Volley Shots

10-24 CSUN 3, Wahine 2

October 24th, 2013

Just a reminder that because of the World Series broadcast today and Saturday, Wahine volleyball mathes at CSUN today and UC Davis Saturday will be on 1500 instead of 1420.

Meaning no internet on espn1420am.com

but there is streaming video at BigWest.TV

audio link is through GoMatadors.com as are live stats

197 Responses to “10-24 CSUN 3, Wahine 2”

  1. Volleyball fan:

    So now Hawaii fell to third place. Seems like UCSB and Northridge will duke it out for first place and Hawaii lost control of its fate now. Well, on Senior night, the best they can hope for is to end positive with a victory, but now playoffs are in doubt. Hawaii still has to play UCSB on the road. Too bad. If Hawaii doesn't make the playoffs seems like Shoji will retire promptly. It will get only harder next year with the graduation of so many seniors.

  2. Maverick:

    This loss may have cost UH a seed. Not a lot of room for error when your conference opponents' RPI is weak.

  3. Beauston:

    149 nope, not at all. CSUN just bought themselves an RPI somewhere in the 60's. Hawaii, got themselves the wrinkle Shoji was talking about.
    Enough said.

  4. Warriorfan:

    149. USC where else??
    Probably a first round match up against San Diego or some other similar team,
    This team has really imploded!

  5. big brother:

    At least they'll be warm in Decemberstaying home

  6. Alohilani:

    All the other teams are really inspired to play UH. UH doesn't seem to have the same inspiration. What has happened to Adolpho in the last three games. This year is turning to be not what we expected. The team is only as good as how Tai and Taylor play. If they don't play really well, UH chances are slim.

  7. Volleyball fan:

    148 Beauston, you wonder where Hawaii will be sent to? Will Hawaii even be sent at all? One of their players is confident that they can beat Hawaii at home on senior night. So Northridge is hoping to win the Big West Title. If they beat UCSB at home, they'll both share the title, that's a given. So don't worry about where Hawaii will be sent to. An at large bid is no prize here. UCSB in first round is the best option. Penn State, the worst option, Washington, just as bad. Sad, sad end.

  8. Warriorfan:

    151. You are soo dumb. They would have to lose the rest of the matches to not make the tourney.

  9. Beauston:

    156 you also have to factor in Uiato, Surprised she was not yanked. She played for CSUN tonight by setting the balls where the CSUN blockers were waiting. probably per Shoji, sure.

  10. grace:

    I least we don't have to worry about hosting. It is how you finish in the NCAA Tournament that counts. This helps us not to worry about being unbeatable! It is very humbling! After the lost to UCSB snd watching the alumnae match, the team's desire and chemistry is not like it was like the start of the season. There seems to be some uneasiness on the team. Now, we can sit back and just do the best in the 2nd part of the regular season, then maybe turn the gear back up in post-season. What happened to that PASSION????

  11. Beauston:

    157 relax, see 158

  12. Volleyball fan:

    Correction. USC in the first round, not UCSB. Or maybe they won't go anywhere.

  13. Volleyball fan:

    159. Warriorfan, I hope I'm so dumb and wrong. But note that in the past few years they sent only one or maximum two teams to the playoffs. A couple of years ago Long Beach, Fullerton and Cal Poly tied for number of Big West Conference wins and yet Cal Poly got excluded from the playoffs. I was shocked then. So now I've come to expect the worst.

  14. Andrew:


    That may be true but Cal Poly didn't beat several top 25 teams that year. Nor were they ranked. Hawaii will make the tourney as long as they don't fall apart the rest of the season. Sometimes a lower seed/no seed can really help a team draw well in the tourney. For example the 2009 year when UH went to the final four. They had a low seeding and their draw in the tourney was much easier than others when they were seeded higher.

  15. big brother:

    There is no way Hawaii will be in the tournament. Based o.n Prev selections by committee there'll only be 1 team from BW, csun or ucsb, I don't see wahine leaving the islands in dec

  16. big brother:

    I'm so pissed cuz nobody knows how to dink a Dang ball

  17. Robin:

    I believe the last time UH was an at-large was when they were upset by Utah State in the WAC tourney.

  18. LanaiBoy:

    Hawaii can easily lose a couple of more matches the season; I have pretty much given up hope for Hawaii hosting the 1st round. However, it will easily make the the top 64 teams. Hawaii will have to collapse to miss the tourney. Remember, CSUN is one of the top teams in the Big West, was playing at home, and had to win in five. People forget that Hawaii is considered one of the traditional national powers. Hawaii lost, but the other top teams will all have their losses. The Big 10 and Pac 12 teams have murderous schedules.

