Volley Shots
Hawaii 3, Beach 1 11-2
November 2nd, 2013

Wahine starters the same: Longo, Taylor, Vorster, Manu-Olevao, Uiato, Hartong, Adolpho.

Longo is in a white jersey, should make Leahey happy. Personally I like the spring green.

156 Responses to “Hawaii 3, Beach 1 11-2”

  1. Don:

    I do to...makes it easier for the R1 to know who the libero is...

  2. Cindy Luis:

    could be close to 7500 tonight. I know traffic was bad coming in. Crowd pretty loud already. The Beach players were talking about how loud it was during intorductions.

  3. Cindy Luis:

    Over under on how long it takes Gimmillaro to get a Yellow?

  4. Cindy Luis:

    Hartong with her second kill. doing a nice job elevating over the block. UH up 12-9. TO Beach

  5. Don:

    I wager before the end of the 2nd set...the R1 is a bit soft with BG's first complaint...

  6. Maverick:

    3. over under on how long it takes other bloggers to call for Olevao's replacement by Kastl?

  7. Cindy Luis:

    Key tonight will be the right side since The Beach is stacking their block to cover UH's left-side hitters.
    Manu-Olevao and Taylor's kills have been from the right.
    That and cutting down the service error.

  8. Brandon:

    They are playing much better tonight! They look like they are slowing getting out of the slump! Hopefully they can carry this way the whole match

  9. Cindy Luis:

    Taylor from the left, UH hitting .421. UP 17-13. TO Beach.

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Hartong 4-0-4, Taylor 3-0-3.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    The Beach has closed to 17-16. TO UH.

  12. Beauston:

    That I think the first time Dave called for a T/O while Wahine still lead

  13. Cindy Luis:

    And the other over-under may be how long Hamptom lasts. she stumbled a bit and seems to be in pain. That is a nasty leg brace.

  14. Brandon:

    Olevau is much better tonight! And jade is one fire as well

  15. Cindy Luis:

    Double sub with UH up 24-20. Longo to serve.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    The Beach has come back to 24-23. TO UH

  17. Cindy Luis:

    never cared for the double sub. I think it disrupts things.
    The beach now serving at 25-24

  18. Cindy Luis:

    wow, that was an ugly way to end it. Hartong with the overpass that got tapped back. Adolpho with the lift on the attempted dig. The Beach wins 27-25

  19. Beauston:

    Well thats that.

  20. Cindy Luis:

    UH hit .303
    Hartong 7-1-9, Manu-Olevao 5-2-12, Taylor 3-0-4, Vorster 2-1-4, Adolpho 1-2-3. 0 aces, 1 SE, 3 blocks, 9 digs.
    The Beach .289, 6 digs, 3.5 blocks, 0 aces, 0 SE,

  21. Beauston:

    That double sub have not worked in a while. At 24-20 I dont understand why Dave wont just close it out???

  22. Cindy Luis:

    Me either.

  23. Cindy Luis:

    Really surprised that The Beach isn't called more for nets. Their setter sets up so close.

  24. Warrior Dave:

    Pretty loud tonight. Everyone into it.

  25. Warriorfan:

    Giving up 7 points at home to a bad team?? Unbelievable, I think we can stick a fork on this team, they are broken and Shoji has no idea how to fix them.

    I hope i am wrong though.

  26. Beauston:

    Uiato not looking sharp tonight

  27. Warrior Dave:

    Need to spread the sets around.

  28. Cindy Luis:

    26. i disagree. she slipped when she got called for the lift. on the money on that last set to Hartong. UH UP 8-6 TO Beach

  29. Beauston:

    25 Im a Wahine fan because of Dave, but as of late, it looks as if hes coaching decision time trvelled to the 80's.

  30. Cindy Luis:

    30. no idea what that is supposed to mean, given that the game has changed so drastically since the 80s.

  31. Beauston:

    What about the the 2 errors in set 1? She's had more uncharacteristic errors in 2 sets that I can remember in any match.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    Yellow to The Beach bench at 14-9

  33. Beauston:

    30 Exactly.

  34. Don:

    ...and BG got his card...

