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UCSB 3, Hawaii 2

October 11th, 2013

UH has switched its satrting  rotation. Mendoza will start. Adolpho and Vorster, Uiato, Longo, Hartong, Manu-Olevao. probably to take some pressure off Hartong for passing

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  1. Warriorfan:

    I'd be okay acknowledging when a team comes and and plays lights out, but UCSB did not. UH made so many silly hitting mistakes and played awful defense all match.

  2. big brother:

    Meant gauchos

  3. UHfannva:

    Unfortunately, UH got what they deserve, a lost and packing for entire post season

  4. Andrew:

    So much for hosting 1st and 2nd rounds. I know they're ranked 3rd in RPI now but they just gave the NCAA committee a lot of ammo to send them packing. And we all know what happened last year when UHs RPI ranking ended conveniently at no. 17

  5. Ashley:

    142. LC i agree, he always seems to be putting Hawaii down in some way. so now CSUN sits on top as the only undefeated team, that annoys me. Ashley Kastl tonight i believe earned the right to start tomorrow against cal poly. it could have been an easy sweep for UCSB if tai continued. so let's see if Dave awards her. kind of disappointed he didn't start her in set 2

  6. jmy:

    UH looked really nervous all night...Kind of like deer in headlights...Reminded me of the men's team...

  7. cocobean:

    Santa Barbara got on a high and stayed there. They were the more mentally tough team tonight. Good example of a team that had more WANT TO than a team which was favored.

  8. Kazu:

    # 144. Wahine showed up late for the match. Tomorrow night is not going to be easy. I think Poly is just as good as UCSB or better. Must be UCSB new coach.

  9. Warriorfan:

    150, jmy totally, awful defense, can't make easy digs , too many hitting errors, and bad passing and setting, check, check, check, check!!

    Oh well hope they wake up.

  10. Buds4life:

    UCSB deserve this big time. Just another loss, unfortunately for NaWahine magnify it by a factor of ten. Just gave the NCAA a reason to send the ladies to Siberia for the regionals. Time to regroup and try to improve for the rest of the season.

  11. big brother:

    Dave needs to learn how to use his bench more efficiently instead of waiting til it's too late

  12. Kazu:

    Northridge plays UC Irvine tmro, sure win for them. They sitting on top now.

  13. Volleyball fan:

    Kazu, Cal Poly lost to UCSB but they had beaten Long Beach which UCSB failed to. So it's hard to tell which team is better. I'm sorry to read so many nasty remarks against the UH players. Really I feel sorry for the girls as now they know that they won't host the first two rounds of the playoffs when they tried so valiantly and just fell short, three points in the fifth set. Yes, they made lots of exasperating mistakes and failed, but it's not like they deliberately sabotaged the game, so all those nasty remarks that some made are just offensive. Like one article said, there are too many wildcards in the team and Emily Hartong can't do it alone. She needs more help. Vorster had one of her worst nights (alliterates here), and I sure feel for her. If I had played so badly I would have just cried and would have never dared to read any blogs in this post. I know because I played recreational volleyball at Cal Poly and felt horrible if I messed up. So, please, have a little compassion.

    As for tomorrow, I will definitely feel split loyalties between two teams I support. So I won't comment tomorrow at all.

  14. jcvolcano:

    Sad loss. But maybe best for wahines. Especially if their coaches realize that the teams achilles heel is
    in their setter. Great scouting by UCSB's coaching staff to recognize wahines weakness.........too much
    reliance on Hartong, especially on important points, broken plays, etc. UCSB expected those sets, each
    time breaking a hawaii run when successful, or adding to a run of their own. Uiato is a great setter but,
    what the wahines need is a great setter who can also strategize. One who isn't thinking of losing.
    As for Ashley Kastl, she brings energy to the team with her enthusiasm after a great play. Manu-olevao
    and her smirk after a great play should let herself celebrate openly, it would add to the teams moment
    of joy......and spirit. The wahines played their heart out, each one of them. Now it is up to the coaching
    staff to even the playing field. UCSB has "read" Uiato. So will the rest of the big west teams. Is the
    wahines coaching staff up to the task?

  15. Vbfan:

    I don't know what happened, but it seems like we always have one game a year where don't seem ready to play. Cal last year, Fresno in the WAC tournament etc. They made so many hitting errors that they don't usually make. UCSB lost at home to a bad Long Beach team, they really have no business losing this game.

  16. LC:

    I guess we can do a lot of finger pointing but it's water under the bridge right now,time for them to refocus and quickly move on.

    I'm also reminding myself that several other top teams like USC,Penn State,Texas have all suffered losses this year, it happens.

  17. jmy:

    What was discouraging & frustrating was that they flubbed on easy plays...Easy digs went straight to the rafters, did not capitalize on free balls...They looked rattled, as if they were afraid of losing...which they did...

