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UCLA vs. Hawaii for the 71st time, Wahine sweep 3-0

September 7th, 2013

UH with the same starting lineup.

Longo, Taylor, Vorster, Manu-Olevao, Uito, Hartong, Adolpho

UCLA starting libero is Rachel Inouye from Punahou.

UH leads the all-time series 36-34.

58 Responses to “UCLA vs. Hawaii for the 71st time, Wahine sweep 3-0”

  1. surfboy:

    who was the MVP of the tourney?

  2. volleyball fan:

    Well, Warrior, Dave (formerly Dedicated Fan according to Beauston), I have one comment. Hawaii won despite Tai Manu Olevao who was yanked from the match after hitting negative. Ashley Kastl played much better this week. So I believe that Hawaii would have lost to Santa Clara last week even if Tai had played. And here you spouted off a whole slew of angry comments on Tai Mano-Olevao. So now she proved you wrong. We need Ashley Kastl to improve as she's one of the seniors so we have every right to expect more out of her.

  3. RedZone:


  4. Cindy Luis:

    51. Hartong. See new thread for all-tourney team
    52. BTW, WD is not DF.

  5. Warrior Dave:

    Volleyball Fan,

    I have no idea what you talking about by saying I'm someone other than myself.

    Stephen Tsai can tell when someone uses multiple names to post. I only use Warrior Dave, I suggest you ask Cindy to do the same so you and Breaston can shut the hell up.

    I back the Wahine win or lose and am offended that you and Breaston accuse me of spewing hate on certain players as someone else. Please get your facts straight.

  6. Warrior Dave:

    Thank you Cindy for clearing my name.

  7. Maverick:

    57. WD clearly is not the other guy. His posts make sense.

  8. manu:

    Wow...Missed a lot of posts. And Wow....UCLA didn't reach 20 points on each set. What a great game. The reckoning was done.

    Adolpho got the player of the match, and I see how much she has improved. She's definitly faster getting to each side of the net now.