UCSB 2, Hawaii 3

November 9th, 2013

Sorry for being MIA. flew into LA yesterday morning for a function.

am at UCSB First time for me in the Thunderdome after all these years.

Shoji did say he was fairly pleased with the sweep of Cal Poly. Said that having Taylor and Manu-Olevao play well was key. It was part of the design to not overuse Hartong, in part for tonight's match as it was to diversify the offense.

UCSB coach said their key will be to be balanced and pass well. Asked her if she expected to be leading the conference she said if you had asked her in February, she would have said 'no way.' but said the players have bought into what her staff has wanted and it shows. Said they know Hawaii is fired up for this match.

Since I am writing, don't know how much I'll bee able to update here



Radio  1420-Am


Basketball to follow volleyball. If Volleyball goes late,  basketball to be joined in progress.

No fan phones

256 Responses to “UCSB 2, Hawaii 3”

  1. LC:

    Cindy ask their SID why they call it the Thunderdome when it has no dome.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    Goes back a number of years to when local TV was calling in for a live score of basketball between UCSB and UNLV. phone was courtside and person couldn't hear the SID tell him the school. He said it sounded like the ThunderDome ... a la Mel Gibson movie ... TV went with it and it's been called that ever since. Name is officially the Event Center but they have ThunderDome writing on the building several places.

  3. LC:

    Interesting story Cindy thanks.

  4. Warriorfan:

    Thanks for the article on Huff, LC.
    Glad UH got her and that she may play basketball, would be a freebie for Shoji :)

  5. Cindy Luis:

    not a freebie. She is on volleyball scholarship.

  6. smh:

    Cindy, you should know what WF is talking about. If she does end up wanting to play basketball... and does. She would have to go under a BB scholarship. A la Kalei Adolpho.

  7. Cindy Luis:

    no, she doesn't have to be on BKB scholarship. She can walk-on.

  8. Beauston:

    1st serve lets go!

  9. Beauston:

    Stats not working any scores?

  10. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 8-4

  11. setaone:

    7. Cindy, you know that basketball is higher on the higharchy of scholarships.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 9-4. TO UCSB
    would say there are more UH fans here than UCSB ... Saturday of a 3-day weekend.

  13. setaone:

    Stats showing UC Davis/ UCSB.

  14. Beauston:

    Big west need an update on technology big time.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    I'm getting Set 5 from UCSB at UH.

  16. LC:

    Giving up points in big bunches again.

  17. Brandon:

    Is it me or does the live stats not work?

  18. Jane:

    Score please

  19. Cindy Luis:

    UCSB up 15-12. Uiato setting a nice match, has her hitters 1-on-1 but twice hitters hit into the net. once Taylor, once Manu-Olevao

  20. LC:

    For god sake dave call a frick'n TO sooner.UCSB on a 3 - 11 run

  21. Volleyball fan:

    The video and sound are poorly synchronized and the livestats are the wrong match. The whole technicality is flawed here, and I'm disappointed. So I stopped watching.

  22. Cindy Luis:

    He did. at 15-12. UH closes to 18-17

  23. Cindy Luis:

    UCSB ace makes ti 21-17. TO UH.

  24. Beauston:

    Thanks to Dave's genius double sub, UCSB picked up a few more points, not dave calls a t/o 2 points too late.

  25. setaone:

    23. Think LC meant that Dave should have called the time out sooner than at 15-12. Too much momentum had gone to UCSB by that time.

  26. setaone:

    Livestats working now

  27. LC:

    Live Stats are up and working

  28. Beauston:

    Daves play book has been looked at and played with over and over again. Can someone tells him to burn it and come up with a new one?

  29. setaone:

    And of course....Kawamura with the serve out.

  30. Beauston:

    Wahine getting out coach again

  31. LC:

    26 Yes that was what I meant.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    UH has held off two set points. Higgins and Goodman in. Goodman serving. It's 24-22. TO UCSB

  33. Cindy Luis:

    Live stats are working now.

  34. Brandon:

    Goodman serving? Did Dave do that on purpose or a lineup screwup?

  35. Cindy Luis:

    UCSB wins 25-22

  36. LC:

    AT 9-4 UCSB called a TO Dave waited until 12-15 before calling a TO a 11-3 run by UCSB.

  37. Brandon:

    Wahine had more kills but our errors are killing us! Let's go ladies! You guys can do this

  38. Jane:

    37 it may be pride. He doesn't want to show a young coach that he is afraid of being beaten.

