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Hawaii drops to 10 in RPI, to 9 in poll

October 14th, 2013

Hawaii's five-set loss to UC Santa Barbara cost the Rainbow Wahine seven spots in the NCAA's Ratings Percentage Index released today.

Hawaii was at No. 3 last week in the first RPI of the season. The computer-generated power rankings are used by the NCAA selection committee for seedings and brackets of the postseason tournament.

The RPI measures wins, losses, strength of schedule and opponents' strength of schedule.

The Wahine (16-2) also dropped four places in the AVCA Coaches Top 25 poll today, falling from No. 5 to No. 9. The top four teams remained unchanged with USC (16-1) staying at No. 1 with 50 first-place votes.

Behind the Women of Troy are  Florida (17-1, 5 votes); Texas (12-2, 3 votes) and Penn State (14-2). New No. 5 Michigan State (17-1, 2 votes) moved up two spots followed by Washington (13-1), Stanford (12-3) and Nebraska (12-3).


In the RPI, Texas, which lost to Hawaii in the opening match of the season, remained at No. 1. Rounding out the Top 10 are Penn State, Florida, USC, Stanford, Nebraska, Creighton, Washington and Michigan State.

UC Santa Barbara, which was at 102 last week, jumped to No. 75 after its win over the Wahine.


62 Responses to “Hawaii drops to 10 in RPI, to 9 in poll”

  1. OrbitalRipZ:

    ~~ From the WHO CARES Department ~~

    It's not a given but [IMHO] the top 32 RPI teams will be in the 64-field Big Dance. While at one point it appeared that both the Big Ten and the Pac-12 were on track to break their league record in number of bids received, the Pac-12 has faltered.

    Here's the breakdown of the top 32 RPI:

    Big Ten : 8 of the Big Ten's 12 teams are in the Top 32 [2 of the remaining 4 members are on the "bubble" as far as receiving NCAA bids]

    Pac-12 : 6 of 12 [5 of the remaining 6 are "bubble"]

    SEC/Southeastern : 6 of 13 [2 of the remaining 7 are "bubble"]

    Big 12 : 3 of 12 [4 "bubble"]

    ACC/Atlantic Coast : 3 of 15 [4 "bubble"]

    WCC/West Coast : 2 of 10 [2 "bubble"]

    Big East: 2 of 9 [2 "bubble"]

    Big West: 1 of 9 [1 "bubble"]

    Mountain West: 1 of 11 [1 "bubble"]

    As for hosting a subregional, any team in the Top 10 RPI is 99% likely to do so. That leaves teams in the 11 ~ 22 RPI fighting over the remaining 6 subregional positions or teams in the 12 ~ 23 RPI fighting over the remaining 5 subregionals. In short, I would be praying to the volleyball gods for help if Hawai'i falls to 11 or lower in future RPI Mondays.

  2. Cubicle1126:

    the cutoff point for teams to make the NCAA tourney has usually been about the mid-40s of the RPI.

  3. setaone:

    I wish fans would be a little more optimistic. Sure, Hawaii has a loss in BWC, but the this year's preseason was a lot more difficult than last season. Hopefully the strength of this preseason can help hold up the "weakness" of the BWC.

    Lets remember, last year Hawaii's first RPI was pretty low and they had to win to climb up the RPI.

  4. Cubicle1126:

    setaone -- absolutely, there is still plenty of reason to be optimistic.

    we should also realize that the drop in the rpi for hawaii this week is owed, not just to the loss over the weekend, but also because ucsb's 8-8 record and cal poly's 8-9 record were calculated into the rpi formula. hawaii has yet to play some of the big west teams with winning records, like northridge and uc davis (although davis is just barely above .500).

    plus a number of teams from hawaii's non-conference schedule are starting to pick up wins in their own respective conference ... raising their overall winning percentages. (not all are doing that, of course, like ucla ... but the overall strength of hawaii's non-conference schedule may allow hawaii's rpi to hold steady.).

