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Big West POW went to CSUN player

September 9th, 2013

To those who said earlier .... guess someone forgot to nominate a UH player again .... before the award was even announced ... Hartong was nominated.

Natalie Allen (Murrieta, Calif./Murrieta Valley HS), who helped Cal State Northridge to its first 6-0 start since 1997, captured Big West Women's Volleyball Player of the Week honors as she was named the Most Valuable Player of the Fiesta Bowl Tournament.

The Matadors went 3-0 at the Fiesta Bowl Tournament with two five-set wins over Idaho and San Diego State, and a four-set triumph against host Northern Arizona, which suffered its first loss of the season.

Allen played a large role as she posted double-doubles in all three wins.  She compiled 23 kills and 18 digs against Idaho while hitting .370 (23-6-46).  The junior also had six blocks.

In the Matadors' second consecutive five-set win, Allen notched 13 kills and 17 digs to go along with three blocks against the Aztecs.  In the tournament championship match, the outside hitter hit .375 with 15 kills, 12 digs and four blocks as CSUN overcame a first set deficit to upend the Lumberjacks.

Allen, who earned MVP honors for the second time in as many tournaments, has reeled off five consecutive double-doubles.

For the week, she averaged 3.64 kills, 3.36 digs and 0.93 blocks while swinging at a .342 (51-13-111) clip.

Others nominated: Megan McConnell (Cal Poly); Alyse Hensley (Cal State Fullerton); Devon Damelio (UC Davis); Aly Squires (UC Irvine); Leah Sully (UC Santa Barbara); Emily Hartong (Hawaii)

99 Responses to “Big West POW went to CSUN player”

  1. Purple&Green:

    That would take cojones.
    Would love it myself to see a different lineup out on the court (NOT necessarily your young version), but
    Coaches can be a tad superstitious; he's going with his set lineup for the rest of the year.
    Keeping the bottom-up going is the REAL challenge.

  2. jmy:

    Xavier (4-4) just swept Miami (previously 5-0) who beat Beach this past weekend...so much for RPI...

  3. OrbitalRipZ:

    Another name ... Rubio, whom Shoji has great respect as a HC. Were he 15 years younger. But don't think he would trade in his Wildcats job for anything.

  4. chink:

    52. LMFAO

  5. chink:

    51. Wrong Miami. Miami (FL) beat LBSU. Xavier won against Miami (OH)

  6. jmy:

    54, That's what I meant...

  7. jmy:

    54, Sorry, misunderstood your comment & gametracker didn't specify Miami (OH)...

  8. Lina:

    Cindy, do you know when the first RPI rankings will be out?

  9. Cubicle1126:

    lina -- the first rpi has traditionally been released some time in october, maybe the 2nd or 3rd week.

  10. Ron:

    Nice job on the special Cindy, Thanks.

  11. mauna:

    The Hawaii ranking of Sept 9, according to the major sources that we look at:

    AVCA 10
    Kern 8
    Pablo 6
    VB Mag 8

  12. Ed:

    This is not to do with Sunahara and his HC abilities but more his background story. He was raised in a small town Papaikou where I was brought it at. He was tall, so he learned how to dribble well in basketbal with all the smaller players who were good ball handlers. His dad was one of the bigger Japanese men around, if not the biggest. Humble family. He also excelled in baseball in high school. He actually did better in basketball and baseball in high school. He would often dunk the ball and throw close to 90 mph fastball. He was offered a basketball scholarship from UH and baseball team showed interest. But he knew he had the most potential in volleyball. A great small kine town, big time sucess story.

  13. Cindy Luis:

    59. thanks Ron. haven't seen the final product. enjoyed catching up with all the coaches the past few week.

  14. Cindy Luis:

    58. thanks for getting to that first. Yes, sometime next month I believe.

  15. Cindy Luis:

    41. Texas assistant Salima Davidson Rockwell. was a great setter at PSU. believe the first setter that we voted the MVP for the HAL Classic.

  16. Cindy Luis:

    45. he ran a 3-mddle offense and Tuaniga was LS. purely for blocking.