  35. Cindy Luis:

    33. still not sure what decision you're discussing. but anyway. UH up 16-10

  36. Cindy Luis:

    Hartong with her 11th kill. UP up 18-12. TO Beach.

  37. Cindy Luis:

    34. I could be wrong but wasn't it on the bench and not Gimmillaro? I'm kind of blocked out by the up ref.

  38. Maverick:

    Taylor, Hartong and Olevao all having a good hitting night. Still need a better middle attack.

  39. Maverick:

    37. Assistant apparently got it, according to the broadcast.

  40. Cindy Luis:

    You often forget hot well Uiato jumps. got most of it to stuff Aigner-Swesey.

  41. Cindy Luis:

    Adolpho blocked. Tuaniga in.

  42. Cindy Luis:

    The Beach has closed to 20-17. TO UH. not a good set by Uiato

  43. Maverick:

    35. Cindy, I think Beauston means that Shoji is coaching as if he was still in the 80s, rather than making decisions that address today's game.

  44. Beauston:

    Adolpho cant join WBB practice until WVB season is over right?

  45. Maverick:

    44. yes

  46. Cindy Luis:

    39. thanks. that's what iI thought. Hartong blocked. Kastl and Higgins in. UH then called a TO. Gimmillaro arguing that whistle to serve had blown. think he has a point. it's 20-18

  47. Beauston:

    What the heck is going on over there?

  48. mei mei:

    ooohhh Brian G. is MAD ... YIKES!!

  49. Jim:

    It's like they play tight at thre end of sets like they are afraid of making a mistake

  50. Ashley:

    what a cry baby

  51. jmy:

    UH can't hang on to leads...You would expect that from a young team, not a team with seven seniors...

  52. Beauston:

    45 thanks!

  53. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 24-19 on illegal BR attack. Uiato serving

  54. Cindy Luis:

    Manu-Olevao ends it. 25-19

  55. Cindy Luis:

    Assistant coach is still giving the stink eye to the up ref as he walks out to the locker room.

  56. Beauston:

    Saw a blonde girl with the Wahine as they walk to the locker room wearing a denim shorts, a recruit?

  57. Warrior Dave:

    Just saying... Ashley comes on and Wahine finally gets off of 20. She stYs in and leaves when we get to 23. She didn't get any kills but I love the energy she brings.

  58. Cindy Luis:

    56. Don't know

  59. Brandon:

    Brian g and long beach are irritating tonight. They are crying about everything. Yet they should of has a lot more net violations

  60. Don:

    Brian should have been tossed for what he did after the set was over. Still jawing at the R1...

  61. Brandon:

    @56 might be kyra goodman

  62. Cindy Luis:

    43. if you say so. still don't understand the comment about the 80s.

  63. jmy:

    Coach G. has always been like that, and his teams have been a direct reflection of him: sassy & cocky even when they weren't very good...

  64. Cindy Luis:

    anyway. UH hit 364 in Set 2 to The Beach's 111
    Taylor 7-0-11, Vorster 2=1=4, Manu-Olevao 11-3-18, Hartong 12-4-25, Adolpho 2-3-5. Kastl 1=0-1. 27 digs, 6 by Longo.
    UH 6 blocks, LBS 6.5.

  65. Beauston:

    Exactly just how Maverick said it.

  66. Brandon:

    The only long beach player not irritating me is chisom. When she hit the net she called it. She was humble. But Brian g and the assistant coach are throwing tantrums and it's the reason why I hate when they come.

  67. Cindy Luis:

    57. Kastl had a kill.
    Guess it could by Kyra Goodman. I don't see any other blonde on the bench.

  68. Beauston:

    Credit to LBSU out playing Wahine on off system plays. Their middles are also out playing that of Wahine's

  69. islandman:

    Where are the posters calling for Olevao's replacement ? She's stepping it up so far. That was a nice off speed kill .

  70. Beauston:

    9 sets to the middles out of 66 total so far after 2 sets will not go very far tourney time. Shoji has a lot of work to do.

