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UCSB 2, Hawaii 3

November 9th, 2013

Sorry for being MIA. flew into LA yesterday morning for a function.

am at UCSB First time for me in the Thunderdome after all these years.

Shoji did say he was fairly pleased with the sweep of Cal Poly. Said that having Taylor and Manu-Olevao play well was key. It was part of the design to not overuse Hartong, in part for tonight's match as it was to diversify the offense.

UCSB coach said their key will be to be balanced and pass well. Asked her if she expected to be leading the conference she said if you had asked her in February, she would have said 'no way.' but said the players have bought into what her staff has wanted and it shows. Said they know Hawaii is fired up for this match.

Since I am writing, don't know how much I'll bee able to update here



Radio  1420-Am


Basketball to follow volleyball. If Volleyball goes late,  basketball to be joined in progress.

No fan phones

256 Responses to “UCSB 2, Hawaii 3”

  1. jake:

    mahalo everyone for your comments. it's much more enjoyable to read about the match the next day
    then to watch it or listen to it live!!! i heard a number of wahine fans walked away from the broadcast because it was so stressful.

  2. Grammy:

    A week off should allow coaches to put enough "new" into offense, adjust (tweak) defense and sharpen up serving and serve recieve to get the early advantage over Northridge. Then it will be which team 'wants' it more. Not which player carries their team because it is a team sport and weakness in one is weakness for all. Glad Wahine showed tenacity last night - shook off bad/questinable calls, came back when UCSB surged ahead, took advantage of weakness in UCSB's rotational alignment some, supported teamates and did not allow early errors to throw them into trying to do something beyond their capabilities, but rather play to your strengths when possible. And always, always represent team, school, family and fans Go Wahine! Can do!

  3. Grammy:

    Oh, yeah, Thank you for hosting this blog, bringing your son up right - in Volleyball and Wahine Volleybll - and passing on to him (and us) your love/knowledge/history of the game as played at UH. Your comments always make my day. Go Wahine!

  4. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    airinfall, I enjoyed your technical points. Come back soon!

  5. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    To all the na Wahine fans at the UCSB match, big mahalo! Because the video lagged the audio (at least on the rebroadcast), there were many times I thought SB had won the point because your cheers were so enthusiastic!

  6. jake:

    Bottomline folks UCSB beat Northridge in 3 straight sets at SB, so winning in 5 sets there is a hell of an accomplishment for the na wahine. i sense a turnaround.