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Hawaii-Northwestern rewind

September 13th, 2013

Thought Hawaii had its most efficient night, hitting .451. just six hitting errors. Had twice as many service errors (12) which might be the only negative of the night.

Someone mentioned on the other thread they'd give the game ball to Uiato. Can't argue with that. She set a really nice match, recognized the block, got her hitters a lot of 1-on-1s. Thought maybe too many swings for Hartong (26) when she could have gone elsewhere. Went to Adolpho 17 times. Kalei with just 1 error over 2 nights with 18 kills on 31 attempts.

Longo was solid on D, had 10 of the 38 digs. UH with 10 blocks. Northwestern set a high slow ball and the Wahine were quick to set up.

Arizona will be an interesting matchup. They do have height. including a 6-8 freshman in Harris; legit 6-8 but didn't do much tonight in brief appearances (1 BA in 2 sets)

Arizona does play pretty good defense, out dug PSU 90-75. But they got caught in some really bad rotations and gave up strings of points.

Not much also to say. think Shoji didn't sub more (he used all but Ponce) because he didn't want to prolong the match.

Overall a good night for Hawaii.  Heading out to Kailua. good night.

17 Responses to “Hawaii-Northwestern rewind”

  1. Warriorfan:

    I am very happy that Tai and Nikki finally had great matches. I hope they keep that up, they need to both be hitting close to .250 or better for UH to really be successful.

    Anybody find out who that recruit visiting is?

  2. WaWa:

    Looking at Harris' bio on the Arizona website, it says that both her mother and father played basketball for the University of Hawaii. Cool.

  3. Warriorfan:

    Wow I had no idea her dad was Rogue Harris. I wonder if Dave recruited her at all.

  4. rayson:

    Nice job tonight. NU had nobody who could hurt them but instead of playing down to their competition or just playing just well enough to get by the Wahine played clean and efficient tonight. This is exactly how they should be playing these weaker teams.

  5. LC:

    Caution: If you are reading the "Rainbow Wahine Cruise Past Northwestern" article on the UH site and click on Box Score (html) you will get stats for the Portland State match . Yea I know what's new.:-)

    Emily has made several statements recently about not playing down and getting themselves more up for all matches.

    It was great to see Nikki and Tai having a good match now work on consistency.

  6. Beauston:

    Run across this vid on NCAA site.

    Kinda cool they feature the bows-

  7. Maverick:

    #7 Michigan lost to Florida State in five sets today

  8. vbfan:

    UCLA beat future opponent Creighton 3-1 today.

    They really have to sweep the road trip next week

  9. jmy:

    UCSB almost took USC to the 5th, but they blew it...

  10. Warriorfan:

    I wasn't impressed by USC. You serve Bricio and their other OH all match and they can be easily beat.

  11. Mr.Wonderful:

    We still don't have an updated cumulative stats since the Portland State match and the link to the BoxScore (html) still goes to the PSU match.

    Someone needs to be fired ! đŸ˜‰

  12. LC:

    I am officially changing my moniker to Mr. Wonderful .

  13. LanaiBoy:

    Another undefeated team hit the dust today. Michigan then California, which lost to Kansas State in five sets.

  14. LC-Mr. Wonderful:

    CSUN is going to be a handful in the BW this year,they might even be the BW Champs.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    3. Rogue Harris and Jeannie Wade. Wade tallest player to ever play for the Wahine (at the time). She was in the same class as Da Houl.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    thanks for help on the scores. Will catch up later. Just got back in. Lucked into a $3.99 gas deal at Enchanted Lake 76.

  17. vbfan:

    #14, I doubt it, Northridge may be tough at home, but Hawaii would still be favored.

    They played UCLA close, but lost badly to Creighton, who then lost to UCLA. They have also been fortunate to win several 5 game matches against some less then stellar opponents like Idaho and Fresno State.