  71. Brandon:

    When olevao is on she's on fire. But when she's off she is horrible. She reminds me of a less effective croson. When Jane is on she's amazing but when she's off she's not good at all

  72. Warrior Dave:

    Nice run to start the 3rd.

  73. Maverick:

    70. Agree. At least the RS and OH are having good games.

  74. Cindy Luis:

    68 if you say so. Hampton 5-1-11, 4 BA. Okpala 4-0-9. UH hasn't been setting the middles so hard to make the comparison.

  75. Warrior Dave:

    #71, is that the same for everyone????

  76. Cindy Luis:

    UH was up 6-1 Now 6-3. Taylor from the right makes it 7-3

  77. mei mei:

    yay!! my Frosh of the year Nikki is playing out of her mind ~

  78. Warrior Dave:

    Great effort by the Wahine coming out of the break. Very focused.

  79. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 8-3 on Hartong's 13 kill. TO Beach
    IMHO UH has been doing fairly well out of system, even if it seems it's to Hartong a lot.

  80. Beauston:

    The complain about Olevao i whether she can contribute but rather her inconsistencies. You never what your getting when shes steps on the court. With Shojis Left side hitter centric offense, yes, Theres a lot being ask of her.

  81. Brandon:

    76 yes and no. When someone's off they are off but with olevao it's more constant. We never know if she will be off or on. But her off is just horrible. If she can be more consistent she will be an amazing player

  82. Brandon:

    80 thank you! That's what I'm saying! I know she can contribute but she's not consistent! That's why I worry about her

  83. Cindy Luis:

    Kawamura in to serve, made a nice dig to save the rally. Hartong with her 16th UH up 11-4. TO Beach

  84. Maverick:

    Cindy, I've heard the announcers say Hartong seems to be hitting harder tonight. Sounds like it although it could just be where the microphones are placed in the arena. What's your observation?

  85. Warrior Dave:

    This as good as I've seen the Wahine play this season???

  86. Cindy Luis:

    85. Then you didn't see then against Texas. that was very efficient.

  87. Maverick:

    Let's all remember that Olevao is basically a freshman plus, and not a top-20 recruit at that. She will improve with time.

  88. Beauston:

    Okpala and Macky having a field day out there while Adolphos Mokai slide is getting stuff

  89. Maverick:

    86. Also played very well against UCLA and LBSU a month ago.

  90. Cindy Luis:

    Yes, BG is a whiner. has always been.

  91. Brandon:

    They played their best against lbsu at the pyramid. That was a national champ performance!

  92. mei mei:

    I heard "stauber" is back

  93. Beauston:

    I would like to see the Wahine that played against Texas again.

  94. Cindy Luis:

    88 .hardly. UH up 19-7

  95. Brandon:

    @cindy and @jmy. I'm only so I did not watch old volleyball but has bg always been like this? Like was he always THIS BAD. I know leahey said he's one of the only people to get booed

  96. Beauston:

    Back where?

  97. Jim:

    LBSU self destructing now

  98. Cindy Luis:

    95. yes, he has always been like this

  99. Brandon:

    I don't wanna pry but just from seeing this I can't fully tell how he is. How does he act during games especially when he's losing

  100. Brandon:

    I don't wanna pry but just from seeing this I can't fully tell how he is. How did he used to act during games especially when he's losing . @cindy

  101. Jim:

    Little upset this should be over already in a sweep

  102. Maverick:

    93. Unfortunately, the opponents now have tape on UH, so they will have better ways to defend against and attack the Wahine. This is where good coaching, introducing new looks/plays and generally improving players over the course of the season play an important role in sustaining success.

  103. Cindy Luis:

    As for Mackie and Okpala. don't see field days at all. Okpala 6-0-14, Mackie 10-2-17

  104. Beauston:

    And Dave pulls his brilliant idea of double sub.

  105. Beauston:

    Here comes Long Beach!

  106. Maverick:

    Ugly play by UH now.

  107. mei mei:

    yikes this is ugly ...bench warmers gotta play too I guess...

