Volley Shots

Top 25 & Big West scores 10-4 UW loses

October 4th, 2013

Some from Thursday

1. Washington loses at Colorado 3-1

2. USC (A) def. No. 7 Stanford 3-0

3. Florida (H) def. Texas A&M 3-0

4. Texas idle

5. Penn State  (A) def. Indiana 3-0 Thursday

6 Hawaii def.  Long Beach State, 3-0

7.  Stanford (H) loses to  USC, 3-0

8. Minnesota (A) lost at  No. 10 Nebraska 3-0

9. Michigan State (H) def. . Illinois 3-0

10. Nebraska (H)def. No. 8 Minnesota, 3-0

11. North Carolina (A) def. Syracuse 3-0

No. 12 Ohio State (A) lost to No. 24 Purdue 3-0

No. 13 San Diego (H) def. Loyola Marymount 3-2 (Thurs)

15. Arizona State (H) def. Oregon State 3-0

No. 16 UCLA (H) lost to  Cal 3-0

No. 17. Colorado State (A) def. Nevada 3-1 Thurs

No. 18 Florida State (A) lost to  George Tech 3-1

No. 19 Kentucky (H) def. Ole Miss 3-0

No. 20. Ohio (H) lost to. Miami 3-1

No. 21 Oregon (A) lost at Arizona 3-1 Croson with 18 kills

No. 22 Creighton (A) lost to Butler 3-1

No. 24 Purdue (H) def.  No. 12 Ohio State 3-0

No. 25. Iowa State idle

Big West

CSU Fullerton def. UC Davis 3-2

CSUN (A) def. UC Riverside, 3-0

10 Responses to “Top 25 & Big West scores 10-4 UW loses”

  1. roofer68:

    Purdue def. Ohio St 3-0

  2. LC:

    Cal sweeps UCLA 28-26,31-29,25-14.

  3. roofer68:

    Colorado def. overrated Washington 3-1.

  4. Andrew:

    I see USC falling at Stanford as well, which will possibly prove my prediction true of Florida becoming the new #1.

  5. setaone:

    How far does that drop Washington?

  6. LanaiBoy:

    USC swept Stanford 3-0. SC looked impressive; it has great outsides, Briciio, Nwanebu, and Shaw; now the middles, such as Alexis Olgard and Hannah Schraer have come on real strong. They probably will be #1 this coming Monday if it beats Cal (a huge upset if it doesn't, but Colorado beat #1 Washington).

  7. Andrew:

    Hah nvm I stand corrected

  8. Cindy Luis:

    3. I think the west coast teams struggle in places such as Colorado and BYU because of the altitude. It affects the ball. The UH players have often said that the ball feels harder when they play at altitude.

  9. Bumby:

    Not only that traveling east does have a greater affect than traveling west on the body.

  10. OrbitalRipZ:

    Re: 8 Don't disagree and less we forget the Buffs (10-3) also upset UCLA at Boulder just last week


    Now that previously unbeaten Washington has fallen -- didn't see that coming this week, and neither did the Dawgs -- we are left with 3 teams with perfect records:

    [#35] Missouri (18-0)/SEC (3-0) ... Top 2 Obstacles Standing in the Way of a Perfect Regular Season: Florida (twice), Kentucky (twice)

    [#11] North Carolina (14-0)/ACC (3-0) but 10/6 versus Boston College ... Top 3 Obstacles Standing in the Way of a Perfect Regular Season: Florida State, Miami, Duke

    [#17] Colorado St. (13-0)/Mountain West (4-0) ... Top 3 Obstacles Standing in the Way of a Perfect Regular Season: San Diego St (twice), Utah St (twice), UNLV (twice)