  19. Alohilani:

    Is the conference possibly getting better or is UH imploding?

  20. Andrew:


    I think you're jumping way too quickly to that conclusion. It's funny how quickly fans turn and jump ship on a team and even more surprisingly against the volleyball team.

  21. big brother:

    Sry I'm too dramatic lol

  22. Warriorfan:

    Re. 165 soo stupid,
    UH's rpi is too high for them not to get a bid, again , soo stupid!!

  23. jmy:

    Maybe UH is in some kind of mid-season funk...

  24. soo stupid:

    It seems they peaked ,@ the Texas match, nd never been the same?

  25. Beauston:

    163 Maybe Shoji is going ala 2009? A little risky dont you think?

  26. Andrew:

    I do agree though with whoever said it earlier that UH's success depends a lot on the play of Taylor and Olevao, also to to mention the middles. Hartong is an amazing player and athlete but relying all on her makes Hawaii way too one dimensional. Still a lot of volleyball to be played so hopefully they bounce back.

  27. grace:

    Great teams win Big games!

  28. Alohilani:

    Maybe Shoji bachi'd the team - remember his speech when he was the winningest coach - he said we have a pretty good team and we will probably go far - oops not so fast.

  29. wop ur jaws:

    i give up. Why is Dave so sullen on the sidelines. Its time.

  30. Robin:

    Just from what I see, the middles in particular, their body language is so glum when the team gets in a funk...

  31. Cindy Luis:

    Still think it's too early to say they don't win the conference.
    Agree they got predictable. do think Hartong is being overused
    Disagree with the one-trick pony comment however. They've shown good balance but it seems if Hartong is having an off night, she gets little help. and then it becomes a catch 22. where they end up going to her more because she isn't getting help.
    Too many comments to even address tonight.
    And for some reason I'm no longer getting notifications when people post.
    so I'm calling it a night rather than go through 170-plus comments.

  32. Cindy Luis:

    one thing to note: all of Hawaii's losses have come in five. CSUN now 7-1 in five setters. UH 1-3.
    and no, didn't speak with Shoji tonight. We had a stringer covering the match for us at CSUN.

  33. bowsfan:

    Of course the middles aren't ready and in a funk, hardly used, almost like coming of the bench and asked to produce a kill. The main difference is that they are actually in the game and ignored by the setter and used as a blocker only. The setter needs to involve all the hitters and not ignore some, the other teams know we ignore our middles.

  34. hollycow:

    Stats are very telling, Hartong and Olevao set 63%, 121 of 191 and Vorster and Adolpho set 14.6%, 28 of 191. This definitely is MB ignored.

  35. mauna:

    184. hollycow. A definite fix is to start Higgins, a new quarterback may do wonders to go towards evening out the set distributions.

  36. Jim:

    I'm not expecting any lineup changes. Shoji is the type of coach who tends to stick with a lineup once he's made up his mind. I think something is wrong though, passing has really been off the last few weeks.

  37. grace:

    Wow the fans really bloggers and fans really love the Wahine so much that we want them to be so successful and have a magical year. Sometimes a season with trials and roadblocks like the last 2 losses can transform to a rewarding run at the post season. This is the time both the players and coaches need to step up for what said after the Texas win and after Coach Shoji's record setting win. " This team has great chemistry and no drama". " This team got what it takes to go all the way". Well now for both the players and Coach Shoji.....It's time to prove it!"

  38. jcvolcano:

    Said it twice before,saying it again, Uiato is telegraphing her set to the
    outside. Why the coaches aren't picking it up? Who knows? Will they
    nominate Uiato for POW like last week? UCSB coaches played the "tell"
    last week, now the everybody knows, except.............

  39. 'ohanaInBellingham:

    Ho, that was a hard match to watch. It's easy to get upset and coach from the couch. However, if we are truly supporting the girls and the coaches, we would see how UH adjusted by tightening their blocking and receiving better on the tough serving. (Notice the trend of UH's losses to tough-serving teams?) As Cindy said, all of UH's losses came in five sets. Not four. No sweeps. UH is a good team. Finally, although it has come at our expense, it's good to see competition in the BWC. That can only help UH better prepare for the playoffs this year and going forward. How UH responds when they play UCSB and CSUN in a few weeks will show me whether UH has what it takes.

