Reminder: Call the coach tonight

September 16th, 2013

Starts at 6 p.m.

to call in, 296-1420

I have a function to attend so won't be listening in. Please feel free to post any comments by Shoji.

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  1. LC:

    Anyone have thoughts on the travel squad and who won't go ?

  2. Cubicle1126:

    when does the team leave? tomorrow?

  3. Warriorfan:

    Im working tonight can someone please post a recap and maybe ask coach shoji about the recruit that was here last weekend. I know he cant say much but he might say where she is from and her position and height.

    Much thanks in advance.

  4. Purple&Gold:

    VBM Preseason NCAA Poll:
    (dated aug.21, 2013)

    1. Texas
    2. Penn State
    3. Stanford
    4. USC
    5. Minnesota
    6. Washington
    7. Michigan
    8. Nebraska
    9. Oregon
    10. Florida
    12. UCLA
    13. Michigan State
    14. BYU
    15. Iowa State
    16. Purdue
    17. Kentucky
    18. Louisville
    19. Florida State
    20. Kansas
    21. San Diego
    22. Wichita State
    23. Ohio State
    24. Western Kentucky
    25. Long Beach State

    Others receiving votes: Oklahoma, North Carolina, San Diego State

  5. LC:

    Jade graduates early rumors ( says Scott ) about her not returning for senior year not true . Will play senior year as grad student say Shoji.

    2014 recruiting not over still looking for a couple more players.

  6. LC:

    Lot of rehashing about his career and the R word ,same replies.

  7. Purple&Green:

    VBM NCAA Poll #2
    (dated sept.11, 2013)

    1. USC (6)
    2. Texas (3)
    3. Penn State
    4. Minnesota (1)
    5. Washington
    6. Michigan
    7. Stanford
    9. Florida
    10. San Diego
    11. UCLA
    12. Nebraska
    13. Ohio State
    14. Michigan State
    15. Florida State
    16. Illinois
    17. Iowa State
    18. Oregon
    19. North Carolina
    20. Arizona State
    21. California
    22. Purdue
    23. Wisconsin
    24. Kentucky
    25. Creighton

    Others receiving votes: BYU, Western Kentucky, Missouri, Central Arkansas, Oklahoma

    Next inline this preseason--
    Shocker Volleyball Classic (Sep. 19-Sep. 22)

    AVCA POIGNANT('D) 164 pts, VBM NO.20ish


    W/ Recordings..
    4.6.13 -
    4.20.13 -

    AVCA POIGNANT('D) 1155 pts, Top10 "Noisemaker"

  8. Purple&Green:

  9. LC:

    Likes this present lineup.Realizes that some of the other players would like to play more and he tries to get them in whenever he can.

    Caller: wants to know why Hartong set so many times at end of set 4 against AZ.

    Dave: said even his sons get on him about going to Hartong too many times but in his opinion you go to your best player in crunch time.

  10. LC:

    About this weeks tournament.

    Dave: Good road test.WSU threw in a lot of extras to help out UH financially for this trip.

  11. kapakahi:

    Gotta love Dave for being honest and candid with his scripted coach-speak responses.

  12. Vbfan:

    About recruiting said they have 3 commits for next year, good chance of getting a 4th, I think a MB, maybe she was the one on the recruiting trip this past weekend.

  13. Ron:

    Nice summery LC. I thought Scott Robbs could have done a better job. His asides stepped on Dave's answers.

  14. RedZone:

    So we got a 6'2" outside hitter with a Hawaiian name coming in.

  15. uhfan:

    That's Kalei Greeley

  16. IZ:

    So the 3 commits would be...?

    OH 6'2" Kalei Greeley
    MB 6'2" Emily Maglio
    L 5'8" Savannah Kahakai

    + mystery recruit.

  17. Warriorfan:

    Thanks for the recap LC.

  18. Cubicle1126:

    shoji seems to also have a friendly rivalry with chris lamb, the coach of wichita st. that might explain why they come to hawaii so frequently. at the end of the show, shoji mentioned that he and lamb were texting each other... lamb saying that if his teams beats hawaii, they could crack the top 25... and shoji texting back there was no chance! haha ...

