Volley Shots

UC Davis 3, Hawaii 2 10-26

October 26th, 2013

Due to UH football, radio is 1500

gametracker through ucdavisaggies.com

bigwest.tv    you can see warmups going on now.

215 Responses to “UC Davis 3, Hawaii 2 10-26”

  1. Kazu:

    Wahine can't go five sets. UCSB, and Northridge going fwd,Wahines going backwards. The rest of the Big West teams knows just how to play the Wahine, and they can't seem to do anything to turn it around. Looks like Wong was doing all the coaching..Hope the football team does better.

  2. LC:

    Roll one up folks,put on the headset and sing !


  3. vbfan:

    LOL #198 football is even worse down 14-0 already

  4. jake:

    were there any changes in the rotation b/t the 4th and 5th set?

  5. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Man...steve/laura/dedicatedfan is tearing it up on volleytalk. even with the negative going on with the blog right now, I am glad he/she/it is not on this blog anymore....wish volleytalk would ban "dedicatedfan" too

  6. Mario:

    When UCLA was sliding and wasn't doing too well coach Banachowski steps down. Maybe its about time to do the same thing at UH. Nothing against our coach.

  7. vbfan:

    #206 Too much chance that the search committee will screw it up, remember that's how we got Norm Chow.

  8. Kazu:

    I think Shoji is still trying to get over the Dodgers not making it to the world series. Anyway there's six more matches before everyone will be talking about next season. Sr. night should be a good one, rematch with Northridge.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    205. up to VT to do the same as we did.
    206. Bruins were 24-9 his final season. had the FOY in Cook, who decided to then go home to play for her dad at Nebraska.

  10. jake:

    still trying to figure out if and what changes were made for 3rd and 4th. having not listened to the broadcast or followed live stats, i'm thinking something happened b/t 2nd and 4th sets to change the

  11. TW:

    Great effort by Hartong but she can't win it alone. Couldn't believe that Olevao and Taylor started every set. What is their incentive to play hard when they start regardless of performance. Hope there are great recruits ready to play cause the current cast isn't going to get it done. Seems like the coaches are just stubborn or unable to make any adjustments...either way, you lose.

  12. iwonder:

    Calm down people. I think Dave has a strategy....lose some now and then hope to be in a good spot come regional time....Calm down...it'll be ok.

  13. imua562:

    Started the 5th with getting aced...they gotta realize that you can't win tight matches unless you serve and pass!!!!! Why does everyone blame the setter for setting someone that is going to get the kill more times than anyone else. She tried to spread the offense in the beginning of the 1st set and the middles made way too many errors - Kalei little off lately and Jade arm swing is slow. At one point the coach told her not to set certain middle sets anymore. Passing was the major issue in the game. Kastl may not be as aggressive of a hitter but when she was in the 3rd game, passing was a little more stable. Setting is a tough situation because you are torn between trying to run an offense with bad passing and middles that are making errors with just setting the person that the coach basically wants you to set every time. Coaching staff doesn't like when other players make hitting errors and you can visibly tell that they are upset/disappointed that the set didn't go to Hartong when others make mistakes. Call a spade a spade and stop blaming...Issue is the passing, erratic middles that can't block quicks and the revolving door on the left side... Girls just gotta dig deep and try to finish strong!

  14. Cindy Luis:

    212. doubt very seriously if the strategy was to lose. there is no gain in that, particularly since they wanted to stay at home for the first-second rounds instead of traveling.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    211. they don't have a lot of options outside of those two. As has been pointed out from early on the L2 slot was going to be a problem as was a consistent RS.
    Goodman is a solid player, especially blocking, but Taylor is perhaps a better option for offense.
    The issue is what happens when both of them are off? results in Hartong having to carry even more of the load.