  108. Warrior Dave:

    Great run by LBSU. Hope that doesn't carry over to the next set. Don't want to go 5 tonight.

  109. Beauston:

    Note to self: If you want to kill a momentum, put a double sub.
    -Dave Shoji

  110. jmy:

    UH had the set well in hand, subs came in & LBSU took the momentum...Hopefully the next set will be the last....

  111. Cindy Luis:

    108. agree. but that was the time to get the younger players in with the bigger lead. Still... UH wins 25-18.

  112. Jane:

    I can understand Dave wanting to play the other players but he keeps messing with the rhythm. If they were consistently playing well, OK to mess with the line up. The fact that they are NOT consistently playing well, he should leave well enough alone. Can't figure it out.

  113. Maverick:

    Hartong close to 40% of the team's attempts. Way too much. Adolpho and Vorster hitting .000 combined.

  114. Cindy Luis:

    UH hit 312 in set 3. Taylor 12-0-19, Vorster 2-1-5, Manu-Olevao 11-3-22, Hartong 17-4-37, Adolpho 3-4-10, Kastl 1-1-3. 45 digs. The Beach hit 087. Macki 10-2-17, Hampston 6-1-16, Aigner Sweey 9-8-36, Okpala 8-0-16, Reid 8-8-26.

  115. Warrior Dave:

    Oh oh...

  116. Warrior Dave:

    It's so good to see Jade smile.

  117. Beauston:

    111 So what? Forget the younger players, half the starters still inconsistent.

  118. Beauston:

    Macky leading all LBSU hitters mosty with the slides and step outs, Okpala 8 kills no errors -thats a field day.

  119. mei mei:

    too much Hartong again... finally they set the middle...

  120. Cindy Luis:

    118. if you say so. btw it's Mackie
    Tickets 7929. turnstile 6206.

  121. Jane:

    This started with the LBSU rhythm of the last set. Way to go Dave.

  122. Ashley:

    that ref another one who i do not like.

  123. Cindy Luis:

    The Beach up 13-8. TO UH
    Let's just put it out there now. I agree that if this goes 5, that it was because of the momentum gained by The Beach at the end of Set 3.

  124. Maverick:

    anyone want to put odds on UH winning a five-setter tonight?

  125. Cindy Luis:

    And agree too much Hartong. But she continues to call for the ball so Uiato has given it to her.

  126. jmy:

    Beach got into a good serving rhythm & have been rolling ever since...I understand the need to give the bench playing time, but it's not fun to watch ragged, ugly volleyball...

  127. Cindy Luis:

    Vorster with her 4th kill, UH pulls to 14-12. TO Beach

  128. Warrior Dave:

    Nice set and kill by Jade. Beating a dead horse but need to spread the sets out more.

  129. Jane:

    Chris has been harping all night long that Taylor had zero errors. Now he can stop.

  130. mei mei:

    yay the middles are involved!!!

  131. Cindy Luis:

    Adolpho with her sixth kill, ties it at 18. Kind of surprised he's gone back to Kawamura to serve. TO Beach.

  132. Warrior Dave:

    Any idea how many swings Emily has so far?

  133. Maverick:

    132. 40% of UH's total (52/129)

  134. Beauston:

    Wahine is back. Close it out!

  135. Cindy Luis:

    Uh ties it at 19 on another kill by Adolpho. . Hartong to serve. TO UH.

  136. HawaiiMongoose:

    C'mon Wahine, put this thing away.

  137. Beauston:

    Poor Emily she looks exhausted. Rightfully so. Middles and RS sets. Common Wahine!

  138. Cindy Luis:

    Hartong with 55 swings of the 133

  139. Beauston:

    Really Dave the bloody double sub?

  140. Beauston:

    The blocking sub work LBSU to serve.

  141. Brandon:

    Long beach yellow card and rightfully so. They have been babies and cocky all night. And hawaii wins it! But again bg starts to cry

  142. mei mei:

    hate to see it end that way...but bummer BG!