  5. Maverick:

    53, 54. Also remember that all of the other top 10 teams except Nebraska went undefeated, so UH was bound to drop more dramatically with its loss. Even with a win UH would have dropped because of ucsb and poly's records. That being said, not all is lost and UH still has a good chance of obtaining a seed...as long as they run the table.

  6. OrbitalRipZ:

    Re: 52 I do not deal with "usually" or "about." When I make a statement it is a statement of fact; thus, I said "the top 32 teams WILL BE in the 64-field," I do not make wide statements that the cutoff point USUALLY is ABOUT.

    Moreover, I recall a year in which a mid-major team in the mid 30s failed to secure a bid after winning its conference at the end of the season but then losing in the first round of its conference's championship tournament and thus the NCAA gave the automatic berth to the conference champion but an invite to the runner-up of that tournament (which was a "bubble" team).

    Further I disagree with you. Teams in the mid-40s are what I consider to be "bubble teams" and -- should they fail to secure their conference title -- are left to the mercy of the Selection Committee.

  7. Maverick:

    55. I correct myself--North Carolina, #10 last week, also lost.

  8. Cubicle1126:

    orbital -- why are you being so defensive?

    i wasn't even disagreeing with you! there was nothing in my statement that was in disagreement. i was merely offering an observation to give people an idea where the rpi-cutoff has traditionally fallen. are there exceptions? well, yes, because when it comes down to it, the rpi is not the only factor relied upon by the committee in making their selections. (although sometimes it just feels like they're only using the rpi.)

    you started your post by saying it was from the "who cares department." ... and then you get all defensive when someone tries to add to the conversation? it sounds like "you" care quite a bit... or would you prefer that you be allowed to post your thoughts, but not allow others to add to the discussion? if so, then participating in a blog might be the wrong forum for you ... just sayin' ...

  9. Cubicle1126:

    orbital -- in any case, i will raise one point with you. there may be an exception to your "statement of fact" that the top 32 in the rpi "WILL BE" in the tournament...

    illinois is #25 in rpi. but currently have a losing record of 7-9. if they don't get to .500 or better (which they will be hard-pressed to do competing in the big10), then even if they maintain an rpi in the top 32, they won't make the tournament.

  10. tako:

    I agree with Grammy, championships are won on the court. So long as the Wahine have the opportunity to take the court they have a chance. RPI or otherwise, you gotta believe and support this team, losing to UCSB is not the end of the season. It is what it is, you can't change yesterday's news, the Wahines' journey just got a bit more challenging. Sort of like the US Men's Hockey team that won the Olympic gold metal, what a story. We are witnessing OUR own here. _Go Rainbow-Wahine=+++++

  11. OrbitalRipZ:

    Re: 59 Interesting assumption going on: just because a team is 7-9 and 25 RPI right now, it does not mean that it will maintain its 25 RPI should it finish the rest of the season winning 50% and losing 50% of its matches.

    True, you would think a losing W-L record would eliminate the Fighting Illini from an at-large bid -- regardless of its RPI.

    But I hope Illinois ends the season with a losing record for two reasons: one, it will throw the NCAA into an embarrassing situation as Illinois is one of the predetermined regional sites; and two, it will call back a long forgotten NCAA Championship tournament in which a Big Ten team did receive an at-large bid in spite of its losing overall W-L record.

    But really, Who Cares? All sports is LOCAL! As Tako says, Go Rainbow-Wahine!

  12. Cubicle1126:

    orbital -- in a way, it's already happened with regard to illinois. they had a losing record last year, which kept them out of the tournament, in spite of an rpi that would have gotten them in. (i believe their rpi last year was #37 ... not to far of from your top 32 assessment.) athough, illinois did not host a regional last year.

    and no one is assuming anything about whether illinois will retain an rpi that would otherwise merit inclusion in the tourney. which is why i used the words "if" and "may." just pondering the possibilities, which as last year's example of illinois proves, could happen again this year.