  39. Beauston:

    Wahine has 8 hitting errors compare to Gaucho's 4. Hence Gauchos won set 1. They also edge Wahine in blocking

  40. Cindy Luis:

    yes, i know however it requires basketball to give her a scholarship.

  41. Ashley:

    here we go. i thought hawaii had a good lead...what happened here...

  42. Brandon:

    Hartong is on fire tonight. 8 kills hitting 500. Jade is also doing good with 4 kills hitting .600

  43. Kazu:

    Only thing good right now is the guy whose calling the match on the radio. UCSB starting off where they left off in Honolulu. Maybe i'll switch over to LBS/Northridge match and see whats going on over there.

  44. Brandon:

    Uh up 5-0

  45. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 5-0 in Set 2. TO UCSB
    sitting next to radio guy. He does a nice job.

  46. Cindy Luis:

    wouldn't trust the stats, btw. they have the wrong scoreline, too

  47. Brandon:

    45. How is he with the names? Because in long beach they totally butchered the names. And in north ridge they the announcer was horrible

  48. smh:

    if thats the case, why can't sand scholarship players "walk-on" the indoor team?

  49. Volleyball fan:

    43. Kazu, the Northridge match hasn't started yet. It is slated to start at 5:30 Hawaii time.

  50. setaone:

    Brandon....the radio guy is Cindy's son. He does a great job.

  51. Warriorfan:

    Lost first set already?/ Ugh I wanted the wahine to absolutely crush them.

  52. Brandon:

    I'm not talking about the radio. I was talking about the ones who announce on tv

  53. Brandon:

    I was watching the northridge game live and I thought you guys were talking about the ones who announce live at the game. My bad

  54. Hot:

    41. Cindy, I thought she couldn't walk-on to basketball if she was under volleyball scholarship?

  55. Beauston:

    51 not happenning. Wahine is just too slow with their feet. Too soon to call who takes this but it will be a fight.

  56. LC:

    This is more like it.

  57. Cindy Luis:

    Vorster playing really well. they need to honor the middle. UH up 12-4. UCSB calls its second timeout

  58. LC:

    Tiff on 1420 is doing a very good job but the video is several points behind

  59. LC:

    6th block for Jade

  60. setaone:

    58. The audio on the video is before.

    I totally appreciate the Big West making streaming mandatory, but I wish they had a minimum requirement's for the schools to follow.

  61. Brandon:

    Nikki not so hot tonight. 2 kills 3 errors hitting -.91 we need her to be on if we want to win

  62. Cindy Luis:

    Mendoza with the kill. 15-4

    55. don't know what match you're watching Beau

  63. Beauston:

    62 set one when wahine was outblocked by a more quicket Gauchos

  64. OrbitalRipZ:

    Following Prime Time live stats for the 1st time. Thought GameTracker was bad. Glad to see "Vorster playing really well." Now Adolpho needs to hold up her end.

  65. Brandon:

    On the box score it doesn't say Mendoza has a kill. I think the live stats are off

  66. Beauston:

    A 12 ranked team should outplay UCSB

  67. Cindy Luis:

    again. the stats are off.

  68. Maverick:

    Ridiculous how much UH is going to Hartong. Need more balance like last night's match.

  69. Cindy Luis:

    Hartong has been jump floating all match. she went with the jumper. called for a footfault.
    Uiato with the dump. 19-10.

  70. Beauston:

    Announcer doing a great job agrees with everyone
    Calls the game well

  71. Kazu:

    49 Thanks,just found that out.

  72. Cindy Luis:

    Bad, abd call. UCSB into the net and they call it on Vorster

  73. Cindy Luis:

    UH wins 25-15

  74. Beauston:

    Vorster having a massive evening!

  75. Brandon:

    If uh can play like they did in the second set for the rest of the game they will be good! Play hard ladies

  76. Cindy Luis:

    Vorster with 3 solo, 4 BS.

  77. Cindy Luis:

    UH outblocks UCSB 4-2 in Set 2. outhit the Guachos 333-108. uh 2 aces, 4 SEs. ucs 2 aces, 1 SE

  78. LC:

    Blood T.O

  79. jmy:

    CSUN-LBSU has started but it does not seem to be on gametracker...Live video is on bigwest tv...

  80. Beauston:

    Any scores on CSUN/LBSU match?

  81. Cindy Luis:

    longer delay than needed. Tuaniga in for Adolpho

  82. jmy:

    CSUN 15, LBSU 13

  83. Beauston:

    Thanks 82!

