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Top 25 schedule for 10-11

October 11th, 2013

Will start updating later. some scores from 10-10

AVCA doesn't have Hawaii playing again until 10-26 so not sure I trust the schedule they have up

1. USC (A) def. Oregon State 3-0

2. Florida (H) def.  No. 15 Kentucky 3-0

3. Texas  idle at Kansas Saturday

4. Penn State idle, hosts Wisconsin Saturday

5. Hawaii hosts UCSB

6. Washington (H) leads  Arizona 2-0

7. Michigan State (H) def.  Iowa 3-0

8. Stanford (H) def. Utah  3-0

9. Nebraska (A) def.  No. 17 Michigan 3-2

10. North Carolina (H) loses to Duke 3-0

11. Minnesota idle at Ohio State Saturday

12. San Diego def. USF 3-0 (Thursday)

13. Colorado State def. Utah State 3-1 (Thursday)

14. Ohio State (H) lost to No. 19 Wisconsin 3-2

15. Kentucky (A) lost to No. 2 Florida, 3-0

16. Arizona State (A) lost to Washington State 3-2

17. Michigan (H) lost to No. 9 Nebraska 3-2

18. Ohio lost to Kent State 3-1 (Thursday)

19. Wisconsin (A) def  No. 14 Ohio State 3-2

20. Purdue (H) def.  Illinois 3-1

21. Florida State (H) def  Maryland 3-0

22. Oregon (H) def.  No. 23 UCLA 3-1

23. UCLA (a) loses at  No. 22 Oregon 3-1

24. BYU def. Santa Clara 3-1 (Thursday)

25. Missouri (A) def. Tennessee 3-0

10 Responses to “Top 25 schedule for 10-11”

  1. LanaiBoy:

    Nebraska wins in five over Michigan; USC swept Oregon State; Michigan State swept Iowa; Purdue beat Illinois 3-1; and Wisconsin over Ohio State in five.

  2. Cindy Luis:

    thanks. have updated most. heading out to the arena.

  3. Maverick:

    Watching the ucla and Oregon match. Ucla looked disorganized in losing set two. Also, Holly McPeak named UH as one if her top four teams. Nice to see.

  4. UHfannva:

    Holly mcpeak says UH top 4 teams in nation. Hopefully she is right, go wahine!

  5. LC:

    McPeak names Hawaii`i Top 4 team on ESPNU.

  6. LC:

    McPeak says Uiato might be the best setter in the country, likes Hawaii's senior leadership.

  7. Don:

    I guess they got rid of the UH hater Kelli Tennant...

  8. vbfan4life:

    UCLA just lost to the Ducks 3-1, first time five match losing streak in PAC-12 for the Bruins

  9. Cindy Luis:

    Didn't McPeak say that last week when Hawaii was at The Beach too? about UH being one of the top teams?
    Not sure where Tenant went. Think I saw here doing some sideline for football.

  10. Kazu:

    Wahine starting off slow. middles not doing well.