  17. Cindy Luis:

    44. Ron just go to usdtoreros.com to read her bio

  18. Cindy Luis:

    55. Don't see Rubio as the next person here. Who knows if he would apply though.
    Shoji will be a very very tough act to follow.

  19. Ron:

    Thanks again Cindy, Jennifer is a very impressive woman. Also a San Diego native!

  20. Jeff:

    Call the coach with Dave Shoji will be on Monday Sept 16 at 6pm

  21. LC:

    UH needs to edit Croson out of that intro video, they certainty have enough footage of highlights from this season to do so.

  22. mauna:

    I see starting tomorrow they'll have a new intro video. Otherwise I'm getting on John Barry's case.

  23. LC:

    Looks right we got the reason right.Some of us suspected that it was part of the deal between the Dave's.I'll give her the release but she's not playing here is how I imagined it went down when I heard she got her release

    "Croson, a transfer from Hawaii, has agreed not to play in the tournament as part of the deal that let her leave Hawaii for the UA."


  24. Cindy Luis:

    71. I stand by what Rubio told me, that it was a coach's decision in the best interests of his player.

  25. Cindy Luis:

    72. it's not really John's responsibility. They have video/production people for that..
    They did need some new game footage to be able to change the video. they now have 6 matches to get some tape and rework the intro.

  26. LC:

    if you read the article that is what he said Cindy "“It’s a situation where I felt it was in [her] best interest " but the best interest was part of a deal between both coaches and Croson.

  27. Cindy Luis:

    thanks LC. didn't read the article. just the part you posted. Rubio and I never discussed the agreement by Croson... just that part of her release was that there were some consequences to be acknowledged

  28. Cubicle1126:

    The part in that Arizona article about the supposed "deal" is not quoting or attributing that statement to anyone. It's simply the reporter saying a "deal" occurred. There's no source for that statement. Until we get one, there's no reason to believe a deal occurred.

  29. Cindy Luis:

    78. Cubi, that's how I interpreted it as well, now that I had time to read it. It always seemed to me that Shoji wanted some sort of consequences to come out of the situation and when some were shown, he gave the release. People have asked me if I thought she would have been booed if she had played. Told them there might be some hecklers but for the most part they would appreciated her and what she gave to the program during her time. In some ways, Croson's 'punishment' is that she knows she won't be in the great atmosphere at the SSC. You know the crowed loved her sky ball serve.
    The question now is ... Does the giant Croson cutout head make its appearance this week.

  30. LC:

    Whats wrong Luis removing post because you can't handle the truth ?

  31. Cindy Luis:

    80. LC, can we stop with the disrespect? which is why your comments have been deleted.
    I know you enjoy 'yanking chains' to quote you from a few weeks ago. but name-calling and derision haas no place here.
    Can we see the return of the kind and generous LC, who apparently was good on his/her word of donating the $1,000 for the win over Texas?

  32. Cindy Luis:

    80. no am tired of the hating on others.

  33. LC:

    Unfortunately Pollyanna was a fictional child's novel most of us live in the real world.

  34. Cindy Luis:

    Perhaps but there is enough negativity in the real world already. No need to add to it unnecessarily and, sadly, within the real world security of anonymity.

  35. eMpTy:

    LC. If you took the time to smell the roses, you might see a better place. Try it sometime, please.

  36. Cubicle1126:

    LC -- you've been very critical about fans/posters on here automatically accepting what they see and read as true. why then, are you so quick to accept an unattributed statement in an online article as truth?

    seems like someone prefers "drama" over "truth" after all ...

  37. rage777:

    Here is another Arizona article with the same kind of comments on Croson.


    Rainbow Wahine head coach Dave Shoji, who recently became the winningest coach in Division I women’s volleyball history, granted Croson’s release from Hawaii and waived the standard one-year sit-out period on the condition that she didn’t travel to Honolulu.

    “We’ve known for a long time,” UA head coach Dave Rubio said. “We thought it was in the best interest of her not to travel, but the team will still do well. Losing someone of Jane’s quality is hard, but we’ll soldier on. It will be good for them to handle adversity that may come with that.”