  84. OrbitalRipZ:

    Looks like Taylor hasn't shown up! She needs to assert herself soon!

  85. Cindy Luis:

    Another bad call by the refs. UCSB should have been called for double hit. Shoji and Wong not happy
    UCSB up 15-14 at the TTO

  86. setaone:

    We need LBSU to win right?

  87. airinfall:

    A lot of bad calls. Even on the shotty broadcast, you can see the obvious.

  88. Brandon:

    North ridge wins the first set 25-23. Long beach is putting up a good fight though

  89. LC:

    CSUN takes set 1 from LBSU 25 - 23

  90. Kazu:

    CSN 1 up on LBS .

  91. LC:

    Not liking the way this set is going.

  92. Cindy Luis:

    87. yes, refs had made some bad calls or no calls.
    soft shot give UCSB a 18-17. TO UH. NV by UCSB ties it 18-18.
    UCSB service over pass fall. 19-18 Sully with the kill. UCSB up 20-18

  93. setaone:

    Funny how in the beginning of the season, the strength of our middles was a big deal. But as the season has progressed, Vorster is steady, Kalei's production has decreased and TK doesn't seem ready for full time work.

  94. airinfall:

    Diggable balls not coming up on a down ball. Balls falling on overpasses!?

  95. OrbitalRipZ:

    Confused. PrimeTime says its 19-19

  96. Cindy Luis:

    Kill by Hartong (gets the touch), kill by Taylor ties it at 20

  97. OrbitalRipZ:

    NM. PrimeTime made the correction.

  98. EQ:

    C'mon Wahine. Wake up!

  99. LC:

    We haven't done well in close sets

  100. setaone:

    how "behind" is the video from the gametracker?

  101. Jane:

    The gauchos are jumping so high and nearly on to the court when they score a point. UH not so much. They need to start cheering more loudly and obnoxiously like the opposing teams.

  102. Cindy Luis:

    Thompson's serve just inside the back line (maybe). Ace ends it 25-23 UCSB

  103. Jane:

    Oh boy doesn't look good. This is embarrassing for hawaii.

  104. EQ:

    Oh boy. Need to go 5.

  105. setaone:

    We really need a second middle to show up!

  106. Beauston:

    101 or just pass better.

  107. frings:

    We can only hope when the 10.0 hits they'll all slide out to sea.

  108. OrbitalRipZ:

    Hawai'i beat UCSB in almost every stat except the ACES. Tough serves are UH's nemesis, as serves are taking Hawai'i's middles out of the equation. Hardly heard Vorster's name called.

  109. Warriorfan:

    IF this team can't beat a team like Santa Barbara on the road, they hav NO shot at however they get in the first round of the NCAA tourney.

  110. Beauston:

    Those 5 aces has caused them to go 5

  111. Jane:

    Again Nikki and Manu not playing well. To add to that, neither is kalei.

  112. Brandon:

    Long beach-17 northridhe-10 in set 2

  113. airinfall:

    Few highlights from that match are the consistency of Hartong and better play of Taylor with Mita moving that ball around [no trap sets either]. Tai needs to up her energy, she's always very stoic and I don't know if that's a good thing, especially when she's making elementary errors. The passing failed although the hitting percentage was high, UCSB dug a lot of balls and were more present in this game than last: that's what won this game--DEFENSE. Wahine need to find a sense of presence and not get eaten up, in the emotional dynamic, by bad calls.

  114. Cindy Luis:

    Kastl in. UH up 5-4

  115. airinfall:

    I'm sorry, typo in first line of my post 114, I meant "game" not "match".

  116. frings:

    A nice off shore oil well failure would serve them right.

  117. Testy:

    Does hawaii even have a game plan? Santa Barbara is doing the same exact thing they did in Hawaii, did the coaches not scout or go in with a game plan. Enough with Kawamura having a shot. She needs to stay home on the next trip.

  118. Brandon:

    Uh service errors and ucsb aces are killing them!

  119. frings:

    Come on ladies...bury these little wealthy snots!

  120. Beauston:

    Kawamuras 3rd SE is just unacceptable

  121. Brandon:

    Long beach takes the second set 25-15

  122. airinfall:

    121 very. I'd expect a change and Lelepali in as second DS. I find her serves more effective in the matches she's played.

  123. Cindy Luis:

    Ace by Taylor makes it 15=12 at the TTO

  124. EQ:

    Get Kayla out of there and make her practice how to serve. Most service errors on the team

  125. Jane:

    If UH loses, it doesn't matter what any other team does. UH keep digging themselves a hole.

