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Comments from Danielson following exhibition

September 25th, 2013

Not going to stay too long. It's freezing in here.

Danielson came by. Asked her how she was feeling. She is still recouping from meniscus surgery (left knee) which was in June. She's been limited in her jumping and knew she'd only play in two sets. Thought the crowd was really good and she was happy to play in the arena again. Said it was always an amazing experience. And happy to speak English since she doesn't get to much while in Japan.

Said she is looking forward to her season but that she knows it's going to be a long one. Team leaves Friday so she won't be here to watch the Wahine play.

Also ran into Ashley Watanabe prior to the match. She has been back from Guam, where she was working her family's  franchise (think it's Taco del Mar). Said she is now doing Real Estate.

Heading back to Kailua before it gets any colder in here.

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  1. LanaiBoy:

    Looks like LBS won the 5th set 15-13 over UCSB. No upset after all.