of the 7. With Taylor, Olevao, Adolpho already starters and adding Kahakai at L/DS and Higgins at S. The real NaWahine Hawaiians may more than make up the loss of the 7 seniors this year.

  3. mauna:

    51. hollycow. That's a interesting insight. I wonder if Hawaii ever had in the before Libero time with 6 starters or after with 7 starters with that number of local girls starting.

  4. Brandon:

    Proud of Missouri. I guess I was wrong, they are better than Florida and deserve their ranking! After tonight's match they are nc contenders and people better watch out for them.

  5. Brandon:

    Washington takes the first set 25-15

  6. Brandon:

    USC takes the second set 25-21. Gonna be a good game

  7. rayson:

    It's official Evan Enriques to Stanford.


  8. warriorfan:

    Not sure why Stanford needs two liberos on scholie count, but whatever, good luck to him.

  9. Brandon:

    Washington defeats usc in four sets

  10. wop ur jaws:

    On OC16 tonight, the mystery on Alohi was discussed. During the senior match, Howard D and Scott Wong revealed facts not rumors. Howard said he interviewed Alohi's mom, Mary recently I think it might have yesterday in fact. He congratulated her for Alohi's signing with BYU and wanted to know how she felt about her daughter choosing that school since she herself as a former wahine, she said she wasn't so sure about it but that in the end BYU was the one with the best offer. Both coaches agreed to let Alohi play both sports. Mary said Alohi didn't decide until after the states. Scott chimed in saying of late, almost all the pac 12 teams that had scholies still wanted her. And Howard said that UH wanted her badly. But Alohi wanted both sports which most schools couldn't garantee. They didn't say which sport at UH who didn't agree to her playing both sports. BYU agreed to everything she asked for. Then Scott said that since basketball is the more senior sport, the scholie must be from that sport. Scott said that Alohi is the real deal and that she hasn't been playing club for several years now. And for her level of skill, he doesn't know how that is. He also mentioned that had UH got her, she would have easily elevated the team with her skills.

  11. turfwar:

    Savannah Kahakai had a tremendous run from the service line for about 10-12 points with 4 or 5 aces. Her tough serve alone is worthy of a scholie. High toss and she hammers it. Adora Anae also looked very impressive. Terrific athlete who at times simply hit over the block. She has a chance start in her first year in Utah.

  12. Brandon:

    I wonder why they allowed Adolpho? I mean I'm not too bummed about alohi because we have higgins but byu will defanitly profit from her

  13. hollycow:

    59. Can't be in two places at the same time. Probably didn't want another Adolpho situation missing 33% of the basketball season. Could be the other way around, missing 50% of the volleyball season, starting with practice for basketball in October. Wonder what part of what sport she's not playing in with BYU that both coaches agreed on to seal the deal.

  14. Brandon:

    62. Why did they allow Adolpho? Isn't she a starter on both teams

  15. hollycow:

    61. When Adolpho came in Takahara-Dias was the head and she allowed that to happen, with Adolpho using her basketball scholarship. Evidently Beeman says otherwise and won't allow a situation like that again with Robins-Hardy. I don't blame her (Beeman) at all, look who's she has on the team with the bigs right now. Unexpectedly two academic non qualifying tall transfers and no Adolpho for now until December.

  16. Vbfan2:

    I think you mean Kevin Wong, not Scott. I don't think Scott would be commenting on a recruit that chose another school over Hawaii.

    I guess we'll never know the full story regarding Aiohi ,but I will say this. If a player like Logan Tom wanted to play basketball and volleyball you can bet the coaching staffs would have worked something out. Hawaii probably did want her, but they weren't desperate either.

  17. justafan:

    BYU already has Jennifer Hamson and a women's bball coach that has been tenured enough to understand the logistics of having a two sport athlete with conflicting seasons. Like others have mentioned, when Adolpho signed, Takahara-Dias was the coach. Things have changed, and I imagine Beeman doesn't want to wait on two impact players. Not entirely sure how valid this is, but I heard Alohi didn't even want to play volleyball in college. So perhaps finding a program like BYU that was willing to satisfy her needs as well as those of her family, was most fitting.

  18. LC:

    Don't beat this dead horse to death,she's not playing for UH and Scott's explanation ( see 59 ) should satisfy our curiosity .

  19. Hot:

    29. Melissa Villaroman and Hedder Ilustre were on scholarship at the same time.

    35. I think there's a possibility that Long could improve and be in the mix next year, whether as a front row or back row player. It's not like Olevao is putting up superstar numbers.

  20. po'okela:

    #67 I agree but alohi is no logan tom end of story.

    can we seriously move pass this because a few months ago, nobody cared what school she was interested in and now that they've seen her play every one has now jumped on the band wagon?

  21. po'okela:

    I meant #66

  22. Brandon:

    70. I agree! She's an amazing player but no someone worth getting fussy over. She's not someone who would make a national championship team. She's no destiny hooker, logan tom, Megan hodge. Now Lexi sun is someone we should fight over! She's amazing

  23. LC:

    Scott or Kevin , like they don't share things ?

    I'll check it out on the next replay. 😉

  24. Cindy Luis:

    Kevin is doing the OC broadcasts.

  25. Warriorfan:

    72. Let's be real hawaii has no shot at players like that and probably no shot at Sun either. Anyway Alohi is a great player and I think UH should have recruited her period ( she wouldn't have cost them anything!) but whatever it's done.

    I will forgive the UH coaches if they land Noreen Iosia in 2016. I think we are solid with Higgins for the next three years, just gotta hope she stays healthy , not sold on goodman.

  26. Brandon:

    75. I know we don't have a big change at sun but it's worth trying. I haven't seen goodman play. How is she? Higgins is amazing so I agree if she stays healthy we are solid there

  27. Brandon:

    @75 and I beleive the did try to recruit her but she wanted to play basketball and they wouldn't give her both sports. Probably cause the basketball coach wouldn't let. Oh well

  28. chink:

    Lets not fault the basketball coach. It goes both ways. Either Beeman would not want her to miss the begining half of basketball season to volleyball or Shoji wouldn't wan't to lose the last half of the volleyball season due to basketball. There was no compromise and I under stand both sides not wanting to be void a player for part of the season.