  126. frings:

    Who's #17? So paid ringer?

  127. frings:

    Some paid ringer?

  128. Cindy Luis:

    UCSB on a 4-0 run. it's 16-15 TO UH. tough serving by Thompson

  129. frings:

    Another ace. They're killing us

  130. setaone:

    With Kastl in, does Mendoza come in for her?

  131. Brandon:

    Cindy are the calls that bad?

  132. LC:

    Out blocked, out dug, out aced so far.

  133. Cindy Luis:

    more that they've gone to Hartong 3 in a row. stuffed twice, then hits into the net, UCSB called for the overreach

  134. Jane:

    Tai and Kalei have all but disappeared. The beating of Texas in the beginning is null and void. Just a fluke.

  135. airinfall:

    With two primary passers in Longo and Mendoza, they should split a greater 80% of the court on Thompsons serve who hits the outside of the ball on her jumper.

  136. OrbitalRipZ:

    Right now is where they've watched the tape, and know to camp out on Emily. Right now is when someone from Team Wahine needs to have Emily's back!

  137. EQ:

    Awwww gawd!

  138. Cindy Luis:

    ref let a lift by UCSB go but Asolpho with the kill. UH ties it at 17

  139. LC:

    Live Stats are wrong it's 17-17

  140. airinfall:

    The SB stigma resonates with these refs, and no I'm not talking about the bill lol

  141. EQ:

    They will have to dig deep if they want this win.

  142. jmy:

    Beach up 5-1 in the 3rd...

  143. frings:

    Cindy is game tracker wrong?

  144. airinfall:


  145. jmy:

    145, Go UH...If UH loses, I don't think a Beach win will mean that much...

  146. airinfall:

    The 4 sets are dying inside, Wahine blockers need to set the block almost a third in to take that angle away.

  147. Brandon:

    We all hated the beach when they came here but now we love them because we want them to win lmao! Go beach

  148. LC:

    Don't trust the tracker frings.

  149. Cindy Luis:

    Kastl with a kill ending the rally. UH up 21-19. TO UCSB

  150. Testy:

    Kawamura.... Once you serve you have to play defense too. It's what defensive specialist do

  151. airinfall:

    I'm just a lil nostalgic being a Mistay May fan and Gimillaro's recruiting of some athletic girls, just too bad the circumstances they've had the past couple years. But of course, BOWS ALL THE WAY!

  152. jmy:

    Beach up 10-4...

  153. LC:

    a lot of net violations tonight

  154. Cindy Luis:

    Yellow on Shoji. never seen him get in a ref's face like this

  155. Testy:

    Hawaii refuses to do the small things, like easy digs, taking care of overpasses, etc. they won't get far unless they start to take care of these plays that matter.

  156. Cindy Luis:

    this refs are horrible

  157. airinfall:

    These refs are out to get the Wahine tonight.

  158. setaone:

    155. What was Shoji arguing?

  159. Ashley:

    Margie Ray? oh figures, she isn't a fan of Hawaii

  160. frings:

    Best refs that Santa Barbara money can buy.

  161. jmy:

    I'm unimpressed by CSUN...I can't believe they top the Big West...

  162. LC:

    no lift called on SB

  163. Brandon:

    Wait I'm confused? Is Santa Barbara rich or something? Everyone keeps talking about them like they're rich?

  164. Cindy Luis:

    it has gotten very heated. UH wins 25-22

  165. frings:

    Score please if tracker can't be trusted...

  166. frings:

    #164...they like to think they live in an "enclave".

  167. jmy:

    Looking at the stats, the only thing that UCSB is doing better is serving...

  168. sportsfans808:

    Listening to the radio broadcast, this is exciting! Hope they win in 5.

  169. Maverick:

    Let's see if UH can pull out a 5-set revenge win.

  170. LC:

    This 5th set record we have has to change right now,tonight.

  171. Ashley:

    Hawaii has the momentum going into set 5. definitely a lot of calls favoring UCSB. Hawaii has to try play clean volleyball, although I doubt it would stop the refs from calling fake calls against Hawaii.

  172. OrbitalRipZ:

    Now UH faces its demons. Infamous 5th set. In an environment that could send most straight to hell. Gut check time!

  173. frings:

    So where's Margie Ray from? I'm on the west coast and have lots of time to pay the broad a visit.

  174. Cindy Luis:

    UH 1-4 in five setters, UCSB is 4-3

  175. Brandon:

    Uh is 1-4 they beat creighton

  176. LC:

    The tracker has been on and off all night which is why I say don't trust it.