    So Coach Rubio does acknowledge there was some kind of agreement, “We thought it was in the best interest of her not to travel".

  38. Cindy Luis:

    thanks for the link.
    Who knows who the 'We' refers to.
    could be Rubio and Croson, as the other story says. "Croson, a transfer from Hawaii, has agreed not to play in the tournament as part of the deal that let her leave Hawaii for the UA."

  39. Warriorfan:

    If I was coach Shoji I wouldn't have let croson play all season. Sorry some actions deserve consequences so She's lucky she gets to play the rest of the matches for UA.

  40. cocobean:

    "Croson HAS agreed...."can be interpreted as Rubio asked/advised her not to make the trip and she agreed. Who knows, part of the deal might be she listens to what her coach asks her to do.

    Neither coach is on record that this was one of the conditions of her release. I have a feeling the reporter assumed,on his part, that this was part of the deal. Jane has been the most tight lipped of those involved. I doubt she would leak such confidential information if it were part of the "deal."

  41. Cindy Luis:

    80 anyway, glad the question of 'handling the truth' has come up.
    There is a fine line between freedom of speech and libel/defamation of character.
    These are things I know to be true
    1. That I know enough law to know that I likely kept the curve down in my pre-law classes to help those wanting to be lawyers do so.
    2. That the basic defense in a libel or defamation law suit is that Truth is always a defense.'
    That being said, some of the things posted here have bordered on libel and defamation. Which is why they've been deleted. Not because of some Pollyanna-esque view of the world but because there is not enough truth to the statements that would hold up in a court of law. And shouldn't hold up in the court of public opinion.
    I have a responsibility to this blog, one I do not take on lightly.
    That includes making sure that everyone is protected, those who post and those who are posted about.
    We live in such a litigious society and, sadly, with the anonymity with which posters can hide behind, the first person that will be held accountable for libel and defamation will be me. and also the paper. We don't require legit emails. The only thing we know is the IP address of someone, and that can easily be changed.
    My final points are:
    1. MY blog, MY rules. which is anti negativity, rumor, innuendo, profanity, defamation, personal attacks.
    2. I always will take the side that affords the most protection under the law. That's the side that has a delete button.

  42. roofer68:

    Arizona is here for three days and stories of Croson will float around. When they leave the Croson book saga should be sealed and closed as past history. We will never know the real truth to why Croson decided to transfer and why she was left out on this trip. If you were the best friend of Shoji, Rubio and Croson, you may have three different stories on the transfer and why she was left out on this trip.

  43. tako:

    One of the reasons the U of H Wahine program is sooo great is the spirit of "ALOHA" and "OHANA." When practiced it "influences" our culture in a positively way. The
    Wahine program crosses all facets associated with it, including this blog. Thus, it makes sense that we practice what the program and the "STATE of Hawaii" embodies;" Aloha. I look forward everyday to reading the latest news regarding the program and the sharing of thoughts. When "the Law" is cited, it is because we practice being less than courteous. May I recommend, just take a "time out" and reflect on the bigger picture... respectfully submitted.... and at the end of the day, the decision for Croson to not travel was made by "RESPONSIBLE parties and in the best interest of Croson," let go and move on.

  44. LC:

    Yep I was right again.Thank You Arizona Star.Two confirmations in one day.

  45. mauna:

    Arizona Daily Star? I believe half of what I see and hear, and zero of what I read.

  46. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Who's Jane Croson?

  47. mei mei:

    thank you 91 (Cindy) well put and understood.

  48. Cindy Luis:

    LC, quit it with demeanng people. If you want to do that, do it on your blog.
    Mauna, sorry but deleting you as well only because the statement is no longer in context.
    87. Croson was a valuable member of the team the past two seasons. no longer with the Wahine. end of story. The Wahine have moved on. so should others.

  49. haleiwacrossfitter:

    Hey Cindy....I know who Jane Croson is, but meant that comment exactly how you finished your comment. Move on, people! This topic is waaaaaay over played already. Who cares, she is gone and we have a fantastic, and probably better, team without her. Let it go....