Volley Shots

Hawaii 3, Beach 1 11-2

November 2nd, 2013

Wahine starters the same: Longo, Taylor, Vorster, Manu-Olevao, Uiato, Hartong, Adolpho.

Longo is in a white jersey, should make Leahey happy. Personally I like the spring green.

156 Responses to “Hawaii 3, Beach 1 11-2”

  1. Ashley:

    interesting match indeed. watching BG complaining after the match was hilarious. watching Dave's expression was just priceless. they need to allow replays in volleyball, I think that would help a whole lot.

  2. Jane:

    It sounded like Hartong was putting some extra mustard on her hits tonight. You can almost hear the whoosh when she hit the ball. Dave didn't feel like LBSU team had a lot of talent. They were big but UH had more blocks.

  3. LanaiBoy:

    Looks like Hartong likes the ball high; she was hitting a lots of the balls over the block tonight, especially early in the match. Later in the match Long Beach was serving really well and Hartong got lots of out-of-system sets and was blocked a few times. She still gets set too much, once, I think, about five in a row. When the connections right, Hartong can really whack that ball. Slowly, Vorster and Adolpho are working their way out of their slump. They still make a lots more errors than the beginning of the year when they were hitting for a very high percentage and made few errors. If both return to form, Hawaii will look like the team that beat Texas.

  4. Grammy:

    Adjustment with Sarah (back middle) and return of young players to early season form welcome back. So much more seems to remain for Wahine, but promising adjustments. I've seen way too much of BG's antics. Up ref could have carded him or whining players more but held back. Early whistle was right and BG was still in ref's face. And match ending play seemed like it could have been called on Jade, but after watching replay at home, it was definitely the right call. It is never easy with LBSU in the house that Dave built, but it is always satisfying to deny BG with correct calls and good play. Welcome back Wahine, but we all know road will tell. Go Wahine! You can do it. Believe!

  5. Cindy Luis:

    152. I think the increased volume on the hits (mustard) is due to the placement of the microphones. Watched the replay last night and it sounded louder on TV than in the arena. but agree there were some bombs from Hartong the past few nights.
    154. As for the net being called on Jade, from what I saw both at the arena and the replay was that the Beach setter was in the net, pushing the cable (top of the net) into Vorster.
    As mentioned earlier, the Beach setter could have been called for a number of net violations during the match. She lined up with her foot almost on the centerline when she was in the front row.
    Agree, the up ref could have carded Gimmillaro, or his bench, more. Or, as my son who officiates and coaches club said, the up ref could have taken better control of the match early by telling the captain to tell her coach to behave.
    I also think the up ref showed great restraint in not issuing the red card (felt he so wanted to do it) when giving the yellow at 24-22. the red would have awarded a point and that is how the match would have ended, on a red card and not a play. probably better that it ended the way it did.
    And at least it was a Big West official as the up ref and there won't be any discussion of being 'homered."

  6. hollycow:

    Hartong goes all out 100% of the time and it's showing with the extra mustard on her hits. She's willing the team not to lose another match in the conference.

    The up ref is Bill Forester, last year he gave Shoji a yellow when he contested a non call on a spike by Vorster, whereas the replay showed a touch on the block and the ball hitting the line.