Hawaii 3, Wichita State 0

September 21st, 2013

Looking like the UH will pretty much be on time, maybe 2:35 pm

Creighton swept South Dakota 25-19, 25-20, 25-19

Wichita State 11-1, on a 10-match winning streak. Only loss to Arizona State

UH (10-1), 8 match winning streak. Only loss to San Diego on Sept. 1

They are expecting about 3,000. Only ranked team the Shockers have faced this year.

On Radio in Hawaii 1500-AM which does not have internet streaming. OC 885

livestats available  http://stats.statbroadcast.com/broadcast/?SPID=2838&DB_OEM_ID=7500&id=28383

you can purchase video through go shockers.com

Lineups up. Looks like the usual for UH Taylor, Vorster, Manu-Olevao, Uiato, Hartong, Adolpho, Longo

57 Responses to “Hawaii 3, Wichita State 0”

  1. 808:

    Shocker radio online: http://www.shockerradio.com/listen/flash.html

  2. OrbitalRipZ:

    Only a handful of preseason tournaments featured a majority of participating teams chosen to win their conference crown this year.

    The Nike Big Four Classic (which I think is being discontinued in its present form) showcased Texas, Penn State, Stanford, and Florida -- all tabbed to take the conference title in their respective preseason poll of coaches.

    The Shocker Volleyball Classic is another -- perhaps the only other -- to showcase a majority of preseason conference title favorites.

    Hawai'i -- #1 in the Preseason Poll of Big West Coaches.

    Wichita St. -- #1 in the Preseason Poll of Missouri Valley Coaches.

    Creighton -- #1 in the Preseason Poll of Big East Coaches.

    While South Dakota was chosen #4 (of 8 teams) in the Preseason Poll of Summit League Coaches, it is the only Summit League team presently playing over .500 and is the team Shoji believes should win its conference.

    Time to walk the walk. But this walk -- unlike that which will be gifted to Penn State in the NCAA Championship 1st, 2nd, and probably 3rd round bracket -- will not be a cakewalk.

    Go Bows!

  3. Ashley:

    hope for a better game from the girls today.

  4. wop ur jaws:

    watching the video. pretty good crowd.

  5. Cindy Luis:

    thanks for the exact shocker link

  6. Cindy Luis:

    3. they won, which is what matters matters. give Creighton some credit. they cut down their service and unforced hitting errors and played the kind of match UH had expected them to.

  7. Maverick:

    Wahine playing much better today. Nice start.

  8. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 15-7 at the TTO
    harton 4-16, Manu-Olevao and Adolph 3-0-4. 2 aces. Uiato and Hartong. Long has served.

  9. Cindy Luis:

    Uiato with 2 dumps, UH up20-15 TO WSU

  10. Cindy Luis:

    Hartong 4-1-10, Adolph 4-0-6, Manu-Olevao 3-1-5, Vorster 2-0-3, Uiato 2-0-2

  11. Cindy Luis:

    UH with the double sub, Goodman and Higgins. UH up 22-17

  12. Cindy Luis:

    Wahine had been up 23-17. WSU back with a 3-0 run, including a block of Uiato. TO UH 23-20

  13. Cindy Luis:

    hartong with a kill, ace by Uiato. 25-20.

  14. Maverick:

    Hartong took 40% of UH's swings. Need to spread the wealth around.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    UH hit 271, Hartong 7-3-20, Adolpho 4-0-8, Manu-Olevao 3-1-8, Vorster 2-0-5, Uiato 2-1-3, Taylor 0-0-5. 2 aces, 1 SE. 1 block, 24 digs (11 by Longo)
    Shockers hit 231. 2 aces. 21 digs, 2 blocks. Andrade 3-0-6, Driskill 3-1-7.

  16. Ashley:

    6. hold up, i just said i hope they play better today. I said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Creighton, only that I was hoping for a better turn out than what happened yesterday. i never doubted Creighton at all, sorry for hoping they play better. My bad.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    And my bad for reading more into it. I don't think UH has played that badly. they did have some let downs and the other team raised their play
    14. it was much more spread out through 15 if you read the stats at the TTO. Hartong took more swings toward the end.

  18. Maverick:

    Wow, Ginger missed her second straight serve.

  19. mei mei:

    wow Ginger, you're brought to be Back row/serving specialist... watsup?

  20. Maverick:

    17. Still not a good situation. If I'm scouting UH, I'll plan on loading up on Hartong at the end of sets and force someone else to win the match.

  21. AniMatsuri:

    Interesting listening to Hawaii announced by station that's dedicated to the other team.

  22. Maverick:

    Kinda neat, I hear "Let's go Bows" in the background as I watch the streaming video. Great fan support in Kansas.

  23. mei mei:

    I think it's the team-mates chanting ...

