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Wahine rewind

October 26th, 2013

A very bad road trip for the team. first time since 1993 they've dropped consecutive conference matches. That was back when it wasn't a home-and-home. lost twice to Long Beach State in Klum.

This is my story from the website. pretty shocking.

Senior hitter Emily Hartong put down a match-high 29 kills and sophomore hitter Tai Manu-Olevao added 14 but it was not enough as No. 8 Hawaii dropped a second consecutive five-set match in Big West play tonight, falling to UC Davis 25-21, 25-23, 19-25, 15-25, 15-9, in Davis, Calif.

It was the first time that the Aggies (12-9, 4-4) had defeated the Wahine (15-4, 5-3) in three meetings. It was also the first time since 1993 that Hawaii dropped consecutive conference matches and the first time since 1994 that the Wahine have lost three matches in conference play.

Hawaii is now 1-4 in five-set matches this season with all of its losses coming in five sets.

Hartong finished with her 11th double-double of the season when adding a career-high 21 digs. Manu-Olevao also finished with a double-double with 11 digs in the 2 hour, 16 minute match.

Hawaii out blocked UCD 10-7.5 with sophomore middle Jade Vorster in on seven and freshman hitter Nikki Taylor six. Senior setter Mita Uiato also had a double-double with 55 assists and 12 digs, senior libero Ali Long had 14 digs and junior defensive specialist 11 digs.

Mary Schroeder led the Aggies with 17 kills and Devon Darmelio 13 kills and 13 digs.

The Wahine return home to host UC Irvine Friday and Long Beach State Saturday. Both matches start at 7 p.m.

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  1. LC:

    # 13 in the AVCA Poll says Digg'n Na Wahine blog

  2. LC:

    Hartong nominated for BW POW by UH.In spite of the double loss she had some great stats.

  3. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    "43. View from afar", thank you for your observations. That they are in sync with many of those who are regular contributors on this blog tells me that you are too modest in your "casual observer" self-assessment.

    Most of the matches can be viewed live and later at http://www.bigwest.org/story.asp?story_id=16042, so enjoy!

    I was at an away match in which the opposing fans crowded near the UH bench and shouted all manner of jeers during the timeouts. I have never seen this unsporting conduct against an opposing team at SSC. Heck, da aunties give 'em leis! So, bravo UH fans for your class at home and for UH fans on the mainland, let's turn up the volume some. It can make the difference. Thank you, "View from afar," for this reminder.

  4. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    "42. HAPAGUY", your comment is spot on regarding Mita! There were at least two plays (vs UCD) where Mita had to dash half-way across the court to set a shanked pass while the nearby OH stood waiting to be set. Perhaps Mita had called "Mine!" on those passes. Perhaps our OH's could watch some tape on Carly Kan.

    I realize it's only two points, but that could have transformed a 3-2 loss to CSUN into a UH sweep.


    50. "Don't know what was the coaches saw to flop the lineup" maybe someone can ask?.....

  6. Grammy:

    What the Wahine didn't have this road trip was the double sub for blocking with Goodman and Higgins. Not saying it would have won the game but has got some critical late set points for Wahine when they and Mita looked to be struggling and to my thinking it is like the 6-2 offense and makes block 'look' different for opponents LH. Just a thought. And while enjoy sitting at the SSC cheering along with a full house I'm beginning to think that kind of adrenalne boost can't be duplicated on the road without strength of mind from the Wahine and especially from freshmen and sophmores players. Go Wahine!

  7. LC:

    So many experts we have 🙂

  8. Cindy Luis:

    56. they used the double sub, but very sparingly.
    51. thanks. see new thread. was waiting for more info on the whole poll.

  9. LC:

    The most important thing is that the team doesn't give up .

  10. mei mei:

    57... i like to think of it as VERY passionate fans of Na Wahine 🙂

  11. View from afar:

    "53 'ohanaInBellingham", thank you for your comments.
    Hopefully it will not be another 40 years before I attend my second Wahine match; don't think I'll live that long.
    I've attempted to watch some matches on BigWest TV, but found that I really miss the whole picture since so much of the enjoyment of a match is the atmosphere that can not be caputred by the small screen. But given the difficulty with attending in person, I might have to do that.

    I made my closing comment about the crowd because so often competitive matches are about momentum and emotion.
    Na Wahine had expended a lot of physical and emotional energy during the first two sets and had just clawed their way back to win the third and fourth sets. I got the sense they were emotionally spent. As a fan, I can't tell the team how to fix whatever problems they are having; that's the coaching staffs job.

    But the ONE thing that I can do to affect the outcome is to offer up as much vocal encouragement as I can muster at the right moment. If you were at the match, just as the teams were taking the court for the final set, there was a skinny old guy who was going up and down the asiles on the sections where there seemed to be large groups of Hawaii fans (on the side behind both benches which was opposite from the Davis student section) imploring fans to get up out of their seats, make some noise ("This is it, Na Wahine needs you"). That was me. We had the numbers, we could have made the difference. Alas, I did not get much help.

  12. View from afar:

    "56, Grammy", I've never had the pleasure of experiencing SSC with a full house as I go back to the Klum gym days. That must be a really awesome electric atmosphere.

    Emotion/adrenalne boost is a very tricky thing. It is not sustainable for an extended period of time so it must be induced judiciously at just the right moment. I believe it has been mentioned on the blog Na Wahine has a great following on the mainland and when there are significant numbers at the road games they need to joined together somehow to support the team. Given the generally smaller crowds at the road games, I think the team would respond positively to whatever vocal support can be generated. Just knowing that there are active vocal fans in the stands who there for them would be a big help. It could make all the difference.

  13. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    View from afar, you had it worse than most of us, then. Hoh, the heartbreak of seeing UH fans not responding to one's cheerleading and then seeing na Wahine lose. I don't know if I would have had enough courage to initiate the cheer leading, but I would certainly not have sat on my okole while you were trying to make a difference!

    Speaking of making a difference, let's show Emily our love: http://www.seniorclassaward.com/vote/volleyball_2013/. We can vote daily and fan votes counts for 1/3 of the final tally.

  14. View from afar:

    #63, as for trying to make a difference, there were two more parts to that. As Na Wahine were emerging from the tunnel from the locker room to the court for the third set, I stood at the end of the tunnel (alone) to applaude and urge them on ("Come on Wahine, you can do this, you know you can, etc"). I continued till all the players had passed. Then after the match I returned to the same spot (again alone) to humbly applaude their efforts as the players were going down the tunnel to the locker room. I could have done both of those from the anonymity of the stands, but I the thought the personal approach would be more meaningful. I hope that makes a difference to the team.