  177. jmy:

    Beach up 19-11 in the 3rd...

  178. LC:


  179. LC:


  180. LC:

    Tracker seems to be ok now.

  181. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 6-4. TO UCSB

  182. Brandon:

    Does anyone know the long beach score?

  183. frings:

    7-4...CRUSH THEM!!!

  184. jmy:

    Beach wins the 3rd, 25-22...

  185. Cindy Luis:

    This is the tough rotation for UH. with Sherrard serving. UH up 7-6

  186. Cindy Luis:

    Why Uiato keeps going to Hartong. I don't get it. UCSB has come back to tie at 7. TO UH

  187. OrbitalRipZ:

    Someone, please, have Emily's back down this stretch. The Gauchos are camping out on her, foaming at the mouth, knowing she's getting the set. Emily, if ever there's a time to pull a roll shot, this is it. Play smart. Play smart.

  188. LC:

    4-0 run by UCSB

  189. LC:

    Beach up 2 sets to 1

  190. Beauston:

    Hartong much?

  191. Cindy Luis:

    Kastl with the kill. UH up 8-7 at the changeover. But UH back on the side it has lost, Sets 1 and 3

  192. frings:

    Come on ladies...the Beach is giving you the opening...

  193. Testy:

    Tip tip tip.... Someone teach Emily something other than hitting hard seam!!!!

  194. frings:

    Adolpho with a kill...keep it up!

  195. airinfall:

    The middles need to come alive in this set.

  196. frings:

    Finish the job. Get them down and jump on their throats!

  197. jmy:

    Beach leads 7-2 in the 4th...

  198. frings:

    Vorster...yes. Middle...middle...middle.

  199. Jane:

    Remember the Arizona game - Dave told Uiato to go to Hartong. It may be the same thing.

  200. Cindy Luis:

    Mendoza with the ace. 12-10. TO UCSB

  201. frings:

    Way to go Sarah...Stick it to your hometown!

  202. frings:

    TO UCSB...they huddling with the refs?

  203. frings:

    Santa Barbara residents don't think their stuff stinks.

  204. LC:

    Tiff really gets into it.:-)

  205. Brandon:

    Ahh high maka maka girls. They diddnt seem to bad when they came here but maybe cause they weren't in their home town

  206. Cindy Luis:

    service error. UH wins 15-12

  207. jmy:

    Maybe UH is getting its groove back!

  208. OrbitalRipZ:

    O ye of little faith! It was our W from beginning to end. Lol.

  209. setaone:

    The UCSB bench celebration is too much. They should have been warned by the ref about coming onto the court.

  210. airinfall:

    The gift and the curse. Now time to bring the mana to THE BEACH. BEAT THE MATADORS!

  211. Brandon:

    Good job bows! Now let's keep updated on the long beach game!

  212. Maverick:

    could be a very good weekend if LBSU wins...then UH only 1 game behind northridge and santa barbara

  213. Brandon:

    @seatone what do you mean? There bench was rushing the court every point?

  214. LC:

    Shout out to Mendoza !

  215. Jane:

    I am the first to admit - I got very negative. I'm glad they won. Whew they are going to give people heart attacks.

  216. EQ:

    Great! Now let's get Northridge and Davis back at home on the 22nd & 23rd. Go Bows!!!

  217. Volleyball fan:

    Finally our nemesis, Katie Thompson, served into the net just as I wished her to. I had to watch without sound. I quit for a while but curiosity get the better part of me. I was hoping that Hawaii could snap the five-set jinx and finally they did it.

  218. smh:

    223. i think they meant during points.

  219. Beauston:

    Down to the wire as mentioned earlier. Nevertheless, great win for the Wahine. Player of the night will be Vorster. If she were not the superstar she was tonight, it could have single handedly given this match to UCSB.

  220. Brandon:

    What's the long beach score?!

  221. jmy:

    Beach up 13-12...

  222. airinfall:

    Nice blogging with you fellow Wahine fans. Keep the faith alive, GO BOWS!

  223. Brandon:

    Let's go beach!!!

  224. LC:

    I hope UH nominates Jade for POW.

  225. Brandon:

    Katey has horrible numbers tonight. .80 with only 12 kills.

  226. Ashley:

    who leads the CSUN LBSU match?

  227. airinfall:

    BEACH 2-1 and leading in the 4th.