  24. Cindy Luis:

    Kill by M-O, UH pu 15-13. So is this anti Long or pro-Kawamura debate? Long struggled yesterday and they are giving her a chance to work through it today. hasn't happened yet.

  25. Maverick:

    Jade just served.

  26. lineout:

    hawaii rarely leaves hawaii... lol

  27. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 20-17. TO WSU

  28. Maverick:

    26. I think they should put Long back in to work through it. Rather now than when the match is on the line.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    Goodman gets a kill at 21-17. UH not able to get Taylor in so Higgins in the front row. Funny. Higgins and Vorster team for the block

  30. Cindy Luis:

    Manu-Olevao ends it 25-20

  31. Maverick:

    Interesting listening to the WSU announcer. Doesn't have Leahey's flair, but he doesn't make a lot of the in-game mistakes either. Very even keeled.

  32. Vbfan:

    Hopefully no 3rd set letdown this time.

  33. mei mei:

    the shocker radio announcer keeps saying that UH was down 2 games to Creighton then Rainbow Wahine won the next three sets?? huh??

  34. Maverick:

    caught that too...he must have been given bad info

  35. grace:

    I am glad the announcer on video speaks highly of Hawaii

  36. grace:

    Ali Longo so valuable back there digging and passing!
    Where is Ashley Kastl? Why no PT?

  37. Cindy Luis:

    31. we'll see what happens.
    do think Hartong set too much but obviously she's been effective and you go to your hot hitter
    Hartong 13-3-30 333, Manu-Olevao 6-2-18, Taylor 5-2-15 (all kills in Set 2 5-2-10), Vorster 2-0-6, Uiato 2-2-4, Goodman 1-1-3,
    3 aces, 5 erros (Long with 2), 36 digs, Longo 15. UH 4 blocks, 3 in Set 2 so they out block WSU 3-1 in Set 2
    UH hit 306 for Set 2 ,WSU 125.

  38. Cindy Luis:

    Someone mentioned the Let's Go Bows. Blaine said there were some UH fans there.

  39. Maverick:

    Hearing the chant again from the fans, Let's Go Bows

  40. Cindy Luis:

    UH down 9-6. TO Wahine. probably more of a 'focus' TO. they don't want the crowd back into this

  41. Cindy Luis:

    Interesting. UH finally take the lead at 21-20. Hartong yet to have a kill in Set 3.

  42. Cindy Luis:

    UH up 22-20 on a WSU hitting error. TO WSU
    Hartong 0-0-6 in Set 3.
    Olevao 10-3-25 for the match.

  43. Cindy Luis:

    Adolph blocked twice. WSU has tied it at 23. TO UH

  44. Maverick:

    Nice match.

  45. Cindy Luis:

    Wahine win 25-23. last two points came on an overreach by WSU and a hitting error . back in a bit

  46. lineout:

    great match to a very good wsu team

  47. Vbfan:

    Hard to believe but I don't think Hartong got a single kill in the third set

  48. surfboy:

    Who made the all tourney team/mvp?

  49. LanaiBoy:

    I thought for sure that Hawaii would go to Hartong in the last part of the 3rd set when they were 3 points ahead. They went twice to Adolpho instead and Wichita got two straight blocks. The coach, in the post-game show, said that they were trying to slow down Hartong and Manu-Olevao by concentrating its blocks on them. Sort of succeeded in the 3rd set but not the first 2. The rest of the Bows came through and the Shockers made a few unforced errors at the end, thank goodness.

  50. hollycow:

    49. Will be after tomorrow's match.

  51. Maverick:

    49. There's one more match tomorrow to close out the tourney. Not clear they will announce prior to the completion of that match.

  52. Warriorfan:

    Succesful weekend, got three solid rpi boosting wins.

  53. hossana:

    Forget all the criticisms and negativity as to who did what and didn't do what but let's congratulate this team in unison for going on the road and winning all three games...needless to say, it was not easy but the bottom line is Shoji et. staff and the team came through on a difficult road trip playing before pro-Wichita State crowd.
    They deserve nothing but plaudits and certainly deserve a rest...I mean a good rest with winning 4 tournaments in a row against tough competition......nothing more and nothing less.....

  54. Cruisecontrol:

    49 - Wichita State site is showing partial all tourney team:
    MVP - Emily Hartong, Hawaii
    Kalei Adolpho, Hawaii
    Mita Uiato, Hawaii
    Kendall Kritenbrink, South Dakota

    Guess they'll fill it out after tomorrow.

  55. Cindy Luis:

    56. yes, just got that. thanks. should be reflective above.

  56. KML808:

    There were about 75 Hawaii fans there and we were right behind the media table, thus the chant of "Lets go Bows" was heard over the radio. We were loud..

  57. OhanaInBellingham:

    Mahalos to you, KML808, and the 74 others!