Volley Shots

BWC & Top 25 scores 11-2

November 2nd, 2013

Big West

UCSB def. Cal Poly, 3-0   25-20, 25-12, 26-24

UC Davis 3, CSU Fullerton 2

No. 24 CSUN (A) def. UC Riverside 3-0

1. Texas def. Oklahoma 3-1

2. Penn State (A) def.  No. 14 Michigan State 3-0

3. Washington idle

4. USC idle

5. Florida idle

6. Stanford idle

7. Missouri (H) def. Ole Miss 3-0

8. San Diego (A) def. LMU 3-1

9. Colorado State (A) def Utah State 3-2

10. Minnesota idle

11. Nebraska (H) def Northwestern, 3-2

12. North Carolina idle

13. Hawaii (H) vs. Long Beach State

14. Michigan State (H) loses to No. 2 Penn State 3-1

15. Wisconsin (A) loses to No. 16 Purdue 3-2

quite the match. Purdue wins 24-26, 25-21, 26-24, 31-33, 17-15

16. Purdue (H) def.  No. 15 Wisconsin 3-2

17. Michigan (H) def. Ohio State 3-2

18. Duke (H) def. Boston College, 3-1

19. Kentucky idle

20. Florida State idle

21. BYU (H) def. Pepperdine 3-2

22. Cal  idle

23. Oregon def. Arizona 3-2

24. CSU Northridge  (H) def. . UC Riverside 3-0

25. Oklahoma idle

10 Responses to “BWC & Top 25 scores 11-2”

  1. Brandon:

    I know Missouri has not really played any good teams but I think they are a VERY big contender for ncaa champs. They have some amazing hitters and their defense isn't too shabby. But as of right now it's between Washington and Texas with penn state right behind them

  2. LC:

    No help from Cal Poly tonight.UCSB sweeps

  3. Cindy Luis:

    Much will depend on the seeds and bracket. UW likely will be protected with their draw as national host but you never know.

  4. Brandon:

    True but skill wise I think wahsington and Texas are the best. USC is good but they are inconsistent like we are. Penn state is good as well. But I honestly think wahsington can take it this year

  5. LC:

    Utah State was up 2-0 against #9 Colorado State and blew it,lost in 5

  6. Brandon:

    5. Colorado state is extremely overrated IMO. Yes they are undefeated and beat Washington but wahsinton just has a bad game. They are undefeated but their schedule has been pretty weak

  7. auwe:

    awful finish

  8. Lina:

    How will this the Wahine's RPI having UCLA and Northwestern suffer losses this weekend?

  9. Lina:

    oh, and Arizona losing as well.... :/

  10. Brandon:

    @lina since Texas won and so have other teams hawaii has faced it won't be too bad.