  40. LanaiBoy:

    Interesting to hear what Nebraska Coach John Cook had to say about its loss to Purdue. Sounds very familiar. He said that "it was not rocket science" to figure out how teams will attack his team. They will attack the left-side hitters, Kelsey Robinson and Kadie Rolfzen, who receives almost 50 percent of Nebraska's attack. Of course, the solution is better offensive production from the middles and right side. What John Cook could have added is that teams will target Robinson on serves like UC Irvine coach, Paula Weishoff, instructed her team to target Hartong ["We served her every ball for God's sakes" (37 of them)]. Hartong and Manu-Olevao represented over 60% of Hawaii's attack against CSUN. That is very common this year. This is the reason why Shoji said that Hawaii is "very easy to scout." In fact ALL teams will have the same strategy. 1st target Hartong on serves. Second, to quote CSUN's Mahina Haina, "We tried to make sure we were going to block her....We made sure that we always knew where she was and where her attacking line was." As John Cook said, "this is not rocket science."

  41. Robin:

    Agree that the middles are needed to be more of the offense, even if the pass isn't perfect. Just some comments/observations IMHO of course...

    1) All the OH's are not good dinkers, with Kanani as a gold standard comparison. Seems like Emily and Tai in particular seem to think too often the only solution to being blocked is to hit harder...of course sometimes you'll get it off the block. But if the opponent has your hitting timing in synch with a well formed block. What about changing up hitting speed, hitting contact point, even just a little?

    2) Ali has done a good job as any in picking up dinks.

    3) Why does Emily go to the hard top-spin jump serve 100% of the time? Especially when she is tiring out? A top-spin jump serve with not much juice on it is just the same as a lollipop slow serve with little or no float to it. Why not work on the standing floater for her as well?

  42. Robin:

    for several minutes of the Matadors webcast, I thought one of the announcers was a girl (woman)...just sayin...

  43. jcvolcano:

    (189) (190) I agree. Our team is a great team. Nothing against Uiato but when I saw those well formed blocks by UCSB on both sides of the court
    one has to wonder. Targeting the strongest hitter, as (190) said, is standard
    defense. Ranked teams did this against Hartong, yet Hawaii beat them with
    a OPP and middle attack. UCSB, an unranked team, shutdown Hartong AND
    Taylor. If you watch the UCSB match you will see Hartong and Taylor hitting
    into well formed blocks every time they were set. Difficult enough to target
    one side well, almost impossible both sides well. UCSB was doing it, and
    well. Only one possible answer for UCSB's blocking success - their blockers KNEW where the ball was being set on serve/receive. Knowing early the
    direction of the set is an advantage for the defense as it allows the micro
    time to close a block. UCSB' MB could only be reading Uiato's setting motion
    and leaning, even moving in the right direction, BEFORE Uiato's fingers
    touched the ball. A good setter disguises her intended set in order to hold the opposing MB in position for as long as possible. In order to disguise her
    intended set she plans her approach such that she is moving forward and
    under the ball. This forward movement under the ball gives her options -
    set the hitter in front of her as she approaches; set the middle as she passes
    under, or backset the hitter behind her. In the UCSB match, Uiato would
    set herself early under the ball, then move to set. UCSB coaches in scouting
    found this flaw, and exploited it. Ever try backsetting from a static position
    without letting the whole world know what you intend to do?
    As said earlier, love this team, the girls, and their spirit.

  44. man eating apple:

    UH has ALWAYS overused their outside hitter. A coach could look at tape of UH from 1990 and get a complete scouting report. Nothing's changed. UH out in 2nd round of NCAA.

  45. oldtimer808:

    You win or lose the fickle fans come out with all their knowledge on how to coach a team please give me a break....I'm sorry our team lost but it happens to the best of them. Support the Wahines no matter what. The team is in good hands.

  46. poorboy:

    Cindy: The 3 losses for UH this year, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Northridge, I think , correct me if I am wrong, that all 3 of those teams had former Hawaii prep VB stars. Add Mahina Haina to the list of prep stars, ILH player of the year, to get victory against Dave Shoji and gals.

    I think, the 4 national championships that Dave Shoji and Wahine were part of, none of those teams went undefeated correct? Dave has to go back to drawing board, I don't know, work the middles more, the middles and setter, as long with serve receive game has to be spot on.

    Whole thing, now, play for best position for BWC tournament, Hawaii needs help now.
    Very hard thing to do, win a national championship, so much parity, WVB and MVB, so many good athletes!

  47. grace:

    Great observation 195. San Diego (Olivera), UCSB (Santi), Northrige (Haina) all coming from the private high schools here played a major parts in their teams wins. What can you say about our local talent? Hawaii No Kai Oi!!! I hate losing but good to see people we know and familar with get those wins over us. Some part of Hawaii is still winning. At least, there was something positive in a negative outcome .