  228. Warriorfan:

    Good win, would have preferred a sweep to put UCSB in it's place but will take the W any way at this point.

  229. Grammy:

    Played like champs with a lot of heart. This is going to be a great in conference nemesis for the Wahine. But tonight showed the Wahine they can beat them, next year should be good. Now one serve, one point, one set and one match at a time. FOCUS! Defense and block showed up again, but mostly heart. Great comeback and holding off Gauchos especially in sets 4 & 5. Go Wahine!

  230. airinfall:

    The refs are making some bad calls on this LBSU-CSUN game too.

  231. Ashley:

    239. is there a score for the 4th?

  232. jmy:

    I lost audio, so I don't know the score...

  233. Beauston:

    5 set match going on in LBSU

  234. Beauston:

    CSUN 26-24

  235. LC:

    LBSU going 5

  236. Kazu:

    Hey OC16, how about giving Leahy a break next weekend, and let Tiff fill in for him. He would call an exciting match.

  237. Warriorfan:

    Dammit can never count on Long Beach for anything.

  238. Brandon:

    What's the score!

  239. Volleyball fan:

    245 Kazu, there is no Rainbow Wahine match next weekend only two weeks from now.

  240. Ashley:

    CSUN makes me sick. whats the deal with the constant celebration on the sidelines? no one ever taught them to stay still i guess. all cocky because they sit at the top of the conference.

  241. jmy:

    Still no audio...

  242. airinfall:

    CSUN wins. Meh.

  243. jmy:

    I guess Northridge won it...

  244. Warriorfan:

    That loss to Davis was so devastating, still can't believe it.

  245. Volleyball fan:

    It was really hard to tell without audio who won the match until I saw Northridge slapping high fives and Long Beach running out of the arena. It must have been a close fifth set as the set went far longer than I expected. Seems like Long Beach attempted a comeback but then fell short. Northridge was far more motivated to win this one and retain first place. Long Beach was only playing for pride as they're out of the playoff picture. The video froze at critical points so I couldn't tell how hard Long Beach tried at the end. All in all, really bad technical delivery both at UCSB and Long Beach. UH broadcast is second to none and I'll be glad to watch the last two home matches two weeks from now.

  246. Kazu:

    244 Thanks, guess its going to be a boring week. Oh, wait have Wahine Basketball eh?

  247. Warriorfan:

    251. That's not gonna help the week from being boring.

  248. sharene:

    Congratulations to the wahine. I wish there was some way to televise the away games. I think we have a difficult schedule...we started the season with a lot of games and it seems to peter in and out in the final weeks. I think it affects the fans as well as the team's motivation. While we are with them in spirit...it is hard to rely on print media to know what is happening. Thank you Cindy for keep us up-to-date. I don't know how I would do without this blog.

  249. View from afar:

    #12 Mahalo to the UH fans who came out to attend the match in person and support Na Wahine. Hope you were loud and proud. Go Wahine!

  250. setaone:

    LC - might be hard to nominate Jade. She didn't have good stats Friday.

  251. jake:

    mahalo everyone for your comments. it's much more enjoyable to read about the match the next day
    then to watch it or listen to it live!!! i heard a number of wahine fans walked away from the broadcast because it was so stressful.

  252. Grammy:

    A week off should allow coaches to put enough "new" into offense, adjust (tweak) defense and sharpen up serving and serve recieve to get the early advantage over Northridge. Then it will be which team 'wants' it more. Not which player carries their team because it is a team sport and weakness in one is weakness for all. Glad Wahine showed tenacity last night - shook off bad/questinable calls, came back when UCSB surged ahead, took advantage of weakness in UCSB's rotational alignment some, supported teamates and did not allow early errors to throw them into trying to do something beyond their capabilities, but rather play to your strengths when possible. And always, always represent team, school, family and fans Go Wahine! Can do!

  253. Grammy:

    Oh, yeah, Thank you for hosting this blog, bringing your son up right - in Volleyball and Wahine Volleybll - and passing on to him (and us) your love/knowledge/history of the game as played at UH. Your comments always make my day. Go Wahine!

  254. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    airinfall, I enjoyed your technical points. Come back soon!

  255. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    To all the na Wahine fans at the UCSB match, big mahalo! Because the video lagged the audio (at least on the rebroadcast), there were many times I thought SB had won the point because your cheers were so enthusiastic!

  256. jake:

    Bottomline folks UCSB beat Northridge in 3 straight sets at SB, so winning in 5 sets there is a hell of an accomplishment for the na wahine. i sense a turnaround.