Volley Shots

top 25 & big west scores 10-18

October 18th, 2013

will update more when I get to the arena

schedule is what AVCA has, not that I trust it.

1. USC (A) def.  ASU, 3-0

2. Florida (A) def. Arkansas 3-1

3. Texas idle

4. Penn State def. Illinois 3-2

5. Michigan State idle

6. Washington idle

7. Stanford (A) def  Washington State 3-0

8. Nebraska def. Indiana 3-0

9. Hawaii idle

10. Minnesota idle

11. San Diego idle

12. Colorado State idle

13. North Carolina (A) def. Virginia 3-0

14. Kentucky idle

16 Michigan (A) def. 15. Wisconsin (H) 3-0

17. Ohio State

18. Missouri def. Georgia 3-1

19. Florida State

20. BYU

21. Oregon (H) def. Colorado 3-0

22. Arizona State

23. Kansas

24. Duke (A) def. Georgia Tech 3-0

25. Purdue def. Iowa 3-0

Of note
Arizona (H) def. UCLA  3-0

Big West

UCI def. UCR, 3-1

UC Davis def. Cal Poly 3-1

UCSB def. CSUN 3-0

Long Beach State (H) def. CSUF 3-2

6 Responses to “top 25 & big west scores 10-18”

  1. LC:

    Cindy UCSB is up 2-0 against CSUN and leading 12-9 in the third set.Looks like we will be back in a tie for first place

  2. LC:

    UCSB sweeps CSUN 22-19-15

  3. vbfan:

    Northwestern is actually been a decent team. They beat two ranked teams in Purdue and Ohio State. They looked bad in Hawaii, I thought they would be the last place team in the Big 10.

  4. Kazu:

    UCLA not doing so good. UCSB doing well. Thanks to them UH tie for first.

  5. LC:

    as far as conference goes the Wahine got a reprieve tonight,now they need to get focused back on closing out undefeated.

  6. Cindy Luis:

    thanks. the UCSB website ha it 1-1 when I looked a while back.