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Hawaii 3, Creighton 2

September 20th, 2013

Hawaii starters Mendoza (DS, Taylor will come in), Hartong, Longo, Adolpho, Vorster, Uiato, Longo. UH leads 2-1

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127 Responses to “Hawaii 3, Creighton 2”

  1. RedZone:

    One of the reasons Dave decided to play in this tournament is because he wanted to get the team ready for traveling to the mainland before our conference season begins. To me it is paying off. It will make the Wahine better in the long run. All teams have something that they need to work on. It is good that we are getting wins in the process.

  2. Andrew:

    Creighton is a very good team obviously. I think they would give any team trouble like they did to UH. The wahine do need these types of close matches to get them ready for the NCAAs. They're gonna need to learn how to dig deep when they're back up against the wall and come back in December, which they did very well tonight. Kudos to Dave, the staff, and the team.

  3. kaleiboy:

    Concerned Wahine were out blocked......:(

  4. ruffles:

    parity, parity, parity, good teams know how to win in the end, also to all the skeptics, you all eat crow, Coach knows what he is doing, Hartong is not an all-American by mistake, if you ever played organized sports before you know you always go to your best player in crunch time. GO BOWS!

  5. LanaiBoy:

    Admit it was frustrating to watch Creighton out-block Hawaii 16-5. Fortunately two key blocks came in the 5th set. Hawaii, besides not blocking, was not touching the balls (soft blocks). I guess blocking is just not Hawaii's forte this year. It has to beat teams by defense and a high percentage offense. By the way, I complained about the serving specialists, Kawamura, Mendoza, and Long, making too many serving errors. After Long made two, Shoji had Vorster serve. Is that the reason why?

  6. Ashley:

    who went on this road trip?

  7. mei mei:

    oh my gosh, i couldn't bear it.... i disconnected after the 4th... i'm sooo relieved to see they won... Oh Em Gee ... thought i was gonna have a cardiac... ok whew! on to the next ... go job Na Wahine... pulled it out ~

    97- maybe they ran out of subs??

  8. TW:

    The lack of blocks is a concern but I think LanaiBoy has identified an even bigger problem which is the Wahine aren't even touching the ball. Soft blocks that can be transitioned are equally important. Taylor can block if the balls is hit into her hands but she lacks the athleticism to consistently get to the ball. Counting on the defense to make up for poor blocking may be the Achilles heel for the Wahine.

  9. hossana:

    To: 97 & 104....great comments...everyone should reread what both of you wrote...Never give up....always have faith and never lose confidence in this team...this was a great road win against a very troubling team that is nationally ranked and Shoji knows what he is doing and he did it right with Hartong.....nothing more and nothing less.

  10. nana kokolele:

    he's going to run Hartong to an injury. Dave may consider shaking up the starters just to see if there could be other combinations that is more consistent.

  11. Cindy Luis:

    someone asked about running out of subs as to why Vorster served. Shoji said no, that he wasn't going to put in someone who had just missed her last two serves. I said Long. He said, you saw the match (well, no but i did listen and had it on gametracker) so yes, Long.
    as for Hartong, she got aced twice to end Set 4. She wanted the ball at the end.

  12. Cindy Luis:

    as for who went on the road trip. they took 13. Everyone on the travel roster got into the match at some point.

  13. Hot:

    What is the reasoning behind bringing Long over Kawamura? Kastl, although equally inconsistent as Long, brings more experience and can provide spark. Kawamura is way better on serving and defense for Long. And don't mention her back row attack. Her role is to serve for one of the middles. She is not going to get set. Again, not to sound harsh, but why is Long on this trip over Kawamura? Same as last year, why did she get a lot of time as server over Lelepali? Seems like they're trying to make Long happen, but she doesn't seem ready.

  14. Hot:

    On a positive note, Kalei Adolpho has been stepping it up. She's been a huge help. Without her, the Wahine might have lost that one. Taylor is still making freshman mistakes and Olevao is...she is not the answer on the left. She is more inconsistent than Michelle Waber, who was a true freshman when she started on the left.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    113. Long has more experience, can hit OH and has a 3-meter attack. You'll never see Kawamura in the front ront

  16. JT:

    113/115. why couldn't they take 14. is the number 13 a line in the sand?

  17. Cindy Luis:

    116. don't know that either. they took 14 for BWC play last year.

  18. Hot:

    115. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Long's role is to serve for Vorster. She is not going to be an outlet for a 3-meter attack. If they need a spark on the left, that would be Kastl, who has proven to be a good player off the bench. On the right, they have Goodman. They are not going to use Long as an OH, anyway, since she is "too undersized to play front row," according to Shoji. And the reason why this is even being discussed? Because Long has not proven to be an asset from the service line or in the front row. There was no justifying her role as serving specialist over Lelepali last year, and there's no reason for her to be ahead of Kawamura in that role this year. And she has not proven to be better than either Kastl on the left or Goodman on the right.

  19. JT:

    118. sigh... agree. probably because we're not seeing them everyday and what they bring to the table in practice (?).

  20. LanaiBoy:

    As I pointed out before, I would guess Kawamura was left behind for the same reason why Shoji used Vorster to serve instead of being subbed out by Ginger Long—service errors. Kayla has 13 of them this year, not too good for a service specialist. Ginger Long had two service errors in a row. By the way I am a fan of Ginger and Kayla. Consistency in serving is something both have to work on if they are to see court time. I'd love to see them on the court more.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    There was a new thread that addresses some of these issues.
    I did ask Shoji about Vorster serving. He said Why not. he wasn't going to put in someone who had just missed her last two serves (he did not mention Long by name but when asked 'Long' he said, You were watching.)

  22. Cindy Luis:

    Long was on the travel roster because she was more versatile. could play front if needed, DS if needed, has a 3-meter attack. Kawamura is strictly a DS/Serving specialist.

  23. Hot:

    Understand about the 3-meter attack and apparently how great she is at doing that in practice. Problem is, with her role as a server for Vorster, there is almost ZERO chance of her getting a set. So in this regard, she is also strictly a serving specialist on this trip, judging by the two matches so far. She is not going to get the nod over Goodman or Kastl as No. 2 on the right or left, at least judging by her outings in the front row this season.

  24. Hot:

    120. Kawamura is a tough server. She takes risks, and when you do that, you are bound to make errors. But in relation to that, how many points have the team strung together on her serve? And she is a quick defender. Poor Ginger Long, a lot of times, she looks startled when digging a hard-hit ball, like she didn't anticipate it.

  25. hollycow:

    Three meter attack, isn't Olevao or Hartong in the backrow at all times? Me thinks a scholarship player vs a walk ons is on one's mind?

  26. Cindy Luis:

    124=125. no Manu-Olevao hasn't always been in the back row. just saying Long is the more versatile of the 2. Kawamura will never play front row.

  27. Cindy Luis:

    Kastl in to serve instead of Long.