  18. eq:

    Very hard loss Wahine. Wake up call. No one is immune to an upset, and it will happen. UCSB had the Wahine game plan down and blocked Olevao and Hartong like text book. Wahine back row defense not good, coordinating passing and kill attempts sloppy. service errors were less that usual tho. Very "out of it" performance.

  19. littlepapi:

    Good loss if there is such a thing. Really hurt their RPI. Hawaii's middles really got expose tonight. Double Emily and not have to pay the price. Hopefully coach can figure it out his middle situation. I vote to play TK.

  20. Ashley:

    my last comment on this match for the night. Hawaii was not the Hawaii team we are use to seeing. Errors hurt them, bad calls from the refs i am not surprised. I will commend Hawaii though on the effort to not allow themselves to be swept on their home floor. that I can say I seen a positive on. My biggest positive was the play from Ashley Kastl. she brought so much life and energy into the third set that it makes me bring in the What If's. what if Ashley started? what if Ashley was inserted earlier? so many things to think about. understandably i know she struggles sometimes, but after tonight i can't imagine Dave not awarding her a shot to start. I do like that she shows so much emotion. more than tai does, which is something tai could try show more of. a loss is a loss, I have to keep telling myself "it's not the end of the road" maybe that #5 ranking was too high. I don't know. BUT the positive thing i think every Hawaii fan should take away from this loss is this...the big west isn't the WAC. finally Hawaii is being challenged and forced to play. constantly we complained that Hawaii was never pushed hard enough when being in the WAC. well now they are here in the big west, and we see teams that are giving Hawaii a run for their money. I won't allow myself anymore to be mad and upset if they lose another BW match, because at least i know that it will somehow have to make this team play at a higher level no matter who is across the net. i do get frustrated when I get caught up in the game so i apologize if i make any stupid remarks(probably all out of frustration) really. I hope this loss is another wake up call for these girls. they are a great team this year, this was just one of those nights.

  21. grace:

    Kastl showed why she deserves to play much more than she does! She makes mistakes like the other OH, but she definitely brings enthusiasm and effort. There is a definite chemistry when she is in there. She is also very good in the backrow. She is so wasted on the bench. We need passionate athletes not lethargic volleyball players out there. The middle attack really needs to shore up. I wouldn't hesistate bringing Tuaniga in for Vorster. Vorster has to improve for our team to be successful in postseason. If not we may be in trouble. Adolpho is fine. Uiato just didn't bring her great setting tonight. But she will redeem

  22. LanaiBoy:

    It's pretty much a given that all Big West teams will target Hartong on serves and that they will camp out on the left-side hitters, especially Hartong, and challenge Hawaii to beat them with the middles and right-side hitters. Up to now, the middles and Taylor have come through really well but, unfortunately, not tonight. Their coming through is why Hawaii is rated 5th in the nation and had only one defeat on its record. Adolpho had one of her worst matches and Vorster continues to patty-cake the ball (however, most times effectively most of the season, I must say). I expect both to return to form tomorrow night. This was one of the matches where practically everyone had an off-nightl. I don't think this will happen too often.

  23. Cindy Luis:

    171. I don't know Grace. she came in, played well, but her problem is constancy. she was 5-5-13. in on 4 blocks,
    She came in for Manu-Olevao who was 5-5-22. what hurt them the most was Taylor having such an off night 7-8-26. and too many unforced errors as well as mental ones.

  24. Cindy Luis:

    167. JMY do agree with you about playing not lose. instead of playing to win. Think they did tighten up.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    153, 154. We'll see how this affects the RPI. Agree that the committee will look at this as a bad loss but there is still a lot of volleyball to be played, not just by Hawaii but by all the teams UH has already played. Don't know how UCLA is tanking will hurt Hawaii; it won't be as bad as how Cal affected the Wahine since UH did beat the Bruins.
    Agree with the rest of you that Hawaii looked horrible out there. an off night pretty much by everyone. Thought Uiato played well. She did go to Hartong too often but at many points during the match, Hartong was the most consistent hitter out there.

  26. Andrew:

    I agree Cindy that there's a lot of volleyball left to be played. I just think though that the RPI is gonna drop closer and closer to that borderline 16 and when December comes around Hawaii is gonna somehow magically appear at 17.

    I also agree that Taylor's play was one of the keys to the match. If she's on, then that takes pressure off Hartong. It seemed though that most of the night the double block was just waiting because of being too predictable.