  19. vballfreak808:

    Thanks for the recaps everyone. Does anyone know if there is a replay available anywhere?

  20. OrbitalRipZ:

    (Cindy, erase this post after reading.) Can you go thru the NCAA individual & team statistics (which incorporates all of this past weekend's matches) & post whatever seems post-worthy. Right now I lack the concentration to go thru these lists. Mahalo.

  21. Cindy Luis:

    Thank you for all the recaps, especially to LC.
    20. ORZ. sorry, i don't have the time to do that.
    Ann Miller, the beat writer, usually does that in her notebooks.
    The weekly UH release has it as well. you can check and the volleyball page. it will say weekly release.

  22. Cindy Luis:

    7. P&G why do you continually post the polls? I had 8 copies of the same poll in the spam filter?
    As you can see by the number of votes, the VBM has only 10 voters. mostly media.

  23. menehune:

    19. (vballfreak808)... You can watch the match versus Arizona on YouTube thanks to UHVolleyballFanToo. He's been gracious enough to upload all the Wahine home games for several years now and posting it for Wahine fans unable to attend the games or watch it via live streaming.

  24. LC:

    I thought there were 4 commitments so far for 2014. I remember seeing the announcements of all four from either the club,PrepVB,RichKern and one from Recruiting Soloution's Kara Hill.

    Emily Maglio 6'2 MB
    Gianna Guinasso 5'9 Libero
    Kalei Greeley 6'2 OH
    Savanah Kahakai 5'8 Libero

    Some other things:
    They gave away two game balls signed by Dave.

    Can't recall the exact words but in so many words one caller asked something about losses that he will always remember and he replied one to Michigan State and one to LBSU

    Not many callers.

    Says that Hartong will probably get a crack at the USA team but needs more experience that she will get playing pro,doesn't see her in the 2016 Olympics.

    He talked to Kanani about the USA team as a libero,sounded like she would be up for it.

    Once again don't remember the exact words used. After it was over I thought geez dummy why didn't you just record it,next time I will.

  25. LC:

    On recruiting: Ah Mow handles local kids,Scott has the mainland.

    Apparently Scott does all the work. Dave not all that involved until Scott makes recommendations to Dave who then takes a look see and makes final decision.

  26. po'okela:

    giannas guinasso's club team website doesn't have her as committed to any college yet

  27. po'okela:

    btw do u have any updates on what kanani is up to now? where she's playing etc?

  28. LC:

    Guinasso announcement is here :

  29. mauna:

    23. mene, vfreak is probably referring to a replay of the radio show.

  30. gobows:

    The recruit on the sidelines is a Junior from San Diego and was visiting with her mother. They were staying until Tuesday, vacationing. She is a straight A studend, says mother, and it wasn't a problem missing some school.

    Very impressed with the atmosphere at the games and liked Hawaii very much.

    got this info from talking to her after saturday's game.

  31. gobows:

    Said her name was Casey.

  32. OhanaInBellingham:

    Awesome recap, LC!

  33. andy:

    is Guinasso a scholarship player cause i doubt that Shoji gives scholies to two liberos.

  34. RedZone:

    1420 usually replays the Call the Coach program the next day. I can't remember the exact time tho. Usually in the afternoon.

  35. roofer68:

    30.andy, Guinasso is as I understand is walking on. She's planning on doing both indoors and sand her first year. Redshirting is always a possibility for one or the other or both.

  36. roofer68:

    To add Guinasso has verbally committed to UH as a walkon. UH recognizes only scholarship verbal commitments of which they currently have three.

  37. volleyball fan:

    Wow, San Diego jumped all the way from unranked to #2 in three weeks! Well, they'll have to beat the likes of Pepperdine and BYU to be a legit Final Four. Hawaii will have to remain undefeated the rest of the season to have a chance to host at home. Biggest challenges will be against Creighton, Wichita, Long Beach and Northridge (in Chronological order of playing). Good luck, Wahines.

