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Hawaii drops to No. 15 in RPI

October 28th, 2013


Two five-set losses led to Hawaii dropping six place in the NCAA Ratings Percentage Index and five places in the AVCA Division I Coaches Top 25 poll released today.

The Rainbow Wahine (16-4, 5-3 Big West) lost to both Cal State Northridge and UC Davis on the road last week, losing consecutive conference matches for the first time since 1993. It is also the first time since 1994 that Hawaii has lost three matches in conference play.

The Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) is a computer-generated power ranking that measures wins, losses, strength of schedule and opponents' strength of schedule, It is used by the NCAA selection committee for seedings and brackets of postseason tournament.

Hawaii was at No. 3  in the first RPI of the season two weeks ago and No. 10 last week following the five-set loss to UC Santa Barbara.

The Wahine have lost three of their last four matches.

In today's RPI, Texas was No. 1 followed by Penn State, Florida, Washington and Stanford. Rounding out the Top 10 are Missouri, Creighton, USC, Wisconsin and Nebraska.

The top six teams in the AVCA poll remained the same, led by Texas (15-2), which received 43 of the 60 first-place votes. Penn State (18-2, 11 votes) was second followed by Washington (17-1, 6 votes), USC (18-3), Florida (20-2) and Stanford (15-4).

Missouri (25-0) jumped four spots to No. 7 while San Diego (17-3) moved up a spot to No. 8. Rounding out the Top 10 were Colorado State (19-0) and Minnesota (19-4).

66 Responses to “Hawaii drops to No. 15 in RPI”

  1. Hightop:

    Nice response. I guess you don't like being called out for having a reading comprehension problem and giving out totally false info.

    Tsk tsk.

  2. Hightop:

    Here is the link for the release so intelligent people can see for themselves that it is just a vast list of potential host sites as of right now (and nothing more):


  3. LC:

    I guess Ferd is also wrong .

    Ferd Lewis ‏@FerdLewis 3h

    Despite recent losses, Rainbow Wahine are on the 33-school NCAA D-I Tournament 1st & 2nd round host watch list announced today. #HawaiiWVB

    Even a 12 year old gets it . 33 schools now get a crack at hosting as long as the meet one of the three criteria mention in the article. DUH !!!!

  4. Hightop:

    Wow, not only are ignorant, you're obstinate about it. Lol!

    Like I said, intelligent people with basic reading comprehension skills can read the release (in the link I posted) and understand it. It's not saying anything close to what you think it does.

  5. Hightop:

    BTW, Ferd is saying exactly what I said. It's just a vast "watch" list of potential host sites. Nothing more.

  6. You Gotta B Kiddin' Me:

    Someone earlier mentioned that the Poll(s) would be used in the selection processes this season; some also, as I recollect, continued in pretending the knowing of too much vb.

    As of Oct. 28, 2013:

    vs. #1
    vs. #8
    vs. #24
    vs. #31

    ..by way of CSUN (who also shared in the common opponent of #31)
    vs. #3

  7. Hightop:

    Ahh, did I strike a nerve? It's okay. I understand you are extremely touchy about being wrong.

  8. LC:

    I guess that new news that Pablo is now part of the criteria is also wrong. some many dumb clucks in this world.

  9. LC:

    Oh wow I guess that e-mail reply from AVCA is even wrong.

  10. Hightop:

    Care to elaborate or are you just spitting into the wind again? My guess is you won't share the contents because it won't support your position -- just like the quote from Ferd did not support you position.

    Seriously, quote anything anywhere about an agreement between AVCA and the NCAA or any new rule changes to the NCAA selection committee guidelines. My guess is you will just spout off insults instead because you know you are wrong.

  11. LC:

    Now that we know that Hawai`i will only have to finish in the Top 25 of either the AVCA Poll or the RPI or Pablo to host that should take a lot of pressure off of the kids.

  12. Hightop:

    See the link folks. LC's info is totally wrong so don't buy into it.

    See for yourself.


  13. LC:

    I find it refreshing that the NCAA and AVCA are finally starting to work together with this new change now if they can only get this cooperation extended to seeding.

  14. Cubicle1126:

    is there a link to the AVCA press release about the new/revised hosting criteria?

  15. Cubicle1126:

    that AVCA press release is interesting. if the ncaa and avca are now collaborating on hosting issues, that will be good thing, for coaches to be able to lobby or get their input in there.

    but expanding the list of potential hosts can cut both ways for hawaii. the rule about "seeded teams automatically hosting" guaranteed that hawaii will host if it's rpi and results earned them a seed.

    but now even if hawaii is seeded, the expanded list of "possible" hosts could mean that hawaii is seeded but still get send on the road, which is what was happening prior to 2011 anyway. in part, i think this expansion takes things back to the status quo from a couple years ago.

    but the flip side i guess is that hawaii can't be denied a seed (if they've earned it), even if they don't end up hosting.

    this is one of those "is the glass half full ... or half empty?" kind of situations ... imo.

  16. You Gotta B Kiddin' Me:

    Always "half-full" mind you.
    He's good--ALWAYS!

    UH's situational 'delima' IF that's what you'd care to deem it,

    ..UCLA *a la* 2009.

    Da stumbling Bruins peak in/out as the #9 seed in the NCAAs to only end up in Austin, with a MIGHTY #2 Texas, halted in the 2nd Rnd (if you will).