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Updated Top 25 scores 9-14

September 14th, 2013

will be adding Big West scores at the bottom

1. USC (N)  def. UC Santa Barbara 3-1; def.  Eastern Washington, 3-0

2. Texas def. Illinois (H), 3-2.

3. Penn State (N) def. Central Arkansas, 3-0; def Florida Gulf Coast (H), 3-0

4. Minnesota loses at No. 19 Kentucky, 3-2

5. Florida (H) def. Iona, 3-0;  Western Michigan, 3-1

6. Washington at Loyola-Chicago Sunday

7. Michigan (N) lost to No. 16 Florida State 3-2

8. Stanford idle; next Home vs. Cal Poly Wednesday

9. San Diego  (H) def. Eastern Washington, 3-0; def. UCSB 3-0

No. 10 Hawaii (H) vs. Arizona

No. 11 UCLA (N) def. No. 24 Creighton 3-1

12. Nebraska (H) def.  No. 17 Iowa State, 3-0

13. Ohio State (H) def. SE Missouri State, 3-1; def.. Xavier, 3-1

14. Illionis (H) loses. No. 2 Texas, 3-2

No. 15 Michigan State (A) def. Butler 3-0; def. Illinois State (N), 3-0

16. Florida State (N) def. No. 7 Michigan 3-2

17. Iowa State (A) loses at No. 12 Nebraska 3-0

18 North Carolina (H) def. James Madison 3-0

19. Kentucky (H) def.. No. 4 Minnesota, 3-2

20. Oregon (N) def. Belmont, 3-0; def. Fresno State (H) 3-0

21. Western Kentucky (H) lost to Ohio 3-0; def. UNLV, 3-0

22. Purdue (N) def. Pitt 3-2; def. South Florida (H), 3-0

23. Cal (H) lost to Kansas State 3-2

24. Creighton (N) lost to No. 11 UCLA 3-1;

25. Wisconsin (H) def. Bowling Green 3-0; def. UW-Milwaukee, 3-1

17 Responses to “Updated Top 25 scores 9-14”

  1. jmy:

    Minnesota about to go down 1-2 to Kentucky...

  2. jmy:

    Kentucky up 9-3 in the 5th...

  3. jmy:

    Kentucky beats Minn...

  4. LanaiBoy:

    Texas leading Illinois 2 sets to one. Illinois ahead 12-10 in 4th set.

  5. Beauston:

    Will be another interesting ranking comes Monday although a lot still depends on how tonight play out.
    Losing to USD turned out to be a good thing RPI wise, while winning against Texas well, have to wait and see how they progress rest of the reg conference play.

  6. jmy:

    Illinois ahead 20-17 in the 4th...

  7. jmy:

    Texas-Illinois going to five...

  8. WaWa:

    Cindy, do you know or could you find out if Dave tried recruiting Harris? Just curious because I know he does try to recruit girls with local ties since they are more inclined to be interested in playing here versus a player with zero ties to the island.

  9. jmy:

    Texas wins it...

  10. vbfan:

    Texas survives in 5

  11. jmy:

    Huskers swept Iowa St...

  12. Warriorfan:

    Minn and Iowa State, two really over rated teams.

  13. Warriorfan:

    Who will probably be seeded ahead of the wahine UGH!!

  14. vballah35:

    I think hawaii will move up in the ranking if they do take care of business with arizona. I think hawaii will probably move up 2 ranking up because of 3 other teams ahead of them losing. GO BOWS!!!

  15. Cindy Luis:

    8. If I get a minute with him I will ask. You can also Call the Coach Monday 296-1420.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    13. it's the third week of the season. Way too early to start creating scenarios. And worrying about them.

  17. jmy:

    I wonder what the poll will look like on Mon...1-PSU, 2-Florida, 3-UW, 4-USD...?