  38. hollycow:

    Volleyball Magazine rankings: 1-Penn St, 2-Washington, 3-San Diego, 4-USC, 5-Hawaii

  39. vballah35:

    They were looking for right side hitter which hawaii could use...especially a lefty??? I hope the wahine can find another true freshmen hitter who will make a huge impact for next year.

  40. hollycow:

    ESPN Power Rankings: 1-Penn St, 2-San Diego, 3-USC, 4-Hawaii, 5-Washington

  41. nana kokolele:

    right hitter/setter Alohi Robins-Hardy, daughter of Marry Robins and Damien Hardy...she is the real deal...recruit her please!!!

  42. nana kokolele:


  43. Purple&Green:

    Would that have been: AVCA Preseason, &Sept.16th; VBM Preseason, &Poll#2, &Poll#3; RKPI; Pablo and ESPN Power Rankings?!

    Sorry, eh?, Cin. You know how kalohe some here can be.
    I'm NOT kalohe; I'm NOT habute/nuha; I'm just right (tho) HAH?
    Nebraska 3-1 (W)

  44. Purple&Green:

    Three AVCA POIGNANT, ;-) , matches tonight.

    Tomorrow, tho:

    Da Bruins, da Bruins who are they?
    They're the little musubis without the ume.
    Eat um up.. eat um up.. eat um up, eat um up, eat um up!

    Go LB 49ers...
    Beat the antiquated Bruins!

    Go LB 49ers...
    Beat the antiquated Bruins!!


    Are there IN FACT lots of Blue and Gold out there or what?
    I mean truly. Why are those blue and gold Bears so special?!

  45. Cubicle1126:

    the ucla-long beach st match is tomorrow night.

  46. Cubicle1126:

    and what is an "AVCA Poignant"?

  47. heluhelu:

    po'okela on September 17th, 2013 at 6:43 am


    Not speaking for Cindy but just to FYI, KD reportedly re-signed with the Queenseis (6 queens) pro team sponsored by Toyota [ / / ]. She wasn't on the summer team but the regular season starts in November (if I read the sked right) **AND** Danielson should be with Queenseis when they play Na Wahine 2 weeks from now on Sep/28!!

  48. bowsfan:

    Kendra Koelsch and Gianna Guinasso played at the Ann Kang Invitational last month. After seeing these 2 play, I'd really like Kendra to play indoor too, she's a great setter/outside hitter. I wonder if these 2 will team up for the sand team together since they will arrive in UH from Huntington Beach High School together.

  49. WaWa:

    I remember liking Koelsch's style of play also. She also has good size and is, from what I remember thinking at the time, a great blocker. Guinasso is good. I don't remember her being overly spectacular on defense, but from what I remember, she got the job done and is a vocal libero.

  50. Cindy Luis:

    31. believe they do it for football. not sure if they're are doing it for volleyball.

  51. Cindy Luis:

    44. Danielson re-signed with the Queenseis.
    Exhibitions is Sept. 25, not the 28th. 28th is football vs. Fresno State.
    Wahine open Big West play Fri, Sept 27 hosting CSU Fullerton, 7 p.m.; Sun, Sept. 29 hosting UC Riverside, 5 p.m.

  52. Cindy Luis:

    44. my comment that there was a lot of blue and gold out there was in reference to potential candidates for the UH vacancy when Shoji retires. Among those mentioned (by others)
    Sealy (UCLA), Kiraly (UCLA), Sunahara (UCLA), Schirman (UCLA). Kevin Wong (UCLA)
    As for the blue and gold Bears ... that would Cal (Golden Bears), not UCLA (Bruins).

  53. Cindy Luis:

    41. Not sure if they're looking at Robins-Hardy. they don't need another setter. obviously athletic.

  54. nana kokolele:

    53. She is a settre but also plays right side..she is a better hitter than setter. IMHO.

  55. nana kokolele:

    And she is a premiere setter in the state, to me she has height, Volleyball IQ, quickness, and the heart to battle.