  143. Cindy Luis:

    very tough way to lose it. thought the 2nd yellow was supposed to be a red and a point.
    be back in a bit

  144. Brandon:

    Those card were rightfully deserves. Bg has been nagging all night and so has the team. Chisom was the only one who was calm and not crying and they just has the replay and there was a touch on the net! Good job bows! Starting to get that rythm back

  145. Beauston:

    What a game
    Middles save the day

  146. Jane:

    Nice play tonight by Olevao and Taylor and the middles in the end. And of course, as always Hartong, Longo and Uiato. Makes you wonder why they didn't go to the middles more before the 4th set.

  147. Ashley:

    141. I have to agree. cocky, cry babies. I am not saying Hawaii was perfect tonight, because they definitely weren't. but LBSU, damn i never seen so much crying from a coach ever. nice BM, you seriously live up to the names everyone calls you, cry cry crybaby.

  148. HawaiiMongoose:

    The replays showed both calls at the end were correct. So no sympathy for Gimmillaro. His team lost fair and square.

  149. Cindy Luis:

    148. I agree with both calls. but the question was that the linesman called a touch on the point that gave UH set point. I think that was what BG was so upset about. He wanted some discussion but the up ref over-ruled the linesman. rightfully so.

  150. Brandon:

    But let's not forget about. Mendoza and longo! They have amazing digs and really carried the team in my opinion.

  151. Ashley:

    interesting match indeed. watching BG complaining after the match was hilarious. watching Dave's expression was just priceless. they need to allow replays in volleyball, I think that would help a whole lot.

  152. Jane:

    It sounded like Hartong was putting some extra mustard on her hits tonight. You can almost hear the whoosh when she hit the ball. Dave didn't feel like LBSU team had a lot of talent. They were big but UH had more blocks.

  153. LanaiBoy:

    Looks like Hartong likes the ball high; she was hitting a lots of the balls over the block tonight, especially early in the match. Later in the match Long Beach was serving really well and Hartong got lots of out-of-system sets and was blocked a few times. She still gets set too much, once, I think, about five in a row. When the connections right, Hartong can really whack that ball. Slowly, Vorster and Adolpho are working their way out of their slump. They still make a lots more errors than the beginning of the year when they were hitting for a very high percentage and made few errors. If both return to form, Hawaii will look like the team that beat Texas.

  154. Grammy:

    Adjustment with Sarah (back middle) and return of young players to early season form welcome back. So much more seems to remain for Wahine, but promising adjustments. I've seen way too much of BG's antics. Up ref could have carded him or whining players more but held back. Early whistle was right and BG was still in ref's face. And match ending play seemed like it could have been called on Jade, but after watching replay at home, it was definitely the right call. It is never easy with LBSU in the house that Dave built, but it is always satisfying to deny BG with correct calls and good play. Welcome back Wahine, but we all know road will tell. Go Wahine! You can do it. Believe!

  155. Cindy Luis:

    152. I think the increased volume on the hits (mustard) is due to the placement of the microphones. Watched the replay last night and it sounded louder on TV than in the arena. but agree there were some bombs from Hartong the past few nights.
    154. As for the net being called on Jade, from what I saw both at the arena and the replay was that the Beach setter was in the net, pushing the cable (top of the net) into Vorster.
    As mentioned earlier, the Beach setter could have been called for a number of net violations during the match. She lined up with her foot almost on the centerline when she was in the front row.
    Agree, the up ref could have carded Gimmillaro, or his bench, more. Or, as my son who officiates and coaches club said, the up ref could have taken better control of the match early by telling the captain to tell her coach to behave.
    I also think the up ref showed great restraint in not issuing the red card (felt he so wanted to do it) when giving the yellow at 24-22. the red would have awarded a point and that is how the match would have ended, on a red card and not a play. probably better that it ended the way it did.
    And at least it was a Big West official as the up ref and there won't be any discussion of being 'homered."

  156. hollycow:

    Hartong goes all out 100% of the time and it's showing with the extra mustard on her hits. She's willing the team not to lose another match in the conference.

    The up ref is Bill Forester, last year he gave Shoji a yellow when he contested a non call on a spike by Vorster, whereas the replay showed a touch on the block and the ball hitting the line.