  27. andy:

    this is the match in a nutshell. Wahine were horrible in the first two games. everybody, including Hartong, stunk it up. yeah, UCSB played well, but if the team you're playing against is playing badly and not because you're making them play badly, that doesn't make you great. all three serving specialists come in and miss their first serve. inexcusable. Tai, Nikki, Jade and Kalei sucked, missing easy shots and not being able to get a kill when it mattered. i think the Wahine had none, or maybe one block in the first two games. also inexcusable. don't mind Emily taking so many swings, but she needs to be more efficient. she was getting blocked too much. and is it just me, or is Hartong just not playing as well as she was earlier in the season? too many missed digs on easy hits. the only one who i think played really well was Longo, again. UCSB is a good team, but no way should they beat the Wahine. they have size, but really only one good player. the Wahine deserve all the criticism that they get here. they are a very, very good team and dammit, they need to play like it.

  28. jmy:

    177. Totally agree with "too many missed digs on easy hits"...

  29. Grammy:

    I waited and waited last night for the Wahine to show up, but it never happened really. Hawaii has been outplayed twice this year and both time times by teams that they matched up well with on paper but got out played by on the court. For a team it can make a season highlight reel to 'take down' THE PROGRAM. For a coach it can be a career highlight to out coach THE COACH with the most wins in your sport. Well, so be it, get used to it, cause those 'bulls eyes' are not going away so expect a battle every time. And expect some 'off nights', too. This blog has been rife with 'diversify the offense-ers' but I also feel there is an equal amount of true believers, too. Not many people left the building last night, I for one was totally emotionally drained after the last whistle and dazed all the way home, but I won't give up on the team and I will be back tonight and I will believe we can and will win until the last whistle. Go Wahine!

  30. Ashley:

    other teams in the conference now see the light at the end of the tunnel. they see that Hawaii is beatable. BUT they shouldn't do what Hawaii probably did with UCSB. don't overlook Hawaii, that might be a huge mistake. i believe after this embarrassing loss at home, that Hawaii now has something to prove. they still have to prove to be the team to beat, one loss in conference play that's fine, it's still early. i highly doubt any team will go undefeated in conference play, that team now being CSUN.

  31. Msrpantoja1@netzero.com:


  32. Rafael Villatoro:

    Read this blog quite a bit and was just seem's like Cindy you have no support for Kastl? Is there an issue?

  33. mauna:

    177. Hey Andy, exactly my thoughts, we were watching the same match with the same views.

  34. grace:

    All of our comments rather complimenting or not is because we all LOVE our team. It doesn't matter how start but how we finish at the end of the season. We just need to get to the postseason and get to the FINAL FOUR. Then

  35. grace:

    All of our comments rather complimenting or not is because we all LOVE our team. It doesn't matter how we start but how we finish at the end of the season. We just need to get to the postseason and get to the FINAL FOUR. Then bring home that NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Then all of our anxieties will go away!!!

  36. TW:

    Another way to look at it is when Hartong is on it takes the pressure off Taylor. Taylor does well when there are two blockers on Hartong but she had a lot of one-on-one opportunities and didn't deliver. It's great that Taylor had a couple of good blocks but the times she got tooled and was misaligned on the hitters exposed her lack of technique. UCSB served tougher than UH but not nearly as tough as Penn State, Nebraska, Minnesota, USC and Florida. Vorster made some big mistakes at critical times but ended with the highest hitting percentage .235; the next highest was Emily at .148; and Taylor was the worst at -.038 and she still started all five sets and had the second most attempts. There are no All American candidates on UCSB's team and plenty on the teams UH will have to play if they have any hope of post-season success. Dave's "set lineup" may prove to be the teams biggest weakness. Many of the top teams are still refining their line-up but UH seems to go with the same six regardless of how they perform. Although Kastl had her problems, at least she brought some energy to the court. Goodman and Higgins provided one of the few sparks when they were given the opportunity. TK is an effective hitter behind the setter which provides a different look for the offense. None of these viable options are being utilized to any extent.

    Taylor Higgins is basically burning up a year of eligibility and has had almost no opportunity to set. She only has 47 assists and Longo has 60. The double sub has enormous potential but is limited in its effectiveness because it's only used for defensive purposes not offensive production. Stauber set much more than Higgins and wasn't nearly as skilled. It's disturbing that Shoji shows so little confidence in Higgins at this point in the season. If Higgins is going to be the setter next year she needs to get court time that is meaningful. Higgins (3 aces / 2 errors on 20 attempts) has a more threatening serve than Sarah Mendoza (5 aces / 15 service errors on 176 attempts) and plays excellent defense so why is Higgins getting less playing time than Mendoza.

  37. Cindy Luis:

    182 I have no issue with Kastl and it is not my job to support one player over another. when people ask my opinion on Kastl i said that the issue has been her consistency as to why she hasn't started IMHO. mentioned when she came in last night that she brought a lot of energy. Then at the end when someone said she should be starting over Manu-Olevao, all I did was point out that if you look at the stats she ended up 5-5-22, the same stats as Manu-Olevao.